Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Death by Vaccination and Insurance Coverage

I just read online that there is a little "clause" on life insurance policies that states "death by vaccination is not covered". I am going to have to check this out with our insurance company. I suggest you do the same!

So, if you or your child dies AND you are awarded the $250,000 for death through the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program - that is all of the money that your family will ever see if this is true.

The CDC's Big Oopsy!

On Sunday night, I went on the CDC's website to print their most recent Vaccine Information Statement (VIS). This form is given to new parents who are having their baby receive multiple vaccines. You will see on the link below that they are claiming your child will receive 6 vaccines from birth through 6 months of age.

On this same website, you will see that the CDC recommends that your child receive 19 vaccines from birth through 6 months of age.

Hep B - 3 doses
Rotavirus - 3 doses
DTaP - 3 doses
HIB - 3 doses
Pneumoccoccal - 3 doses
Polio - 3 doses
Influenza - 1 dose

I imagine that this VIS will disappear soon. So, make a copy of it!!

Massachusetts and Martial Law S.18

This will give the authorities the "right" to enter your home without warrant.

Homeland Security and What Will Happen if You Refuse Any Vaccine

Anthrax added to the forced vaccination list. For the people who are new to this blog, I just want to give you a head's up on what I mean by "forced".

Under the Homeland Security Act in 2005, it was written that during pandemic situations people will be force-vaccinated. Each state has their own "emergency plan" aka "what to do with you if you refuse". You will either be sent to an established quarantine unit, under house arrest, or imprisoned (again, depending upon which state you live in). You may also be fined too. Amazing that this wasn't mentioned in the news, huh?

For your state's info:

To read about the Anthrax decision:

Homeland Security's Emergency Plan does not allow any exemptions from its wording. They will do whatever is necessary during a pandemic situation.

First U.S. Death From Swine Flu - Child From Mexico

Sadly, a toddler has made the news in the U.S. as the first confirmed case of death from Swine Flu in this country. Guess what? He was from Mexico!

If any U.S. Citizen does die of this disease, I would seriously be questioning their medical history - to include vaccine history and whether or not they were suffering from an autoimmune disorder at their time of death.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Mark Your Calendars - May 12, 2009 - Maine Conference

Topic: Autism: Bridging the Gap Between Knowledge and Practice for Clinicians

When: May 12, 2009

Where: Augusta Civic Center

There will be two very important speakers present at this conference - Dr. Martha Herbert and Dr. Jon Poling. This is something that you may not want to miss.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Vaccines = Altered Brain Chemistry = Violence

The United States is the most vaccinated country in this entire world. This country also has some of the most neurologically handicapped children in the world too. Parents try to blame the teachers for their child's shortcomings. Teachers try to blame the parents. In most cases, neither party is to blame.

Vaccines alter brain development. This is exactly why pediatricians have had to "dumb down" the milestones for babies and schools have had to "dumb down" the tests for screening learning disabled children over the years. Schools have even dumbed down the SATs repeatedly since the 1970's too to accommodate society....because, let's face it - we are getting dumber by the minute!

Did you know that the most critical brain development takes place from birth through 3 years of age? One organization by the name of "Every Child By Two" wants to see to it that every child in this country receives every vaccine recommended by the CDC before the age of 2. Can you imagine the devasting consequences if this were to happen? We are already seeing so much now as it is!

Altered brain development can cause Bi-Polar, ADHD, Autism, Anxiety, Depression, and so much more. What is the easy solution these days? Drug the children. Make it easy for the schools and family! Is it easier? Did you know that school shootings here in the U.S. have been linked back to prescription drugs?

I read a study not too long ago. It involved children on medication vs. children unmedicated for ADHD. The study lasted 5 years. For the first year, the children who were medicated surpassed the unmedicated children. However, at the end of 5 years, it was the unmedicated children who were further ahead. So much for drugs being the answer.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ways for YOU to Make a Difference!

There are so many parents out there that need to be educated on vaccines. You might say, "I am just one person. How can I possibly do anything to make a difference?" Well, let me give you some ideas.

1. If your state does not have an organization to educate parents on vaccines, then start one!

2. Go to and request your bumper sticker!

3. Have your entire family wear t-shirts, hats, pins, or anything else that reads your personal message loud and clear!

4. Write to your state officials demanding that informed consent be practiced in this country!

5. Donate to your local or national organization to show your support for vaccine education!

6. Order your 50 ct. pad of "Do You Know What's In A Vaccine" from You can then place these handouts in waterproof document protectors and hang them on every telephone pole in your town OR place them on people's windshields in shopping center parking lots!

