Friday, January 30, 2009

Big Pharma is Changing the Vaccine Package Inserts!

Several months ago I learned that the phenoxyethanol that was in my son's DTaP vaccine was "phased out" because I called the manufacturer directly. This could mean that it was lowered to trace or removed completely. Nobody knows except the manufacturer because the FDA is not exactly strict on their "phasing out" policy (like the mercury STILL in the vaccines that don't show it as an ingredient because it is "trace"). So, I decided to check the manufacturer's package insert online and sure enough it was removed as a listed ingredient.

What I also discovered in this process is that the vaccine manufacturers are now removing the "risk of transmission" clause on their package inserts too with the live-virus vaccines. The only one that still has it on there is Merck's chickenpox vaccine. All of the others have had this clause removed.

Lesson learned. Never believe everything that you read.

To view the vaccine package inserts go here.


Amanda Grace said...

I was wondering if you wouldn't mind explaining a bit about the "risk of transmission clause". I'm new to this sort of stuff and I don't really understand what that means, whether it's a good thing or a bad thing, etc.

Thanks for blogging about this!


Dawn said...

Hi Amanda,

Live virus vaccines have ALWAYS stated that "there is a small risk of transmitting the virus" on their package inserts - up until these past few months. It is no wonder with all of the heat that the pharmaceutical companies have been feeling. It has to be removed I guess because people are catching on about these so-called outbreaks.

I believe that the only ones that still disclose that risk are Flumist and Varivax (chickenpox). Varivax warns that close contact should be avoided with pregnant persons who have never had the disease and people with compromised immune systems for up to 6 weeks.

Page 7 on the link below (for an example) titled "Transmission"