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Famous Interviews

Former Director of NIH, Bernadine Healy tells all.


Jenny McCarthy recovered her son, Evan from Vaccine INJURY!


Of course, our powers that be have removed Ms. McCarthy's interview!!

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Are These Diseases Truly That Deadly?

Congenital Rubella

The Rubella Vaccine is meant to prevent Congenital Rubella. If a woman contracts Rubella while pregnant, there are serious complications that may arise for the infant. The infant could be born blind, deaf, severely disfigured, or even die. The CDC maintains that this one vaccine alone prevents 20,000 babies from being born with Congenital Rubella each year. Their reported statistics tell a different story.

The CDC has been telling people for years that a major outbreak in 1964-1965 was responsible for 20,000 cases of CRS and many babies were permanently injured or died from it. There is a major flaw with that statement. CRS cases were not even documented in the U.S. until 1966. The vaccine came out in 1969. Here are the actual statistics reported:

1966 - 11
1967 - 10
1968 - 14

(table 10 for Rubella, Congenital Syndrome)

After the vaccine was introduced in 1969, the following cases were reported:

1969 - 31
1970 - 77
1971 - 68

The number of cases continued to be high until 1992. During that year there were only 11 cases reported - which is exactly what the figure was 3 years before the vaccine made its debut. What the vaccine has actually done is shift the vulnerable age groups to infants and pregnant women (which is why the CDC is now recommending boosters for adults).

Now, even if that were true that there were 20,000 cases in 1964-1965, what was the reason for the sharp decline? The vaccine was not even introduced until 1969!


http://www.uspharmacist.com/index.asp?show=article&page=8_1489.htm (please check out the 4th paragraph down in the pink box on when the CDC began recording Rubella cases)

The Flu

What I don't understand is why doctors are not questioning the big fat lie that we are told. The public is told that 36,000 people die each year from the flu according to the CDC. Yet, the AAP tells doctors 20,000. Which is it? Neither according to the CDC. Here are the most recent statistics reported according to this agency.


2006 - 806 (preliminary figure)
2005 - 1,812
2004 - 1,100
2003 - 1,792 **mass marketing with infants began
2002 - 727 **mass marketing with elderly began
2001 - 257

http://www.cdc.gov/nchs/data/nvsr/nvsr56/nvsr56_16.pdf (page 18)

http://www.cdc.gov/nchs/data/hestat/preliminarydeaths05_tables.pdf#5 (page 33 )


This is how every vaccine became mandated - scare tactics. This makes for a great argument with your doctor by the way.

The Mumps

Mumps is a contagious disease that begins with a fever, muscle aches, headache, and fatigue. Salivary glands may become swollen as well as testicles, ovaries, and female breasts. Within a week, the symptoms usually disappear and seldom is medical intervention needed. Once a person develops mumps, he/she develops permanent immunity.
Studies have shown that this disease is usually quite harmless if contracted in childhood. However, when contracted as a teenager or adult, complications may arise which may consist of the following: orchitis has occurred in roughly 20% of cases (sterility is extremely rare because it usually only affects one testicle), transient meningitis, temporary hearing loss, and inflammation of the ovaries. Death from mumps is very rare. In 1991, for example, only one case of death from mumps was reported.

Vaccination does not last (subsequent boosters are needed). Several outbreaks occurred within vaccinated populations. In 1987, a large case of mumps broke out in Minnesota schools. Another outbreak occurred in 1991 in Tennessee schools. A large majority of these children were previously vaccinated (82% of the Minnesota students and 99% of the Tennessee students).

Most children under the age of 10 contracted mumps prior to the introduction of the vaccine. After the vaccine was introduced, the age group shifted and 92% of cases occurred in children 14 yrs. old or younger (from 1967-1971/ prior to the vaccine being put into general use). The other 8% of cases occurred in persons 15 yrs. or older. By 1987 though (several years after the general use of the vaccine), the number of cases in the age group of 15 or older rose 38%.

The MMR vaccine, along with the single dose versions of each vaccine, have a lengthy list of adverse reactions (some quite serious).

Diabetes has also been reported as much as several months following vaccination. In 1992, 180 European doctors confirmed that the mumps vaccine can "trigger" diabetes. The New England Journal of Medicine concurred that same year that certain viruses can "trigger" diabetes. Aseptic meningitis is another well-known complication of the mumps vaccine, which the Lancet published in an article in 1993. Japan removed the MMR vaccine that same year due to the large number of encephalitis cases (1 out of 1044 people).


