Friday, January 23, 2009

American Camp Association

This organization is leading some parents to believe that vaccines are a requirement for enrollment. I sent an email to all staff members demanding some answers.

The email was sent to all individuals listed on this webpage:

Here is my email to them:

My name is Dawn. My baby and I were injured by vaccines in 2007. I was recently alerted by another anti-vaccine parent that your organization is misleading parents into believing that vaccines are a "requirement" . Since when is an INVASIVE MEDICAL PROCEDURE REQUIRED??? Vaccines have never been scientifically proven to be safe or effective.

Be sure to check out my personal blog - my family's nightmare begins in Sept 2008. In the meantime, I would like some clarification on your rules and regulations in regard to campers/vaccines. I would also like to know exactly which individuals on the higher level are responsible for this bogus information too or is it a result of simple miscommunication?


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