Monday, January 26, 2009

Great Response to This Article!

"It's the Aluminum in the Vaccines, Stupid !!!

They COULD easily determine what causes Autism. Corporate interest's control of government agencies (CDC & ATSDR & FDA), keep them from looking in the one obvious place. Maybe Obama's no-lobbying platform will change this attitude (hopefully - but won't hold my breath).

Look all you want, but there have been NO long term studies (scientifically validated - see later) on the effects of ANY vaccine. The IOM states over and over again that all the current studies possibly linking vaccines & autism invalid because of lack of scientific controls. Meaning there was no double blind trial. This kind of study has not been done because it would because it is illegal to produce since it denies vaccinations to those who legally need to receive them). And the use of those who opt out for religious or medical reasons would not qualify (by scientific standards) for a double blind trial.

SO, the only one who can prove or dis-prove(& do so quite easily) if vaccines cause autism is the government. Astonishingly enough in the IOM report on MMR v. Autism, the report state that this type of study would decisively determine a link but cannot be done because it is "IMMORAL" since it would leave unvaccinated children at risk to Measles. That is a crock !!!

There is a good study called "Aluminum toxicokinetics regarding infant diet and vaccinations" written by doctors from the ATSDR (Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry) that shows scientifically that the level of Aluminum in the current CDC vaccination schedule is unsafe. Not surprising that this article is not available through their website (however they did e-mail to me). Some healthcare providers may have access through research sites.

If they found that vaccines did cause autism, the lawsuits would end the pharmeseutical companies involved, not to mention many doctors careers, including those at the CDC, FDA & ATSDR".

Thank you Charles Kennedy of PA. I couldn't have said it better myself.

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