U.S. Dept of Health & Human Services "Measles, Mumps, and Rubella: What You Need to Know" (Atlanta, GA: CDC, October 15, 1991)

McKinley Health Center "Mumps Vaccine" University of Illinois (October 5, 1998)

CDC Fact Sheet "Facts about Mumps for adults" National Coalition for Adult Immunization (April 2000)

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Briss, P.A. et al "Sustained transmission of mumps in a highly vaccinated population: assessment of vaccine failure and waning vaccine-induced immunity" J of Infectious Diseases 1994

The Measles

Measles usually affects the skin, eyes, and respiratory system. It is a contagious disease caused by a virus. Symptoms may include a high fever, cough, runny nose, sore & red sensitive eyes. Small pink spots with gray-white color develop inside the mouth. Pink, itchy spots appear on the face and spread over the body. Rarely do complications arise in healthy individuals and treatment mainly consists of allowing the disease to run its course. However, measles can be dangerous in the following circumstances: populations newly exposed to the virus, malnourished persons living in undeveloped countries, persons with a compromised immune system, or even in communities with improper hygeine and lack of quality health care.

The CDC states that 1 out of every 1000 children who contract measles will get encephalitis (infection of the brain). However, renowned pediatrician and vaccine researcher, Dr. Robert Mendelsohn states that this figure may be accurate in situations that consist of poverty and malnutrition. For everyone else it is probably more like 1/10,000 or 1/100,000. Even then, 75% of these cases of encephilitis will not show evidence of brain damage.

Cases of measles began to decline in the U.S. long before the vaccine was introduced in 1963. In fact, by 1955 the death rate dropped to .03 deaths per 100,000 (97.7% reduction). This happened 8 years before the vaccine was introduced! The International Mortality Statistics published these figures which shows that from 1915-1958 the death rate in the U.S. and U.K. declined by 98%.

Vaccination does not last (subsequent boosters are needed). In vaccinated populations epidemics occur regularly. The World Health Organization has stated that when you are vaccinated, your chance of developing measles is 15x greater than had you not been vaccinated. Senior epidemiologist with the CDC, Dr. William Atkinson agrees. He stated that over 95% of cases of outbreak were among the vaccinated populations.

An article published in 1995 by Lancet also found a link between the measles vaccine and bowel disease.

Before the vaccine was introduced in 1963, it was extremely rare for an infant to contract measles. By the 1990's though, 25% of measles cases were in children under one year of age. The CDC has admitted that it is likely going to get worse due to the fact that many mothers were vaccinated in the 60's, 70's and 80's. If a mother is vaccinated, she cannot offer the natural immunity through antibodies to her baby. Not only that, but in 1999, Pediatrics published an article stating that infants born after the vaccine was introduced in 1963 are 7 1/2x more likely to contract the disease than had they been born prior to 1963.

Is vitamin A a simple solution? Studies have shown that when a patient is suffering from the measles, vitamin A has proven successful in lowering complication rates and risk of dying from the disease.


Fisher, B.L. The Consumer's Guide to Childhood Vaccines (Vienna, VA: NVIC 1997)

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FDA "FDA workshop to review warnings, use instructions, and precautionary information (on vaccines)." (Rockland, Maryland: FDA, September 18, 1992)

I will be posting more on various reported disease statistics in the near future. If you would like to start researching them on your own in the meantime, purchase the book, "Vaccine Safety Manual" by Neil Z. Miller.

Are Vaccines Mandatory?

I was never told by my doctor or my sons' doctors that my state offers 2 exemptions. In fact, my state currently offers a religious exemption or a medical exemption. Though, a medical exemption is often difficult to obtain. Why? Because it usually only applies to one vaccine and the doctor must indicate the length of time that the exemption is in place. If your child had a reaction after his/her vaccines, how do you know which one caused the reaction if several are administered in one day? It is virtually impossible! Were you led to believe that you didn't have a choice in the matter? For your specific state's information go to:


If there is an outbreak and your child is not vaccinated, they will be asked to stay home from school (quarantined) until the outbreak subsides. In my opinion, this is really absurd because up until recently many vaccines were not required prior to foreigners entering this country. In fact, certain vaccines are only required if the person is going to obtain U.S. citizenship. What about all of the adults walking around whose vaccines have worn off long ago? Are doctors and nurses required to obtain every vaccine that they administer our children? Some, not all. What about all of the U.S. Citizens who travel to foreign countries each year? Are they required to be vaccinated for everything? Not from what I am reading.

