Monday, January 26, 2009

The People Behind the Pro-Vaccine Madness

These people who post on this blog (go to Respectful Insolence) are supposedly doctors and scientists. Would you want them treating you? They view you as vile creatures carrying the plague because you don't vaccinate. They are also responsible for the scare tactics that we see used in the media. What is even more disturbing is the fact that they want to sue parents like us. Be sure to check out Melba's comment that posted on January 26, 2009 at 12:08 p.m.
The person who runs the blog "Respectful Insolence" (above) is known as Orac or Dr. David Gorski. Well, after hearing about his "career" in cancer, it is no wonder why he is against anti-vaxers! The decline in vaccination rates directly affect his business!!

In case anyone is not aware of socalgal, this is actually a name used on a learning disability forum - a forum for parents of learning disabled children! To think of all the time I spent on those sites and I was actually talking to a pharmaceutical employee - a doctor who "specializes" in cancer!!

The biggest problem with the story they are covering is that it only implies that the 7 mo. old child did not receive the HIB vaccine, possibly due to shortages according to the CDC. I am left to assume that the child received a vaccine for everything else though according to the state of Minnesota's guidelines. That would mean that the child received the following:

3 doses of Hep B
3 doses of DTP
3 doses of PCV
3 doses of Rotavirus
3 doses of Polio and
1 dose of Flu

That would be 16 shots in the first 7 months of that child's life! We are left to wonder why the child's immune system couldn't handle anything more? Also, there is no mention of who covered the story - it just reads the associated press. The story also fails to discuss the child's health status before becoming ill and dying.

These are all very important clues and facts that need to be revealed. Who's to say that this child even died of meningitis? Where is the proof?


needle.and.damage.done said...

get another yahoo id and start posting again :-)

Foresam said...

Congratulations on being banned from that stupid blog! It means the mental cases there are afraid of you.

Dawn said...

needle.and.damage.done, actually they blocked my IP address. Wow, I didn't know that was possible. I must have hit a nerve when I posted the package insert!!

Dawn said...

Apparently, the ban was temporarily lifted? However, Orac has permanently banned me as of today. I guess he was insulted when I accused him of being motivated by money and not by his conscience.