Saturday, January 31, 2009

Genetic Disorders

There are 4 different types of genetic disorders. One of them is called a single-gene disorder and it will affect 1 in every 200 babies born here in the U.S. There are more than 6,000 known single-gene disorders! Maybe this why the government is now collecting our newborn babies' DNA? Not to help us of course, but maybe figure out a way to make some money in the process? The state of Minnesota has actually been collecting and storing this DNA illegally since 1997!!

I would like to see the rate of genetic disorders in the U.S. compared to that of non-industrialized and non-vaccinated nations! This could explain why the U.S. is giving "free" vaccines to third world countries too.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Reality Check?

Millions of people across the globe are screaming about their vaccine injuries, but the U.S. doesn't stop there...they want to add more to the schedule and better yet, they want you to be "forced" to take them. FYI - it is not "mandatory" as of yet. And, what makes matters worse is "they" don't believe that you were injured by your vaccines. So sorry, but go away they say. Don't worry though, "they" plan on using millions, if not billions of our tax dollars to create even more vaccines, despite the risk (Obama wants millions more in vaccine research and funding...or was it billions?? can't recall precisely). They will even be tested abroad on unknowing, poor folk that need money just to feed their families. Little do they know that their children are guinea pigs. Little do we know that despite the risks, the FDA approves them.


Millions of people have lost their jobs across the globe. Yet, people on Wallstreet are raking in "mighty pretty bonuses". Despite the fact that "we taxpayers" have bailed out many businesses despite our "consent", the powers that "be" will do it regardless. Now, the scumbags on Wallstreet get bonuses?


There is a commercial for every 10 minutes of TV that you watch. The government wants to use millions of "our" tax dollars so that we may get a "clearer picture" by HDTV. Did you ever notice that most of these commercials are about drugs?


Our babies most valuable blood is found in the cord during birth. Yet, greedy people have found a way to make money. Apparently, the most valuable cancer fighting properties are found in the cord and unfortunately, cord clamping in this country is done prematurely (meaning our babies do not get the necessary cancer fighting T cells in their own cord blood during birth!). It can cause anemia later in life, cancer, and even intercranial pressure from the early moments on. But, don't worry, there is a bank that wants your money to store this "vital" blood in the event that you need it later. Yeah, everyone google, early cord clamping, risks.


I have learned that Vitamin K shots for the newborn may cause an increase of cancer of 33%. Yet, it saves the insurance company a lot of hassle. In fact, what it originally was meant for was short hospital stays and newborn planning on being circumsized. However, it has turned into a money making racket - girls included. Apparently, babies cannot clot their blood properly until 7 or 8 days old, so people would have to take their babies back to the hospital for wanted circumcisions. Heck no, said the insurance companies. Find a way to send them home sooner. The hospitals did and found a way to make even more money - shoot the girls up too.


I have completely lost faith in our government and our medical professionals. It is truly evil and IT IS ABOUT MONEY.

Email This "Winner" About Your Vaccine Nightmare

Her name is Terri Mauro and she is spouting off all of the same BS that the CDC is. Amazing. Who does she really work for - the special children or the CDC? As far as I am concerned, according to the former director of the NIH, Bernadine Healy, studies HAVE NEVER BEEN DONE ON THE CHILDREN WHO REGRESSED INTO AUTISM AFTER THEIR VACCINES. NEVER, NADA, ZILCH, ZERO. So, this woman is seriously misinformed or a liar. Oh, I do have to mention that SINCE BERNADINE HEALY'S PRESS RELEASE, THERE WAS A STUDY ON 30 SOMETHING CHILDREN - HARDLY A STUDY.

Her email:

Nice try Terri. Get your facts straight before reporting.

Big Pharma is Changing the Vaccine Package Inserts!

Several months ago I learned that the phenoxyethanol that was in my son's DTaP vaccine was "phased out" because I called the manufacturer directly. This could mean that it was lowered to trace or removed completely. Nobody knows except the manufacturer because the FDA is not exactly strict on their "phasing out" policy (like the mercury STILL in the vaccines that don't show it as an ingredient because it is "trace"). So, I decided to check the manufacturer's package insert online and sure enough it was removed as a listed ingredient.

What I also discovered in this process is that the vaccine manufacturers are now removing the "risk of transmission" clause on their package inserts too with the live-virus vaccines. The only one that still has it on there is Merck's chickenpox vaccine. All of the others have had this clause removed.

Lesson learned. Never believe everything that you read.

To view the vaccine package inserts go here.

Hyptonia - One Cause - Abnormal Vaccine Reaction

Well, my son was seen by a team of "developmental experts" this past Tuesday and the diagnosis handed down was PDD-NOS. Though he was borderline, they felt it best to diagnose him with the disorder and see him receive the help that he needs with a speech therapist and physical/occupational therapist. Boy, if they had only seen him a few months ago before I began treating him for his vaccine injuries, they surely would have found him to be higher on the Autism Spectrum! This means that I am doing something right!