Many physicians are having their patients sign a "Refusal to Vaccinate Form" if one or more vaccines are refused. What this form basically states is that you acknowledge the fact that the "benefits" outweigh the "risks" and by refusing to vaccinate you are not only placing your child in danger, but others as well. Doctors are not required to have you sign this form by the way. Simple documentation in the patient's file is sufficient according to the following website:


Many parents who have accidentally signed this form are now fearing that their children will be taken away by state agencies. Some children already have. However, they are returned, but not before being vaccinated with everything first though. Rarely, does the parent have enough time to even contact an attorney.


Is There Any Justice When You Are Injured?

Not in my family's case. There are actually a total of 5 victims, but I am reluctant to talk about the fifth. This victim died shortly after a round of vaccines, but the hospital did a wonderful job covering up the truth surrounding this person's death.

I did take my teenage son in this past year for a comprehensive educational screening. I was concerned that he may have been suffering from an Auditory Processing Disorder. This disorder often accompanies ADHD. However, he passed the test with flying colors. It was I who struggled to hear every question that was asked of him.

Every time that a vaccine is administered to a patient, .75 cents goes into a fund called the "National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program", or VICP for short. If a person is injured by a vaccine, they are able to file a claim through the court for compensation. Sounds easy, right? It is actually very difficult to win.



That is pretty alarming considering that this program has already paid out over $1 Billion dollars in damages to date!


Unfortunately, I did learn that my Rubella Vaccine was not properly recorded at this well-known medical teaching hospital where it was administered. Though it has been a law since 1986 that healthcare professionals record vaccine lot #'s, manufacturer, type of vaccine administered, and the date of administration, mine was never documented properly. Not only that, but when I called the hospital to obtain the information I was simply told by the nurse manager of the birthing pavillion that no other patients' vaccines were recorded either due to "system changes".


To say that I am furious is an understatement. I have gone as far as notifying the following individuals, agencies, and organizations about this blatent disregard for the law:

All major newspapers in my state
Congressmen/Congresswomen in my state
Health & Human Services, the CDC, and Medicaid (not on Medicaid, but told they may help)
The Joint Commission (an organization that oversees hospitals' wrongdoings)
Governor of my state
The hospital's Risk Management Officer
My state's Medical Licensing Board
Several Attorneys

Not one of them will do anything about it. Because this hospital is "fully accredited", they can do no wrong. Therefore, they cannot be punished. Despite the fact that vaccines are required to be recorded, there isn't anyone to enforce it if they don't. I was also told by several attorneys that if I did not have a comprehensive hearing screening prior to this vaccine, if would be impossible to prove that the vaccine did the damage. What?! Why would I have a comprehensive hearing exam prior to this vaccine if my hearing was perfect?!

Despite the fact that doctors rarely report adverse reactions, parents or patients are encouraged to do so. I had to file all 4 of my reports (one for myself and three for my infant).



I did file a grievance with my state's nursing board on behalf of my infant. Both nurses not only failed to log my frantic phone calls properly, but also failed to alert his doctor about his reactions. Due to their actions, he then received another round of vaccines at 6 mo. which caused him to have partial seizures. If the first nurse had done her job, he never would have received any other vaccines after his 2 mo. shots. So, will he ever receive compensation? It is very hard to say. I am led to believe that by the time the extent of his injuries are known (if any), it would exceed the time limit to file. However, I am still looking into this. It would be extremely difficult to prove though because nothing was documented. It would just be my word against theirs. I have been watching him closely though because developmental delays are usually a sign of future problems - learning disabilities.

It wasn't until recently that his 3rd evaluation proved that the gap was wide enough (what he is doing vs. what he "should" be doing) for intervention to be warranted. I am currently awaiting a phone call to set these weekly sessions up. I am also researching detox methods for all of us because I am not only afraid to have another child after I've been injected with the Rubella Virus (which I will try to explain later), but I want my childrens' futures to be as promising as they can be.

If one good thing came out of this, it is that his pediatrician is now researching vaccines. Apparently, not more than a footnote is covered in medical school. I guess she has seen enough to scare her into doing her own homework.

If I had to do it all over again, nobody in my family would have received a vaccine - period.

What is in a Vaccine?

