Thursday, May 28, 2009

Your Child - Your Choice

If you want to inject your dear baby with monkey kidneys, sheep brains, hampster ovaries, cow blood, aborted fetus tissue, SV-40 virus, and God knows what else....have at it. It is YOUR child. Parenting is a HUGE responsibility. ...some take it seriously and some do not. I, for one, know that there are NO studies proving the safety or effectiveness of vaccinating and NUMEROUS studies showing failure and "dangerous" adverse events following. Again, it's your choice. I've done my homework. Thanks, but I'll pass.

Just summing up my feelings on this blog.....AND also venting about readers' comments on other online articles!!

By the way, if any "scientist" or "doctor" tries to say that vaccines are safe and contaminant-free, ask them how on earth the cancer causing SV-40 virus made its way into our oral polio vaccines for DECADES (now conveniently off the market). DUH?? Yeah, google SV-40 virus, cancer and you will be totally spooked about what they did to many Americans for the sake of the good ole dollar.

You are more than welcome to use the above first paragraph for your own use (in response to other beligerant pro-vaxers)!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Mercury and the Proteins we Inherit

This is a very informative article regarding mercury. As I stated earlier, there IS still mercury in just about all of the vaccines on the market (with the exception of the MMR which never contained mercury). Despite the mercury-free label, there is no truth in labeling.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

"Informed Choice" Conference Oct 2 - 4, 2009 in Reston, Virginia

If you register by August 30, 2009, the cost will be $195.00 for the three day conference with the Hyatt's rate being offered at $95.00 per night. 35 speakers will be present from around the globe!

A Reporter That Needs to be Educated

Please everyone, take the time to respond to this article. There is a section to provide comments (which by the way, Todd Elsner, D.C., did a fabulous job providing his!). I also sent an informative email to the reporter and CC'd his boss, Dave Solomon. Both of their email addresses are below. This fearmongering has to end! New Hampshire is currently trying to obtain a philosophical exemption and the lies regarding vaccine safety filtering down from the CDC have to stop!

Dave Brooks, reporter, may be reached at

Dave Solomon, his boss, may be reached at (603) 594-6534 or by emailing

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

New Hampshire Residents - Take Action May 21st

NH Residents - Health and Human Services is at it again!

The Bureau of Developmental Services is proposing rule changes that apply to Early Intervention Services. In a nutshell, they are proposing that your child is not entitled to services unless you have Medicaid or your insurance is willing to foot the bill. So, we have pediatricians failing our children by not recognizing developmental delays and the Dept of Education which further fails the child by not assessing properly for Special Education Services (dumbed down testing). The only hope that our children in this state have is Early Intervention! I truly believe that HHS is scared - they know that Autism is growing at a rate of 17% each year (learning disabilities are sharply rising too) and they just want to wash their hands of this mess altogether, but at the same time make sure every child receives their brain damaging vaccines.

The hearing is set for 1:00 p.m. on May 21st at 129 Pleasant Street in Concord, NH (the Brown Building). I will be there to testify and I hope to see you there too! Children are encouraged to come also!

The proposed rule changes would apply to He-M 510 (pages 15 & 25)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Parents, Educators, Doctors - This is a Must-Read!

If you know of any child who is developmentally delayed in the early years or struggling in school, you must read about brain injury on the website below. Please scroll down to the section, "An Injured Brain" and continue reading from that point.

If the child was not involved in any type of accident or did not suffer from any type of explainable illness, then you can be quite certain it was due to toxic chemical exposure and/or metabolic dysfunction. Toxic chemical exposure can result in metabolic dysfunction and vice-versa. Vaccines are an example of toxic chemical exposure and their effects differ from person to person.

Websites I Fully Support

Please everyone, if you would like to have yours listed too just let me know! They are not in any particular order.

New Vaccines on the Market Today

If you think like the majority of people, you believe that vaccines are safe and thoroughly tested. What if I told you that just the opposite is true? What if I told you that you and your loved ones are human guinea pigs? Crazy or true? Let me open your eyes up a little.....

As I mentioned earlier, my son was given a DTaP vaccine (Infanrix) manufactured by GlaxoSmith Kline. I would later learn that it contained an ingredient called "phenoxyethanol" which the FDA would later rule is toxic for infants because it may cause depression of the central nervous system (permanent injury or death). Bear in mind that it is the FDA that approves all vaccines too. After seeing this FDA issued statement on a product called Mommy's Bliss Nipple Cream (see link below), I called Glaxo-Smith Kline directly and learned that my son must have received the last of the batch on the market. It has since been "phased out" and replaced with a newer version of the DTaP vaccine. This means that the product that is on the market today is not the same one that my son received in 2007. If you click on the other link below you will see the package insert for Infanrix has been revised as of March 2009. This is proof that it is a new product.

UPDATE: Health and Human Services has taken down their site that lists all of the U.S. licensed vaccines and their revision date. Another site that features vaccine package inserts may be found here.

Last I checked, this ingredient is still in a polio vaccine called IPOL which is manufactured by Sanofi Pasteur. Again, click on the package insert link above to see for yourself. You will also notice that the majority of vaccines on that site have revision dates of 2007-2009. They are all fairly new vaccines and all of which have been poorly studied by the drug manufacturers.

For example, Gardasil was studied on fewer than 1,200 girls before being approved by the FDA! It too, was replaced with a newer version. See below. The package insert on that product was revised as of September 2008.

The clinical studies performed on the Hep B vaccine lasted all of 4-5 days!