What really bothers me is that I believe that he is suffering from Hypotonia. Yet, I still have not yet had someone come out and say that he has it! This team did not agree with the pediatric neurologist's findings that my son has hyperreflexia with secondary low-tone. In fact, they found that my son is suffering from low-tone which could account for his sluggish reflexes!

I have recently learned that hypotonia or low-tone may be the result of a genetic disorder. This explains the pediatric neurologist's insistance on running genetic testing. It may also be the result of a thyroid disorder and/or abnormal vaccine reaction - particularly to the DTaP vaccine. High-pitched screaming is also an abnormal vaccine reaction. So, I think back to the 2 nurses who both dismissed my fears about my son screaming for 3 days after his DTaP vaccine at 2 and 4 months and I want to scream. Despite the numerous times that I mentioned to his pediatrician that my son was severely delayed in gross motor (again, AFTER his vaccines he could not longer nurse), she too tried to pass it off as just his "prematurity". Sorry doc, I WAS looking at the fact that he was 6 weeks early, and he was still quite delayed. He was delayed in other areas of gross motor skills too!

So, from what I gather I need a physical therapist to diagnose him with this condition. Though he was seen by a "team of experts" recently, there wasn't a physical therapist present. Funny how much investigating is left on the shoulders of the parents.

Monday, January 26, 2009

The People Behind the Pro-Vaccine Madness

These people who post on this blog (go to Respectful Insolence) are supposedly doctors and scientists. Would you want them treating you? They view you as vile creatures carrying the plague because you don't vaccinate. They are also responsible for the scare tactics that we see used in the media. What is even more disturbing is the fact that they want to sue parents like us. Be sure to check out Melba's comment that posted on January 26, 2009 at 12:08 p.m.
The person who runs the blog "Respectful Insolence" (above) is known as Orac or Dr. David Gorski. Well, after hearing about his "career" in cancer, it is no wonder why he is against anti-vaxers! The decline in vaccination rates directly affect his business!!

In case anyone is not aware of socalgal, this is actually a name used on a learning disability forum - a forum for parents of learning disabled children! To think of all the time I spent on those sites and I was actually talking to a pharmaceutical employee - a doctor who "specializes" in cancer!!

The biggest problem with the story they are covering is that it only implies that the 7 mo. old child did not receive the HIB vaccine, possibly due to shortages according to the CDC. I am left to assume that the child received a vaccine for everything else though according to the state of Minnesota's guidelines. That would mean that the child received the following:

3 doses of Hep B
3 doses of DTP
3 doses of PCV
3 doses of Rotavirus
3 doses of Polio and
1 dose of Flu

That would be 16 shots in the first 7 months of that child's life! We are left to wonder why the child's immune system couldn't handle anything more? Also, there is no mention of who covered the story - it just reads the associated press. The story also fails to discuss the child's health status before becoming ill and dying.

These are all very important clues and facts that need to be revealed. Who's to say that this child even died of meningitis? Where is the proof?

A Chance to be Heard

January 26, 2009

"National Vaccine Advisory Committee Seeking Comment on CDC's Vaccine Safety Agenda".

You have the chance to email your story and/or thoughts on the matter. Please send your electronic correspondence to

Here is my email to them:

To Whom it May Concern:

My baby and I were injured by vaccines in 2007. I am appalled to find the lack of informed consent within the medical community with regard to vaccines. If our doctors and nurses had only read the package insert associated with our vaccines, they would have known that a person suffering from severe preeclampsia should NOT be vaccinated - the risk was too great. They also would have not dismissed my baby's high-pitched screaming over the course of 3 days too. He also would have never received more vaccines which neurologically damaged him further.

Informed consent should be required by law and punishment enforced if not practiced.

Thank you,


The Pro-Vaccine Community's Arguments

I hear this a lot.

"You are affecting herd immunity".

"Your unvaccinated child should not play with my vaccinated child".

"Your lunacy is responsible for the death of many innocent victims - people that cannot possibly have the vaccines are directly affected by your anti-vax community".

Who do you believe? The doctor who doesn't read the package insert or the vaccine manufacturer? Again, please read the section titled "Transmission" on page 7 of the following link:

I don't recall any doctor or nurse advising patients of this transmission warning set forth by the manufacturer. This is an example of lack of informed consent. How many pregnant persons and immune-compromised individuals were put in risky situations coming in contact with vaccinated persons over the years thanks to the medical community? Were you ever warned of this risk associated with every live-virus vaccine?

Great Response to This Article!

"It's the Aluminum in the Vaccines, Stupid !!!

They COULD easily determine what causes Autism. Corporate interest's control of government agencies (CDC & ATSDR & FDA), keep them from looking in the one obvious place. Maybe Obama's no-lobbying platform will change this attitude (hopefully - but won't hold my breath).

Look all you want, but there have been NO long term studies (scientifically validated - see later) on the effects of ANY vaccine. The IOM states over and over again that all the current studies possibly linking vaccines & autism invalid because of lack of scientific controls. Meaning there was no double blind trial. This kind of study has not been done because it would because it is illegal to produce since it denies vaccinations to those who legally need to receive them). And the use of those who opt out for religious or medical reasons would not qualify (by scientific standards) for a double blind trial.