A lot of harmful ingredients may be found in vaccines. Unfortunately, their effects have never been studied on humans. For an extensive list of vaccine ingredients go to:


Peanut oil is another suspected ingredient. We are left to wonder why life-threatening peanut allergies are sharply on the rise? Why are schools now required to have "nut-free" tables?


Society is led to believe that there is no longer mercury in the mercury-free vaccines. However, an organization by the name of Hapi has taken it upon themselves to test a few vaccines that were submitted by an anonymous doctor. Their test results may be found here:


So, if "trace" amounts of an ingredient are no longer required to be listed on the package inserts, what else is in a vaccine that we are not even aware of? I actually did the math for my own child, and just 2 shots containing "trace" amounts of mercury would exceed the FDA's own guidelines for my infant based on his weight. Keep in mind though that there really is no such thing as a safe amount of mercury. The formula to calculate mercury consumption may be found on the following website toward the bottom of the page:


To view all U.S. licensed vaccines please go here.

Human Experimentation with chemicals (formaldehyde, mercury, polysorbate 80, MSG, etc) and biological agents (bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc) is LEGAL providing that informed consent is practiced according to US CODE Title 50, subsection 1520a. Many vaccines are "live-viruses". The first link talks of the duties of the Secretary of Defense. The second link talks of his affiliation with Health & Human Services. What agency hands down the final vaccination schedule?? Health & Human Services. So, if your doctor is not explaining the real "risks" associated with each vaccine (which is outlined on the vaccine package insert), informed consent was not practiced and therefore, NOT LEGAL.



Remember the disclaimer on every vaccine? Carcinogenesis, Mutagenesis, and Impairment of Fertility: No Studies have been done

http://us.gsk.com/products/assets/us_infanrix.pdf (page 7 to view example of warning)

So, are vaccines really safe? I guess we don't know because the chemicals have never been studied on humans and the long-term effects are unknown at this time.

Recommended Reading

On Vaccines:

"Vaccines: Are They Really Safe and Effective" by Neil Z. Miller

"Vaccine Safety Manual" by Neil Z. Miller

"The Virus and the Vaccine" by Debbie Bookchin and Jim Shumacher

"Evidence of Harm" by David Kirby

"The Lyme-Autism Connection" by Bryan Rosner with Tami Duncan

"Louder Than Words" by Jenny McCarthy

"Mother Warriors" by Jenny McCarthy (inspiring true stories of Autism recovery!)

"The Sanctity of Human Blood: Vaccination is Not Immunization - Thirteenth Edition" by Tim O'Shea

"Healing and Preventing Autism" by Jenny McCarthy and Jerry Kartzinel, M.D.

"Fear of the Invisible" by Janine Roberts

On Childhood Development:

"Your Week by Week Baby's First Year" by Curtis, M.D., M.P.H. and Schuler, M.S.

"What to Expect The Toddler Years" by Eisenberg, Murkoff, and Hathaway

For Suspected Developmental Delays

"A Parent's Guide to Developmental Delays" by Laurie LeComer, M. Ed.

"The Mislabeled Child" by Brock Eide, M.D., M.A., and Fernette Eide, M.D.

"From Emotions to Advocacy" by Pam Wright and Pete Wright

** I will continuously be adding more to this list

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Family History - A Piece of the Puzzle

Many people wonder why certain children who were never vaccinated still develop Autism or ADHD. I believe that many environmental factors play a role - the two biggest being family history (DNA inherited from all previous generations) and what the mother was exposed to during the pregnancy.

Believe it or not, it was something my dentist said that made me research cell line function. He had written quite a few papers on upper airway obstruction. What he found is that many who suffer from ADHD also suffer from this condition. They may snore, have malformed jaws (overbite or underbite), or suffer from sleep apnea. Upon researching this, I discovered that all cells have a particular job to do. A baby's DNA (genetic makeup which involves cells) is inherited from Mom and Dad. The job of your red blood cells is to carry oxygen to the different parts of your body. If ADHD can be hereditary, then something must have caused this cell line to be defective.


A special type of cells, called "T & B Cells" are defender cells. These are the only ones that will respond to invaders. Millions of these cells alone are donated from the Mom and Dad. So, what exactly will happen with subsequent generations being vaccinated, eating GM foods, and being exposed to other toxic chemicals? Are we really even able to study the vaccinated/unvaccinated populations? If the damage could have been inherited and vaccines may be the final assault for some, than my guess is no.

