Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Are You or Your Children Copper Toxic?

Many children suffering from ADHD or Autism cannot handle copper. This is why Super Nu-Thera from Kirkman Labs makes a multivitamin without this mineral. I had my teenage son (ADHD/Learning Disabled) on every multi that you can possibly think of. I thought that he was just not willing to take them because he would complain that they made him worse. He was more spacey, tired, irritable, etc. Now I know why! Since switching to Super Nu-Thera he hasn't complained at all. The question is - how do we have an entire generation of copper toxic children with copper toxic Moms?




I believe that both of my children are copper toxic as well as myself and my Mom. I am seeing more and more that it is all about detoxing and bringing your body back into balance.

** I do not recommend ordering the Super Nu-Thera liquid though. It contains a harmful substance called polysorbate-80 which has been linked to reproductive problems. When I emailed the company about it, I was simply told that the FDA approved it. Yeah, they approved vaccines too!! Duh??!

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