SO, the only one who can prove or dis-prove(& do so quite easily) if vaccines cause autism is the government. Astonishingly enough in the IOM report on MMR v. Autism, the report state that this type of study would decisively determine a link but cannot be done because it is "IMMORAL" since it would leave unvaccinated children at risk to Measles. That is a crock !!!

There is a good study called "Aluminum toxicokinetics regarding infant diet and vaccinations" written by doctors from the ATSDR (Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry) that shows scientifically that the level of Aluminum in the current CDC vaccination schedule is unsafe. Not surprising that this article is not available through their website (however they did e-mail to me). Some healthcare providers may have access through research sites.

If they found that vaccines did cause autism, the lawsuits would end the pharmeseutical companies involved, not to mention many doctors careers, including those at the CDC, FDA & ATSDR".

Thank you Charles Kennedy of PA. I couldn't have said it better myself.

My Child Was Fine With His/Her Vaccines?

I am totally amazed when people tell me that their child received all of his/her recommended vaccines and they were "fine". Define fine.

Is it normal to have your child sick weekly or suffer from chronic ear infections? Are tubes in the ears common these days? Is asthma common these days? Is it normal to have your child on antibiotics monthly? Is it normal to have a "nut-free" table in schools these days due to life-threatening allergies? Did you know that ear infections are listed as a side effect to most vaccines and too many of them can cause a learning disability called an auditory processing disorder? You think that is bad? Wait until he/she is in school and you see the real damage done!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Right Hemisphere Brain Damage or ADHD?

I believe that ADHD is just another name for right hemisphere brain damage. What causes right hemisphere brain damage? It can be caused by infections/illness, stroke, surgery, tumor or traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Now, with my dentist alerting me to the fact that Autistic and ADHD children are suffering from upper airway obstruction (lack of proper oxygen to the brain), Dr. Andrew Moulden discovering that these same children are suffering from microvascular strokes, and brain scans detecting lesions - what are you going to believe?

Everyday chemicals are thought to also weaken our blood-brain barrier too - making it much easier for chemicals and infections to enter the brain and cause neurodegenerative diseases!

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee America!!

Last night, I watched the t.v. show, Eleventh Hour. It was all about a boy who's tumor mysteriously disappeared after drinking some "miracle water" from a spring. His father was being arrested for failing to follow through with his son's cancer treatment and the boy was being taken into custody by Child "Protective" Services. It was sickening to watch. Nobody sees anything wrong with this picture? Cancer reportedly effects 1 in 200 children these days and from what I am reading 25% of them die despite treatment. What is even scarier is that as much as 86% of adults die within 5 years of treatment too. Yes, despite treatment!!

Since when is a medical procedure mandatory? Who calls the shots? Certainly not us I am gathering.

What was even more disturbing was the fact that later on the FBI was spying on a couple of men in a home using bluetooth and a computer. Because the two men had their computer on in the house, the FBI was able to watch them by using Bluetooth equipment! Again, nobody sees anything wrong with this?

If that wasn't enough, WBZ news in Boston then aired the fact that citizens are being slapped with fines for failing to properly shovel their sidewalks!

Is this still America or have we been invaded by communists? Did we forget why the Pilgrims came to America in the first place? To escape dictatorship!!

If Americans don't start waking up and smelling the coffee, we are in serious trouble. Here's why...

American Camp Association

This organization is leading some parents to believe that vaccines are a requirement for enrollment. I sent an email to all staff members demanding some answers.

The email was sent to all individuals listed on this webpage:

Here is my email to them:

My name is Dawn. My baby and I were injured by vaccines in 2007. I was recently alerted by another anti-vaccine parent that your organization is misleading parents into believing that vaccines are a "requirement" . Since when is an INVASIVE MEDICAL PROCEDURE REQUIRED??? Vaccines have never been scientifically proven to be safe or effective.

Be sure to check out my personal blog - my family's nightmare begins in Sept 2008. In the meantime, I would like some clarification on your rules and regulations in regard to campers/vaccines. I would also like to know exactly which individuals on the higher level are responsible for this bogus information too or is it a result of simple miscommunication?


Movies to Watch ** rated #1 video!!

"Shoot em up - the Documentary" by Judy Apicella is a great video to recommend to others. A little "B" rated, but good information is found on it. Netflix happens to carry it too!!

Another movie to watch is "Vaccine Nation" by Gary Null. You may order it here:

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Case of Autism, but no Vaccines??

Yes, it does happen in a small number of people. This is just a guess, but I have a sick feeling that we will see more of this (no vaccines involved) with our future generations. The damage lies mainly in our genes - it is true that it is genetic - to an extent. There are so many scenarios though to sort through I am finding. Here are just some things to consider....

How much toxic exposure the parents, grandparents, and other previous generations endured....our cells are damaged by chemicals and some viruses (my guess is that only manufactured viruses will do this). We inherit our parents' DNA - which is made up of billions of cells....some already damaged from the moment of conception. When there is damage to the cells, your body cannot operate accordingly.