This is just a quick list. I am always open to new ideas.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Challenge for the Media and Medical Community

Never before have vaccines received so much attention from the media. Every time a child dies of a so-called vaccine preventable disease it seems to make the evening news. Every time there is an outbreak of disease it seems to make the news. Every clinic and hospital that you enter seem to have posters up promoting vaccines. Well, I have a challenge for both groups. Please prove me wrong!!

I have been researching vaccines and diseases for over a year now. I haven't been able to find a child who died of a so-called vaccine preventable disease that was not involved in at least 1 of the 3 scenarios listed below....

a. The child was suffering from an autoimmune disorder and couldn't be vaccinated anyways. The autoimmune disorder was the true cause of the child's death.

b. The child was vaccinated, but did not complete the full series yet (the medical community refers to these children as unvaccinated though?)

c. The child was vaccinated for other things, but contracted the disease for which they were not vaccinated for.

The last 2 scenarios prove a very startling point. Vaccines weaken your immune system. Your body cannot fight off the simplest things. This is exactly why the number of vaccines have tripled in recent years too. They will continue to add more in the future too. It will never end.

So, again I am asking the media and medical community to prove me wrong. Each time that I encounter a doctor or nurse with this information, their facial expression (mouth wide open) says it all. I am 100% correct in my findings. I have yet to find a completely unvaccinated child die of any of these diseases.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Delaying & Spacing Out Vaccines - A Good Idea?

A lot of people that I encounter are using a different vaccine schedule. Some parents may space the vaccines out so that they are in the doctor's office every month or every few months. Other parents are delaying vaccines until the child is maybe 2 or 3 years old, but still making sure that the child receives all of his/her shots prior to kindergarten. I honestly cannot understand their reasoning for this because there is absolutely no scientific proof that either of these methods are safe. Which reminds me - please do not waste your money on any books by Dr. Sears. None of what he says makes any sense.

Did you know that an infant's blood-brain barrier is not even in tact until roughly 6 weeks of age? A blood-brain barrier protects our brains from harmful things like toxins, which are found in vaccines. The barrier may still be breached by harmful substances even after it has been fully developed, but the odds of your newborn baby suffering from a serious vaccine from the newborn Hep B vaccine though are pretty high when you factor in this information.

The link below states the following: "The blood-brain barrier is not fully developed in newborns, and although there is some evidence that it is not fully developed in some children until puberty, when it reaches full maturity is unknown."

Did you know that a person's myelin sheath is not even fully developed until adulthood? A myelin sheath is the coating that protects your central nervous system. So, what exactly will happen when you inject harmful substances like thimerosal (mercury), formaldehyde, aluminum, boric acid and many other toxins into a body that is still developing? You are taking a HUGE risk of having your child suffer from serious and often life-threatening central nervous system disorders.

For the link below, read the last 2 sentences in the third paragraph down from the top. It reads "The myelin sheath is completely developed when a person is about 20 years old. When the myelin sheath does not grow or function properly, it leads to nervous system damage."

The link below outlines commons "central nervous system disorders":

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Day in My Son's Life - He is ONLY 2 YEARS OLD!!


Reduced L Glutathione
Spectrum Awakenings
Digestive Enzymes
DHA Nordic
DHA Spectrum
Spectra Purples


Digestive Enzymes
Spectrum Awakenings
Spectra Purples


Digestive Enzymes
Spectrum Awakenings
Spectra Purples

Do you know how hard it is trying to get a 2 year old to consume these things?

Let's not forget - Daily Epsom Salt Baths, daily exercises, weekly therapy, routine bloodwork, routine stool samples, urine testing, food diaries, bowel movement diaries, behavior diaries, EEGs, and whatever else must be done to get him well. This is just the beginning of his treatment. The emotional and financial rollercoaster that my family has been on has been totally unwarranted and devastating. For what? Some doctor's job security? Promised funding for the medical teaching facilities? Promised money to the school districts?

The vaccine debate has raged on for too long. I want justice for my family and for every other family out there who has been affected by vaccines. Enough is enough.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Mitochondrial Disease - Is it Really That Rare?

A little girl by the name of Hannah Poling won her vaccine injury case in 2008. It was decided that she had a "rare" genetic disorder known as a Mitochondrial Disorder that was aggravated by her vaccines. Because she was vaccinated, she then developed "Autism-like features". Let's just be real here and call it "Autism". What many people were not aware of though is just how much this child suffered as a direct result of her being vaccinated - countless ear infections, digestive issues, numerous trips to the doctors for yet another antibiotic, etc. When word of her case began to leak, the CDC tried to reassure the public that this was a very rare instance. Was it?