So, what happens once the FDA stamps its approval and the product is then released to the public? You, the parent, are expected to report any side effects! Did your doctor tell you about all of the possible side effects associated with each vaccine? Did you know that some may cause ear infections (too many can cause a learning disability called an Auditory Processing Disorder), eye nerve damage (does your child have difficulty with fine motor/gross motor or reading/writing?), ear nerve damage (partial hearing loss), paralysis, kidney failure, death (SIDS) and possibly much more? I was simply told that there "may be" a slight fever or inflammation at the injection site!! That's it! Every vaccine comes with its own list of side effects which are more commonly known as "adverse reactions". This is simply what "could" happen in the month following administration of a vaccine. Anything beyond that 30 day window is unknown because vaccines are not studied long-term. Again, to view the "Adverse Reactions" associated with each vaccine, please refer to the package insert link that I have provided above.

Are you still convinced that they are safe and thoroughly tested?

Friday, May 8, 2009

Our Local News - Vaccines and Autism

Unfortunately, a lot was left out during the final editing of my interview with the reporter. Overall though, I think he did a great job considering the fact that he is limited on what he can say. It upsets me that the medical community continues to spread fear and feed lies to parents about vaccines and disease.

I also wanted to clarify one important son's pediatrician has told me that my son's "risks" outweigh his "benefits" at this time. She doesn't believe that he should receive any more vaccines at this point. She is also doing her own research on the matter too. She gladly accepted a book that I gave her and told me that she has already read 2 others. So, most pediatricians are uninformed as well.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Formaldehyde - Harmless in Vaccines?

Many in the medical community maintain that formaldehyde is "Naturally occuring in our environment. Therefore, it is harmless in vaccines". Is this really true? I think back to the toxic trailers that our Hurricane Katrina victims were residing in and just shake my head in disbelief. These victims are currently being studied for the damaging effects of breathing high concentrations of formaldehyde.

I have also been told that there is such a minute amount of formalehyde in vaccines, that it is virtually harmless! Furthermore, in the link below, you will learn that "Chemicals like formaldehyde cross-link amino acids in proteins to chemically "cook" them. This often conserves the proteins antigens in a form that is useful for vaccines at the same time as it damages the toxin's ability to cause damage".


Okay, so "what if" the person is suffering from a genetic abnormality where they have a misfolded protein? Then, formaldehyde is potentially toxic when injected!

Then, there is also the possibility that the person is missing a brain protein altogether too. Again, this could potentially be a lethal situation if the person were to receive vaccines containing formaldehyde.

Could this be why Sanofi Pasteur's DTaP vaccine, Tripedia (which contains formaldehyde) has Autism listed as a possible adverse reaction in post market reporting? (page 11)

Monday, May 4, 2009

California's Latest Report on Autism - It is Not Pretty

The numbers are still rising at an alarming rate. Pay particular attention to the "Concluding Comments". If any doctor dares to still say that "Vaccines Don't Cause Autism", you must show them this report.

New Hampshire Residents - Tune in May 7, 2009!

WMUR Channel 9 News will be airing "To Vaccinate or Not?" on Thursday, May 7, 2009 at 11:00 P.M. While the airtime is somewhat disappointing, let's hope that the story is not!

I did find it very disturbing that WMUR TV featured Dr. Jose Montero, state epidemiologist on the air today. He said, "30 something thousand people die each year from the flu." That is one of the biggest lies yet!! Oh really Dr. Montero? Don't quit your day job!

2006 - 806 (preliminary figure)
2005 - 1,812
2004 - 1,100
2003 - 1,792 **mass marketing with infants began
2002 - 727 **mass marketing with elderly began
2001 - 257 (page 18) 33 )

Why do these news networks allow doctors to get away with spreading these lies? Why don't they call them on them?

Tune in Wednesday, May 6, 2009!

The t.v. series, "The Doctors" will air a controversial topic this Wednesday, May 6, 2009 featuring "Vaccines and Autism". By far, it is said to be the most controversial show yet! So, check your local listing for times aired!

Also, Dr. Tenpenny will be duking it out with Dr. Oz on the vaccine subject! I am told that this episode will not be available after it is aired. It will only be on Oprah's radio show.

So, tune in!!

Dr. Ryan Coller - Another Uneducated Fool Spreading Misinformation

Dr. Ryan Coller recently wrote an article for the LA Times. This article may be read here:,0,4461231.story

I'm sorry Dr. Coller, but after reading this article it is you WHO is sadly misinformed. I can also see that you haven't even read the vaccine package inserts yourself. If you had, you would know that people receiving the chicken pox vaccine, Varivax, are advised to stay away from immune-compromised individuals for 6 is the vaccinated who are the real threat to our cancer-ridden society. (page 7 - The section titled "Transmission")

According to the maker of the DTaP Vaccine, Tripedia, Autism is a possible side effect. (page 11)

Do you also point out to your patients, that despite the fact that we are the most highly vaccinated country in this entire world - we are ranked #42 when it comes to infant mortality? Other countries have fared much better in this department and they give fewer vaccines! Please explain this!

I will provide another alarming fact for you doctor. The Mumps Vaccine has been proven to cause Diabetes in persons genetically predisposed to the condition. A European study has proven this. How much money do you make from insulin prescriptions alone? Me? I would prefer the Mumps over a lifetime of medication and strict dietary changes.

Albonico, H., Klein, P., et al. "The immunization campaign against measles, mumps and rubella - coercion leading to a realm of uncertainty: medical objections to a continued MMR immunization campaign in Switzerland." JAM 1992; 9(1)

Do your homework Dr. Coller!! Start by researching the chemicals that you are proposing we inject into our healthy, innocent children.

This child that you refer to in your article is healthy because he is vaccine-free!