Vaccines are made with human DNA or animal DNA (cells are used). When mixed with your DNA, the body will treat it as invading germs. So, what happens when your T & B cells are already damaged? What happens when the animal is also suffering from certain viruses/conditions?


Cancer begins when just one of those defective cells multiply out of control. Chemicals and certain infections can be responsible. Do you remember the disclaimer that I had mentioned earlier that is on every vaccine? The vaccine manufacturer does not know if they cause cancer, alter your DNA, or impair your fertility because no studies have been done. However, just by studying the vaccine ingredients alone and cell line function, I believe that they are capable of causing all three.

Don't forget the biggest lie of all is that Dr. Paul Offit stated that everyone can handle 10,000 antigens at any given time! Well, with the neurotoxins and viruses that go into a vaccine - nobody can and it is only a matter of time before that family tree is eventually affected. This is exactly why we are seeing the first generation of individuals vaccinated not living as long (people are dying in their 40's, 50's, and 60's today).


When I researched my family history, I learned that my Grandfather (Dad's Dad) worked in a Naval Shipyard. He was exposed to asbestos and heavy metals for years. Not only were his cells damaged by these toxins after repeated exposure, but he also carried much of this home with him on his clothing. His entire family was then exposed to them also. This damage was then inherited by all of his future generations too. My other Grandfather (Mom's Dad) worked with heavy metals for years too! My Grandmother (Mom's Mom) chased chem trucks and carried around mothballs for years because she loved the smell. My Mom and Dad were the first in our family tree to receive childhood vaccines. My Dad was then in the military and received countless more.

My husband's Father was a military brat and so was his Mom. They both not only received the recommended childhood vaccines (first in their family tree also), but countless more as a military family. My husband's Father was also in the military - more vaccines received then also for over 2 decades! My husband was also in the military for over 2 decades. So, he not only received all of his childhood vaccines, but countless more as a military brat and countless more in his career. He used to joke and say that his lifetime shot record is literally pages upon pages. However, I don't think it is funny now that I know what is in them.

All of this information may explain why we are genetically predisposed to certain conditions. Much of who we are is "inherited". All actions will also affect subsequent generations too, unfortunately. This may also shed some light on why several members of my family were adversely affected by vaccines.

My Brother - Another Victim

I was living in California at the time when I received a phone call from my Mom in December 2004. She told me that my brother was very sick and that I needed to fly home quickly. She started to cry and told me that they were not sure about how much time he had. He was probably going to die. I found a empty seat on a plane and flew to Boston in less than 12 hours.

My brother was being treated at well-known hospital in Boston for "viral meningitis" with secondary encephalitis. At least this is what my family was told anyways. We later learned that the hospital didn't quite know what he had, but that they had to give it a name that was found in their medical textbooks. How do I know this? My Dad cornered one of the doctors and demanded information. The doctor simply told him that there are well over 1,000 unknown viruses out there that make their way down from Canada and my brother had one of them. The other doctors were furious with this doctor for telling my Dad this. To this day, I wonder if his career is over.

I will begin with telling you the events that unfolded. He became ill in September of 2004 and went to the emergency room of a local hospital. He was complaining of a stiff neck and massive headache. They simply gave him some Tylenol and sent him on his way. This all happened after he returned from a weekend of partying in Las Vegas.

Over the next 3 months he was in and out of different hospitals. He kept taking a turn for the worse after being released. In the meantime, there were numerous MRIs, labs done on his blood, spinal taps, and so on. Nobody could figure out what was wrong.

He finally became so bad that my parents brought him to a well-known healing ministry in Boston. My brother was so sick that he could not even walk or talk. My parents had to carry him up to the alter to be prayed over. The Father of the ministry winked at my parents and said that he was going to be just fine.

Shortly after this, my brother was admitted yet again to the hospital. This time he was in such rough shape that they felt it would be best to have him ambulanced to larger, well-known hospital in Boston. This facility had some of the finest doctors in the country and would be able to better care for him. It was at this point that my Mom called me to fly home.

To see him in such a state was very frightening. He was a total vegetable, drooling all over himself, and not walking or speaking at all. He didn't even know that you were there. He had tubes and wires all over the place. For some reason though, within a few days a strange peace came over me. I just knew that he was going to be o.k. My Mom sensed this and she began to feel better too.