Mercury fillings in the mother's mouth play a role. The baby is exposed to this toxic mercury throughout the pregnancy if the fillings are leaching the toxin into her system.

Viruses passed on at the moment of conception play a role - Lyme, Herpes, and many more. The mother is suffering from them usually and passes them onto her baby. The mother is generally misdiagnosed with fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome. There are also the vaccines administered during pregnancy to consider.

The mother may be suffering from an undiagnosed thyroid disorder. Conventional medicine rarely tests correctly and even then, the scores are "inflated". The thyroid disorder is passed to the child. Your thyroid is everything.. ..if it is not functioning properly it can affect hormonal balance, copper levels, nutritional absorption, etc. Prescription drugs can kill your thyroid. So can other chemicals.

Many children suffering from Autism are found to have thyroid disorders and copper toxicity.

What is boils down to I am finding is the correct detox program for you as an individual. We need to heal the gut and get everything back in balance. I was also told that it could take as many as 3 generations (completely unvaccinated) to undo this mess. I don't know if that is true or not, but it gives me chills thinking about it.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Why Conventional Medicine Doesn't Work

So many of us have been brainwashed into believing that "their way" is best - meaning regular MDs or Specialists have all of the answers. This is so far from the truth. I know this based on my own personal experience with my vaccine-injured 23 mo. old son.

In a nutshell I will explain why their way doesn't work.

His pediatrician recently gave us a diagnosis of pilaris keratosis. When I asked what causes this and how to fix it, I was simply told to put lotion on his cheeks and arms to keep them hydrated. It is just dry skin. However, upon further research I have found that it can be due to several vitamin deficiencies or food allergies/intolerances to certain foods OR both. It is almost always genetic I read. Metabolic imbalances and food issues often are genetic too. His father happens to suffer from this condition too. Funny that the good ole doc didn't know about genetics playing a role too. What is really sad is that she told me this is pretty common in children.... In my own mind, I can only imagine how many children are physically and mentally suffering due to this! Put lotion on it!! Insane!!!

When I asked his pediatrician about a red blotch on his face (appeared to be broken capillaries the size of a pencil eraser) that has developed recently I was told that he has "spider angiomoa". I was told that there isn't anything to be done unless it gets worse. Then, cosmetic surgery may be done. She also told me that this is quite common in children!! Upon researching this, the most common risk factors are pregnancy and liver disease. It may also be caused by vitamin C deficiency or high blood pressure. What is truly sad, is that this is just another case of far too many children suffering because there is "no known cause" in normal persons according to the medical establishment. Vitamin deficiencies (which I believe he is suffering from) are not recognized.

His therapist believes he may be suffering from apraxia (speech disorder) or sensory intergration disorder or possibly both. I also know that he is constantly clenching his teeth and grinding loudly at times too. Many of his words are audible, but with a completely closed mouth (lips too). She seems to think that he may need to keep his mouth closed due to sensory issues/it makes him feel "more grounded". My belief is that this could be due to a vitamin B deficiency or some type of central nervous system malfunction.

The pediatric neurologist diagnosed him with hyperreflexia and is in the process of performing many genetic tests (so far, the ones that have come back are normal). Well, hyperreflexia is usually caused by injury to the spinal cord I read. Well, according to the neurologist this is "just not so" because I didn't drop him on his head or have him involved in a major accident. Despite the fact that he was exposed to vaccines and pharmaceuticals - these things are a "miracle", they are safe, and they don't do damage to the spinal cord he believes. Not according to what I am reading about the heavy metals and chemicals....they definitely can cause damage to your central nervous system!!

The "developmental experts" have given him a diagnosis of PDD-NOS and did not agree with the pediatric neurologist's findings. They said that his low muscle tone would account for his sluggish or lack of reflexes. He does not have hyperreflexia. Boy, my son's therapist was thinking that he would not even be on the spectrum anymore, but the "team" did say that they considered him "borderline", but wanted to see him get the help that he needed. Whew, for that I am thankful. I just don't like the fact that everyone's opinion is different.

So, you have many different doctors with many different opinions. The biggest problem of all though is that none of them work together to see the body has a whole unit. They simply view their profession as kind of like a dept manager instead of a store manager.

Go a little further, and you will find that almost always, they don't do appropriate testing (because the AMA doesn't allow it and insurance doesn't cover it), their testing is not really conclusive, and therefore can never give you the answer as to why it happened (remember according to them, vaccines do no harm and neither do prescription drugs). Nor, can they tell you how to fix it. They are very good at handing out prescriptions though or rather "masking" the symptoms. Just one prescription though usually paves the way for more though due to the side effects that the first one caused.

Conventional medicine always comes with a lengthy list of risks - some lifelong.

I remember when I worked in Social Services. Every single client over the age of 50 was on at least 10 different medications. They started out with one or two, but soon ended up having to take many more. Kind of like vaccines, huh? The physical assault on their body was very obvious to me too.

So, the moral of this story is seek alternative care unless of course you break a bone or something.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Study I Want to See Done

I honestly have to say that I don't know of even one military family not afflicted with either chronic or neurological disease. Not one. Our friends' children are either suffering from ADHD, diabetes, learning disabilities, behavioral problems, asthma, or much worse.

