Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Why Conventional Medicine Doesn't Work

So many of us have been brainwashed into believing that "their way" is best - meaning regular MDs or Specialists have all of the answers. This is so far from the truth. I know this based on my own personal experience with my vaccine-injured 23 mo. old son.

In a nutshell I will explain why their way doesn't work.

His pediatrician recently gave us a diagnosis of pilaris keratosis. When I asked what causes this and how to fix it, I was simply told to put lotion on his cheeks and arms to keep them hydrated. It is just dry skin. However, upon further research I have found that it can be due to several vitamin deficiencies or food allergies/intolerances to certain foods OR both. It is almost always genetic I read. Metabolic imbalances and food issues often are genetic too. His father happens to suffer from this condition too. Funny that the good ole doc didn't know about genetics playing a role too. What is really sad is that she told me this is pretty common in children.... In my own mind, I can only imagine how many children are physically and mentally suffering due to this! Put lotion on it!! Insane!!!

When I asked his pediatrician about a red blotch on his face (appeared to be broken capillaries the size of a pencil eraser) that has developed recently I was told that he has "spider angiomoa". I was told that there isn't anything to be done unless it gets worse. Then, cosmetic surgery may be done. She also told me that this is quite common in children!! Upon researching this, the most common risk factors are pregnancy and liver disease. It may also be caused by vitamin C deficiency or high blood pressure. What is truly sad, is that this is just another case of far too many children suffering because there is "no known cause" in normal persons according to the medical establishment. Vitamin deficiencies (which I believe he is suffering from) are not recognized.

His therapist believes he may be suffering from apraxia (speech disorder) or sensory intergration disorder or possibly both. I also know that he is constantly clenching his teeth and grinding loudly at times too. Many of his words are audible, but with a completely closed mouth (lips too). She seems to think that he may need to keep his mouth closed due to sensory issues/it makes him feel "more grounded". My belief is that this could be due to a vitamin B deficiency or some type of central nervous system malfunction.

The pediatric neurologist diagnosed him with hyperreflexia and is in the process of performing many genetic tests (so far, the ones that have come back are normal). Well, hyperreflexia is usually caused by injury to the spinal cord I read. Well, according to the neurologist this is "just not so" because I didn't drop him on his head or have him involved in a major accident. Despite the fact that he was exposed to vaccines and pharmaceuticals - these things are a "miracle", they are safe, and they don't do damage to the spinal cord he believes. Not according to what I am reading about the heavy metals and chemicals....they definitely can cause damage to your central nervous system!!

The "developmental experts" have given him a diagnosis of PDD-NOS and did not agree with the pediatric neurologist's findings. They said that his low muscle tone would account for his sluggish or lack of reflexes. He does not have hyperreflexia. Boy, my son's therapist was thinking that he would not even be on the spectrum anymore, but the "team" did say that they considered him "borderline", but wanted to see him get the help that he needed. Whew, for that I am thankful. I just don't like the fact that everyone's opinion is different.

So, you have many different doctors with many different opinions. The biggest problem of all though is that none of them work together to see the body has a whole unit. They simply view their profession as kind of like a dept manager instead of a store manager.

Go a little further, and you will find that almost always, they don't do appropriate testing (because the AMA doesn't allow it and insurance doesn't cover it), their testing is not really conclusive, and therefore can never give you the answer as to why it happened (remember according to them, vaccines do no harm and neither do prescription drugs). Nor, can they tell you how to fix it. They are very good at handing out prescriptions though or rather "masking" the symptoms. Just one prescription though usually paves the way for more though due to the side effects that the first one caused.

Conventional medicine always comes with a lengthy list of risks - some lifelong.

I remember when I worked in Social Services. Every single client over the age of 50 was on at least 10 different medications. They started out with one or two, but soon ended up having to take many more. Kind of like vaccines, huh? The physical assault on their body was very obvious to me too.

So, the moral of this story is seek alternative care unless of course you break a bone or something.

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