The doctors tested him for everything (his final hospital bill totalled well over $1 million dollars!). They didn't have any answers for us at first (before the bogus viral meningitis diagnosis). They did detect lesions in many areas of his brain. Every possible medication that you can think of was given to him and nothing seemed to be working. One particular medication comes to mind called "Acyclovir". One of the nurses accidentally hooked up his IV incorrectly and the medicine began pooling on his skin. It literally burned through several layers and left him with permanent scarring. At the same time my Dad was trying different things too. He was feeding my brother a macrobiotic diet, which was very difficult to do because my brother had no swallowing capabilities. He also began massaging his feet (practicing Reflexology). There were other things tried too, which I really cannot recall.

Amazingly, my brother began to show signs of improvement. He slowly began to start mumbling words and begin walking. The doctors could not believe their eyes. This was a man that was not expected to live. He was still very confused, but he was slowly coming out of it. I will never forget - my brother, well over 200 lbs., telling me that he had to leave the hospital because there was a "party" that he could not miss (he just said the word party and I knew what he meant because he was trying to find the stairs)! We literally had to hold him down and restrain him to prevent him from leaving the hospital to go to this "imaginery party".

On Christmas Eve my brother spoke his first sentence. My Dad had brought in pastries from Mike's Pastries in Boston (yum). My brother began crying and when we asked him what was wrong he exclaimed through tear-filled eyes, "Mike's Pastries!" We all laughed and from that moment on just knew that he was going to be o.k. The Doctor's called him the "Christmas Miracle".

He spent several months in therapy. He had to re-learn all of the most basic skills - how to write, read, walk, and talk. There was much improvement in all areas. When his therapy was completed, the doctors wanted him to come back for further assessment on the damage to his brain. He never did go back. There are problems to this day in the area of memory though.

It wasn't until last year that I began to suspect vaccines were to blame. I began reading articles by Dr. Russell Blaylock, who is a retired neurosurgeon. He has found that these live-virus vaccines can lay dormant in one's body, mutate, and later emerge even more deadly than before. Certain environmental factors may trigger it too. I thought back to my brother. He had shown signs of vaccine-damage in childhood. He later joined the Coast Guard and received countless more vaccines. In fact, he left the Coast Guard just 2 years prior to developing this mysterious illness that almost cost him his life. When he was in the hospital, the U.S. Center for Infectious Disease Control became involved and they had no other reported cases that were similiar to my brother's. They traced his steps in the previous months and could not give us any answers. It all started to make sense.


My Teenage Son - Another Victim

While going through this vaccine-induced nightmare, I was desperately trying to figure out how to help my 14 year old son. He was evaluated 5x over the years in all different schools across the country. When a child is evaluated for suspected learning disabilities, they are given certain tests to see if they may be eligible for an IEP/Special Education services. I could not understand why he was struggling so much, yet his tests kept indicating that his scores were "normal" when comparing them to others his age nationally. My son cannot perform simple math (division, addition, subtraction, word problems, multiplication) or comprehend more than a paragraph of reading material, yet his scores are normal? If he were in one school district his entire life, I would blame the district. However, he was in several schools across the country. Obviously, something is very wrong with the current educational system.

I then began registering for many learning disability forums. I wanted to find out just what was going on. Needless to say, I was quite shocked about the large number of families going through the same exact situation. The tests administered today in the Special Education screening process are "dumbed down". They are actually designed so that a child like mine will pass them. If any changes are going to be made with these tests, it can take as long as 7 years to do so. You might be asking how I know that they are dumbed down. Well, I asked the last evaluator to give me an example of one of the test questions. He said, "Well, the test may contain one question that may read something like this: 'Some fish live in the sea'. The child is supposed to check true/false". Now, keep in mind that these types of test questions were given to my son who was 14 years old at the time!

All of these years I have been told that my child is simply lazy. As it turns out, my poor son has been struggling all of these years from ADHD-non hyperactive, inattentive type, a Math Disability, and a Visual Processing Disorder. The signs were all there. I thought back to all of the times I mentioned to his pediatrician that he was delayed in certain areas. My fears were dismissed. In kindergarten, it was documented in my son's school records that he had difficulty with simple tasks such as running or jumping. By second grade, it was documented that he couldn't use scissors properly. He had difficulty remembering the days of the week, reading comprehension, sensory processing issues (certain socks bothered his feet, certain pants bothered his waist, noises and smells would be bothersome) and on and on. These were all signs of learning disabilities!