My question is this. What is the rate of disease in veteran families with a service history of 20+ years? Maybe the grandfather served? Or the father? Or even the mother? To me, this would be proof that vaccines are far more damaging than people are led to believe.

A study among the vaccinated and unvaccinated is simply not enough. I also don't believe that it would give us any clear answers either. We are all exposed to toxins. However, the U.S. military receives far more vaccines than any other group of people, which means countless more toxins than the average person.

What Does the Bible Say?

I really love this website. It is a real eye opener.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Brave Reporter Looking for Victims

Going through my blog I realized that this story, which I previously provided a link for, has been updated! This brave reporter by the name of Christine Daues is looking for other vaccine injured/killed victims. Please share your story with her! She may be reached at:

As of 1-30-09 I have yet to hear a response to my email to her. My guess is that she was either fired or demoted.

Collection of Personal Accounts From Victims and Witnesses

I sent out a mass email today asking people for their stories. Was a child of theirs injured or did they decide to not vaccinate due to something they witnessed or heard? I will be continuously be updating this section as I receive more.

Hi Dawn,

I wanted to share my story with you. I also feel VERY STRONGLY about vaccines and I talk about the issue with everyone I know. I don't have a lot of specific information, but I want to learn more so I can educate the people I'm speaking with. Even if I succeed in getting them to start asking questions, that's a huge accomplishment. Lucky for me, I have yet to encounter hostility with anyone. I have been able to convert some of my friends. That makes me feel like I've made a difference in their children's lives.

My first son was immunized on the regular schedule through 12 months. Four days after the MMR and other shots he received at his 12 month visit he came down with hives all over his body. The hives would come and go for about 2 weeks. I knew that this reaction had something to do with the shots, but the Dr. said it was unlikely since it started 4 days after. But it hasn't happened again and I have not changed anything in his diet or environment since. He always seemed different as a baby, sometimes just going off into space and having a glazed over look.

Just before this episode, he had started saying mama and ball, but after the 12 month shots he stopped speaking altogether. He has been in Early Intervention Speech Therapy for a year and is just now starting to string 2 word sentences together. He will be 3 in March.

I also have a 13 month-old son that I decided not to vaccinate and the differences between him and his brother are very noticeable. My youngest seems so much more advanced at this age than my oldest did. And he also has been much healthier. It seemed like within a week after every time my oldest got his shots we were going back to the Dr. because he was really sick.

My personal belief is that my oldest was beginning to develop autism and if I had kept with the vaccination schedule, he would be, at the very least, somewhere on the autistic spectrum.

When I was pregnant with my first, I began to seek out information about vaccinations. I had read something and I wanted to check into it more. I am such a research junkie. But, it was so overwhelming for me and I became distracted as I had many things to do in preparing for my son's birth. I didn't give it further thought as I had asked my mother about it and she said I should definitely vaccinate. I thought she should know what's she's talking about since she works in the medical field (Since I've shared my research findings with her and she saw firsthand my son's reaction, she now does not believe in vaccines for children). I wish I would have done my research before, but I didn't and I am grateful that my son has not been affected too much by the shots that he did receive. It could have been much worse.

Alameda, CA


I started thinking about potential problems with vaccines when I began working with children with special needs and wondering about the explosion in autism and learning disabilities, as well as things like allergies and asthma. I read, "Evidence of Harm" and decided I would do a lot more research before I had my own children.

Fast forward a few years - I became pregnant and started reading everything I could about vaccines. As soon as I educated myself, I realized that I could never allow my precious baby to have these known toxins injected into him with my permission!

In hindsight, after much reading and discussion with my specialist, we have determined that my chronic skin condition was in fact triggered by the Hepatitis B vaccine series.

Melinda C.


I started questioning the vaccines when I became pregnant with my first child and everyone cautioned against eating certain fish because of the mercury content but yet the same health professionals encouraged the flu vaccine which contains mercury. I saw a disconnect there that raised big red flags for me and that's what started me on reading as much as I could and doing a lot of thinking about the whole issue.

I also see, as I work in Pediatrics as an RN, a lot of autoimmune disorders in children which I don't think can be explained just by the diet and environment we now live in. IBD (inflammatory bowel disease) is up 50-60% in the last 10-15 years. It is very scary.

My son, is not vaccinated, and is very healthy. My next child, due this Summer, will not even get the vitamin K shot. It's sad that I feel I have to defend MY stance of not vaccinating instead of those advocating for vaccination or those vaccinating. And to be able to do so takes a lot of reading. I have not personally experienced the anger directed towards non vaccinating parents, even at work, but I feel I'm prepared for when it does happen.

Seattle WA


I am a mother of 4, grandmother of 1...also a nurse in a rural health clinic in NE Michigan. My grandson, Wyatt, 19 months old has never received any vaccinations and has the strongest immune system I have ever seen. He had a runny nose one time when he was 4 months old, that's it! My son and daughter-in-law have had several upper respiratory infections during Wyatt's lifespan and Wyatt has never contracted their illnesses. He has run fevers at 3 different times, but never got sick. The natural immunity of heat (fever) fought the virus/bacteria. In our clinic, we see hundreds of children suffering from ear infections, upper respiratory infections, rashes, hives, bowel problems, autism, to name a few and every one of those children have received the recommended doses of vaccines. I see a link between vaccines and the onset of disease.