To read about Hannah Poling and her so-called "rare" disorder, please refer to the link below:,8599,1721109,00.html

For a somewhat better, but brief overview on what mitochondria are, please click on the link below:

Mitochondrial Disease is currently being studied. Presently, it is safe to say that Mitochondrial Disease may be connected to the following disorders:



Isolated Language Delay

Cerebral Palsy

Type II Diabetes






Early Hearing Loss

Refractory Infantile Reflux

Multiple Sclerosis

Liver Failure


Renal Tubular Acidosis

Heart Failure

Chronic Pancreatitis

Now, with that said, not all of the cases above may be suffering from Mitochondrial Disease. It would take special testing to determine if that, was in fact, the cause of the underlying disorder. The following areas would be studied via blood, urine, or spinal cord fluid to determine the true nature of the disease:

Mitochondrial DNA

Lactic Acid

Urine Organic Acids

Plasma Amino Acids


The signs and symptoms that are often characteristic of mitochondrial disease may include the following: hearing and vision problems, cardiac disease, developmental delays, migraines, seizures, diabetes, cancer, clumsiness, weakness, loss of muscle control, or even catastrophic metabolic disease. It is important to understand that healthy individuals lacking these symptoms may be silent carriers of the disease.

Jenny McCarthy has made claims that she has personally met over 60,000 families who have had their children recover from Autism. How is this possible? We are told that nothing can be done for this disorder other than give the child seizure medication and/or therapy?! Well, surprisingly, the supplements recommended by the medical community to treat an underlying Mitochondrial Disorder are also the SAME supplements used by DAN doctors. DAN doctors are healing our children!! For a list of DAN doctors in your area, please refer to the following website:

The types of supplements that may be prescribed by DAN doctors are: CoQ10, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Selenium, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, and many others. These are the EXACT SAME supplements that may be recommended by a neurologist to treat an underlying Mitochondrial Disorder!

So, I ask the question again....are Mitochondrial Disorders really that rare? Can we truly believe the medical community when they tell us that Jenny McCarthy is a dumb dumb who doesn't know what she is talking about? They even went as far as to say her child, Evan (who recovered from his Autism diagnosis) never even had Autism! Her child was receiving ABA therapy for 40 hours per week for a year before she began working with a DAN doctor!! So, not only do they turn their backs when a vaccine injury occurs, but now they they turn their noses up when the child recovers!? It is absolutely insane.

For anyone working in the healthcare industry, the link below is an overview of "The Spectrum of Mitochondrial Disease":

I am personally speaking from experience when I say that very few neurologists even understand this disorder or know how to test for it.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Autism - Genetic Risk Factors and Warning Signs to Stop Vaccinating

I just received Jenny McCarthy's latest book, "Healing and Preventing Autism" that she co-wrote with Jerry Kartzinel, M.D. I am quite impressed.

On pages 299 and 300, it discusses the possible risk factors for Autism. Families with an Autistic child report finding genetic traits either from the Methylation Tree or Common Autoimmune Tree or both. If any of these disorders are found in your family (think of siblings, parents, grandparents, etc.), then your child is at a much higher risk of developing Autism.

The Methylation Tree involves the following:

* Dementia
* Autism, ADHD, ADD
* Schizophrenia
* Bipolar Disorder
* Alzheimer's
* Depression
* Alcoholism
* Constipation
* Suicide

The Common Autoimmune Tree involves the following:

* Leaky Gut
* Chrohn's Disease
* Fibromyalgia
* Chronic Fatigue
* Inflammatory Bowel Disease
* Lupus
* Celiac Disease
* Multiple Sclerosis
* Diabetes
* MBP antibodies
* Rheumatoid Arthritis
* Graves Disease
* Addison's Disease
* Thyroid Disease

My own family carries a lot of "risk factors" involved that I can see based on these two trees.

On page 301, there is also a list of Warning Signs to Stop Vaccinating:

* Chronic ear infections
* Eczema
* Cradle cap
* Recurrent fevers
* Seizures
* Constipation
* Diarrhea
* Sleep issues
* Tantrums
* Lining things up
* Reclusiveness
* Transition issues
* Red ears
* Red cheeks
* Puffy eyes
* Poor growth

I didn't know that there were warning signs. My youngest had sleep issues immediately following his 2 mo. vaccines. He also had a rash on his cheeks and arms that started around this time too. Then, there was the cradle cap that continued until he was about 6 or 7 months old. I just couldn't get rid of it! Then, there were his seizures immediately following his 6 mo. vaccines. His Autistic behavior was noticed last summer - many months after his last set of vaccines.