I urge everyone to think twice before administering toxins into their children. I cannot advise patients at work to avoid vaccines but I can here. Websights of interest about vaccines: Dr. Sherry Tenpenny, Dr. Andrew Moulden,


My story re vaccines, amalgams, mercury poisoning, autism is too long and too heart wrenching to spill in a single post. The med/gov has poisoned us, insulted us, exploited us, and yet few are even aware of this. For real good information and my own history, visit

thank you,

Alan Foos

Since my daughter was born I have been researching the safety and effectiveness of vaccines. My mom and I recently read one of Neil Z. Miller's Books, `Vaccines, Autism and Childhood Disorders', thirty-three years later I have discovered my own survival story. I was born in 1974 and at the time the vaccination schedule was very different then what it is today. I had 6 shots from birth to age 4. Today our children are getting 36 shots from birth to age 6.

My Vaccinations:
DPT was given at 2 months, 4 months and 6 months
Oral Polio was given at 4 months and 6 months
Measles was given at about 12 months

My mother told me that I was developing normally and walking at 12 months. I received the measles vaccine three weeks after my first birthday. About 3 weeks after the injection I had a fever of 105 degrees was not able to walk anymore and became lethargic. I was in the hospital and diagnosed with Osteomyelitis. The doctors told my parents they did not know what the cause was and that it was very serious and life threatening. Many years later we have discovered what we think to be the cause of this sudden condition.

As my mother wrote in my baby book, "February 1976 - Casey has a bone infection in her ankle. We were told that she may be in the hospital for a month and thankfully was released after a week. She had many x-rays taken and many blood tests. She adapted to hospital life beautifully considering she was on IV's off and on for three days and then because it kept falling out, had to get shots of antibiotics in her leg four times a day. We thank God she recovered so quickly."

Osteomyelitis is an acute or chronic bone infection, usually caused by bacteria. The infection that causes osteomyelitis often is in another part of the body and spreads to the bone via the blood. 1

Neil Miller is a Medical Research Journalist and the Director of the Think Twice Global Vaccine Institute. As he describes and explains to us, "The measles vaccine has a long history of causing serious adverse reactions... Severe afflictions affecting nearly every body system - blood, lymphatic, digestive, cardiovascular, immune and nervous, respiratory and sensory-have been linked to this "preventative" inoculation. " 2

Margaret A. Burgess also writes in the Internal Medicine Journal the very connection between measles and adverse reactions including osteomyelitis. 3

Other interesting facts to mention:
The Measles death rate was decreasing significantly on its own before the vaccine was introduced. After the introduction of the vaccine, outbreaks of Measles happened in vaccinated populations.

It is clear to me that I survived a severe illness as a result of the measles vaccine. I am very concerned with the partnership of government and the pharmaceutical industry. Over the past 25 plus years our children have been exposed to a windfall of toxic exposure including the mass expansion of vaccinations. We as parents need to take control, and protect the health and wellness of our family. There is already enough evidence that vaccines are not safe and not effective. Please do not take my word for it, investigate it for yourself, your family and your children.

The following is a Safety Bulletin from

High Fever (over 103 F°) "His temperature was 105 °. I had to put cool towels on him to bring it down."

Skin (hives, rashes, swelling) "There was a big, hot, red swollen lump at the site of the shot that stayed for weeks."

High Pitched Screaming "It was a pain cry, a shrill scream and lasted for hours and nothing would help."

Collapse/Shock "She turned white with a blue tinge around her mouth and went completely limp."

Excessive Sleepiness "He passed out and we couldn't wake him to feed or do anything for over 12 hours."

Convulsion "Her eyes twitched, her chin trembled, her body went rigid and then would shake."

Brain Inflammation "He just laid in his crib with his eyes wide open then would arch his back and scream and go unconscious. Now he has seizures."

Behavior Changes "She won't sleep or eat. She throws herself down and screams for no reason. She was sweet and happy and is now out of control. She changed into a totally different child."

Mental/Physical Regression "My 18 month old son stopped talking and walking after those shots. He developed severe allergies, constant diarrhea, ear infections and was sick all the time."

Blood Disorders "She got big purple bruises on her skin. The doctor told me she was bleeding because her blood couldn't clot."

Other (such as loss of muscle control, arthritis, paralysis, sudden death)

If your child's health deteriorates after vaccination, your child may be eligible for federal compensation. Vaccine reactions should be reported to the federal Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) by calling 1-800-822-7967 and to NVIC's Vaccine Reaction Registry at

National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC)
204 Mill Street, Suite B-1 Vienna, VA 22180 703-938-0342

Today 1 in 450 children is diabetic.
Today 1 in 175 children is autistic.
Today there are 3 million learning disabled children.
Today there are 9 million asthmatic children.
Today there are 4 million children with ADHD.
Today the CDC and AAP tell pediatricians to give children 48 doses of 14 vaccines by age 6 with the first dose given at 12 hours old in the newborn nursery. At 6 months old a child can receive 8 vaccines on a single day. At age15 months, a child can receive as many as 12 vaccines on a single day.

America and America's Children are in the midst of an epidemic of chronic disease and disability. Today, the Centers for Disease Control admits that 1 American child in 6 is developmentally delayed.

In the past 25 years, the number of American children with learning disabilities, ADHD, asthma and diabetes has more than tripled. Autism increases range from 200 percent toover 5,000 percent in some states.In the past 25 years, the number of doses of vaccines that pediatricians give American babies and children under age 6 has more than doubled. Outstanding Question: Is the atypical manipulation of the immune system with more and more vaccines in early life setting some children up for chronic disease and disability? Is less better?

In 1969, 1 in 7,100 children were diabetic.
In 1970, autism affected 4 in 10,000 children.
In 1976, there were 796,000 learning disabled children.
In 1979, there were 2 million asthmatic children.
In 1997,there were 1.6 million children with ADHD.
In 1980, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) said children should get 23 doses of 7 vaccines by age six years with the first vaccinations given at 2 months old. 4

Take Responsibility. Knowledge is power. Learn more.

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2 - Vaccines, Autism and Childhood Disorders, Neil Z. Miller
3 - Margaret A. Burgess (1986) BOOK REVIEW Internal Medicine Journal 16 (5)
4 - National Vaccine Information Center

Maryland Coalition for Vaccine Choice

Questions to Ask Your Doctor/Pediatrician

I definitely do not recommend seeing allopathic doctors anymore -unless you absolutely have to (my son is seeing his ONLY with the hope that a developmental team will intervene for his vaccine-induced delays & regression - speech and physical therapy). At some point, they are going to hold this against us too. You want treatment? Then vaccinate your children and family if you want it. So, the time to seek alternative care is now while it is still available to us!! The more people seeking it, the better chance we have at keeping it as our freedom.

Anyways, with pediatricians bullying people into vaccinating, why not turn the table and ask the doc these questions?

1. Do you have children?

2. Do your children follow the CDC's recommended vaccine schedule in its entirety? How are they doing mentally & physically? Any problems?

3. Have you ever filed a VAERS report (for vaccine adverse reactions)? If so, have you followed the health of that person after?

4. Why aren't doctors and nurses required to receive every single vaccine that is recommended for children?

5. Why aren't doctors and nurses required to read the Warnings, Precautions, and Contraindications to the patient for each specific vaccine?

6. Why aren't there specific dosing requirements depending upon age, height, and weight? Why does everyone just receive .5 ml?

7. What happens to you as a healthcare provider when you have many patients refuse vaccines?

8. When you drop a vaccine on the floor and it is explodes - what is your standard safety procedure? Is Haz Mat called in? Why?

9. Why are the Autism rates still soaring? (17% each year)

10. How healthy are your unvaccinated patients? How often must you see them for illnesses? Do you closely track the health of these patients to see if vaccines are truly to blame?

11. How common were the following just 25 yrs ago?:
Life threatening food allergies, cancer, asthma, autism, ADHD, learning disabilities, etc.

12. How did the CDC come up with 36,000 people die each year from the flu? Where on earth did they get this figure because it is nowhere near the figures they reported in the past?

13. Why does every vaccine state they don't know if they cause cancer, alter your DNA, or impair your fertility?

14. Why don't doctors and nurses advise the patient of vaccine waiver forms available in their state?

15. How many of your vaccinated patients are on life-long medication?

16. If my child suffers an injury or death from a vaccine you administer, are you liable? Why NOT?

17. Why was it necessary to put a law on the books (National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 (Public Law 99-660) that would protect you and the vaccine manufacturer if your vaccine hurts my child?

These are just some questions. Please everyone, feel free to add more. The point is, you want them to feel humbled in your presence and start doing their own homework - not the other way around!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Another Bogus Study in the Works?

Come on, are people really that stupid to fall for these stories? Nowhere in this article does it mention that these people will be studying the health of the vaccinated or even documenting the effects of vaccines in this study! I am so sick and tired of these people wasting millions of dollars and precious time! Vaccines are the toxic tipping point for far too many people - my family included!

I did email Dr. Bonny Specker asking that she does include this vital information. If it is not included, then it is safe to assume that she is in the pocket of the pharmaceutical companies like so many are!

I did receive the following email from Dr. Bonny Specker:

Information on vaccinations, as well as many other exposures, will be collected in the National Children’s Study. Hopefully we will get some answers regarding the cause of many childhood illnesses. For more information, please visit the website:

I also received the following email from the reporter who covered the story:


There is a lot more that could have been written but there was not enough space. I don't know if vaccines will be included in the study but given the controversy over them, it wouldn't surprise me if they are among the environmental factors considered. Bonny Specker at SDSU would probably know the answer to your question. You can reach her at Bonny.Specker@SDSTATE.EDU.

Thanks for your email.


It is important to give these people credit where credit is due which is why I posted their responses.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

DAN Protocol

I wholeheartedly support the Defeat Autism Now protocol. Many children have been healed and my toddler is seeing a DAN doctor. However, it can be expensive, very time consuming, and not 100% effective for some. This is exactly why I am seeking additional help. I am recommending that everyone else does too. What is really boils down to is an effective detox regimen. We are all going to have to learn how to do this because we live in a very toxic world.

My thought on this is quite simple. Yes, many Autistic children are testing positive for several viruses (to include Lyme), but why wasn't your body able to effectively fight it off to begin with? Well, that is an easy answer. When your body is injected with a weakened form of a virus (vaccine) - it begins to attack it. Unfortunately, vaccines create antibodies which stay active as much as 10 years in your system - which is why you cannot fight off the simplest things. So, essentially, your body is fighting these foreign invaders for a very long time. Technically, you do have the disease only in the chronic and not the acute form. This sets the stage for chronic yeast, parasites, and viruses to take over. Now, when you throw dangerous chemicals and heavy metals into the mix, it is far worse because these things tend to accumulate in your system. Also, why do you think that "boosters" are needed? Vaccines WEAR OFF. Acquiring the disease naturally almost always guarantees lifelong immunity.

Google homeopathy or naturopathic doctors in your area for more info on detoxing.

Are You or Your Children Copper Toxic?

Many children suffering from ADHD or Autism cannot handle copper. This is why Super Nu-Thera from Kirkman Labs makes a multivitamin without this mineral. I had my teenage son (ADHD/Learning Disabled) on every multi that you can possibly think of. I thought that he was just not willing to take them because he would complain that they made him worse. He was more spacey, tired, irritable, etc. Now I know why! Since switching to Super Nu-Thera he hasn't complained at all. The question is - how do we have an entire generation of copper toxic children with copper toxic Moms?

I believe that both of my children are copper toxic as well as myself and my Mom. I am seeing more and more that it is all about detoxing and bringing your body back into balance.

** I do not recommend ordering the Super Nu-Thera liquid though. It contains a harmful substance called polysorbate-80 which has been linked to reproductive problems. When I emailed the company about it, I was simply told that the FDA approved it. Yeah, they approved vaccines too!! Duh??!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Flame Retardants in Vaccines!

The other night on WBZ news Boston they covered a story on a particular toxin that is plaguing us all - flame retardants. One mother offered to participate in a study along with her 3 year old daughter. She was shocked to find that her body not only contained this harmful chemical, but her daughter had 6x as much as she did (this makes sense if she was vaccinated - see more below)! This chemical reportedly stays in your system for decades too they reported - their effects are unknown they claimed. I truly believe that it only does stay in your system if you don't seek alternative care for detoxing (anything EXCEPT allopathic care because allopathic care does not cover detoxing unless you are severely poisoned). Interestingly enough, here is a link below on flame retardants. Pay attention to the section - minerals. Asbestos is categorized in the same paragraph as aluminum hydroxide! Aluminum hydroxide is found in some vaccines!! So, they are injecting our population with at least one of many harmful sustances which can wreck havoc on your body for years.

"Many of these chemicals are considered harmful, having been linked to liver, thyroid, reproductive/ developmental, and neurological effects". (Wikipedia) Many children suffering from Autism, ADD/ADHD, learning disabilities, etc are suffering from some of these conditions - thyroid problems being one of them!! Keep in mind too that Autism is more often than not, found to run in families where the parents are a little older (meaning they were exposed to more toxins than the younger parents).

Flame retardants are found in bedding, mattresses, furniture, TVs, toys, sleepwear, and many other things. I think when a person suffers from a vaccine reaction - the answer is simple - they are toxic. Toxic from their environment and toxic from their ancestors' (inherited damaged DNA). When you are toxic and your body is not functioning properly, this sets the stage for viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites to take over - essentially, disease. When your body IS functioning properly, you are better able to fight these things naturally. It is also common sense that you don't purposely inject toxins and viruses into your already weakened system. Not to mention the fact that these so-called safe vaccines may not even be screened properly for foreign matter either.

Just because you were "fine" with your vaccines as a child does not mean that your child or grandchild will not suffer the effects of their own actions and/or yours. They are a part of you and a part of your past.

Update on my son!

I haven't posted in a while. I have really been focusing on healing my toddler. His therapist was visiting yesterday and could not believe the difference in him. Whatever I am doing - it is working! Though the DAN protocol may be exhausting and at times, expensive, I am seeing tremendous improvement. In fact, I was told yesterday that my son is categorizing toys which is beyond his age group (advanced)! He also said "remote" the other day with his mouth wide open. He is also walking better since the detox baths began (his reflexes are more relaxed). Over the holidays I wasn't religiously giving him his daily baths and his reflexes were regressing. He is back on track now though and improvement is now seen once again.

I am going to take it a step further and seek assistance from someone who specializes in homeopathic treatment too. While I do believe in the DAN protocol, every child is unique and it is always best to seek 2 or even 3 opinions. I am also looking into chiropractic care for him too.