Many parents across the country are so busy holding down maybe one or more jobs just to put food on the table. They are told that there child is simply lazy. Unfortunately, the parents "buy" it and do not investigate further. These poor children already feel stupid, suffer from low-self esteem and many eventually get caught up with the wrong crowd. They may turn to drugs or alcohol to feel better. By then, it is already too late for many.

Then, there is the other group of parents that do not believe what they are told. They know that something is wrong. So, often an outside evaluation is done. Insurance usually doesn't cover the testing because it is for educational purposes. Testing can cost anywhere from $1,500 - several thousand dollars. Even then, the schools do not have to accept it. The parent may need to hire an advocate (my charges $75 per hour) and possibly even an attorney ($200-$300 per hour) to fight the school system for services for their child. If the case ends up in court, litigation may cost as much as $100,000. Is this afforable? Does this make any sense? What is wrong with the current system? Why is the educational system failing our children miserably? Why are pediatricians not recognizing developmental delays?

I looked back at my son's vaccine history. I thought that he handled his vaccines quite well. He only suffered from numerous bouts of conjunctivitis as an infant (another side effect to vaccines I recently learned). Then I started digging a little more. I pulled out his baby book and baby photos. I noticed that in his baby book it was documented that he had a strange type of congestion similiar to his brother's. It would clear by noon each day, but continued for several months following his 4 mo. vaccines. I also noticed that his slight lazy eye was not visible until his 6 mo. vaccines. The only new vaccine that was administered was the Hep B. Eye nerve damage is actually listed as an adverse reaction to this vaccine too. To think that all of these years I thought that it was inherited from his Dad, but I now see that his eye was fine up until 6 months of age!

Both of my children had one thing in common - they were given a lot of formaldehyde in their vaccines. It is currently linked with respiratory problems and the EPA is considering it to be a probable carcinogen (cancer-causing agent). Do you remember the Hurricane Katrina victims who were placed in government-issued trailers? These trailers were constructed with formaldehyde treated wood. Many hurricane victims became quite ill. These people are now being studied long-term for cancer and other chronic illnesses. Why is there formaldehyde in vaccines if it so toxic?


Then there is the mercury. I added up all of the mercury that my son was given. At his 2 mo. shot appointment alone, he was given roughly 147x the recommended "safe" dosage of mercury based on a simple formula that the EPA and FDA have designed. The problem with that is that it is based on fish consumption and it involves a different type of mercury, not the same mercury that is found in vaccines. In fact, the type of mercury that is found in vaccines has never been studied on humans! I also need to remind myself that it was injected, not consumed, therefore it is suspected to be more toxic. Also, when mercury is combined with aluminum the result is synergistic toxicity - meaning far more toxic than just mercury alone. So, it is safe to assume that the amount was far greater than 147x....just how much greater I don't know. If you would like to calculate just how much mercury is considered "safe" based on your weight, the formula may be found on the PBS link below. What you must first do is convert the weight from pounds to kilograms though. Mercury is a known neurotoxin that causes damage to the brain. So does formaldehyde.




The CDC has been in the news this past year stating that Autism effects 1 in 150. Actually, this figure represents the year 1994 according to the statistics compiled by the U.S. Dept of Education. As of 2007, 1 in 67 elementary school children nationwide are suffering from Autism or some other form of neurological disorder. In fact, 1 in 67 children are receiving Special Education Services for their disability too. You can research these statistics yourself by contacting the U.S. Dept of Education for their statistics on children placed in IEPs.


Now, after comparing this figure with the information I just supplied to you, how many children do you think are truly suffering? I believe it is much higher than 1 in 67 based on my own personal experience with the Special Education screening process. When you click on the link above, you will notice that that the website link that is further supplied is having "technical difficulties". Actually, certain individuals and organizations are working very diligently at taking down these websites that contain information that they don't want you to have. Just what will the numbers be, say 5 years from now as more and more vaccines are added to the recommended schedule and more pollution is filling the air?

You are probably thinking, why wouldn't the U.S. Dept of Education correct the CDC on their incorrect findings? Do schools receive funding for vaccinated children?


Saturday, September 27, 2008

Vaccine Package Inserts & My Rubella Vaccine

A lot of information may be derived from the package inserts themselves. I learned a lot just by reading them. First of all, the vaccine manufacturers advise the healthcare professionals to carefully assess the health of the patient prior to administering the vaccine. I thought to myself for a moment. I had severe preeclampisa! This is a life-threatening condition and your blood pressure usually resolves within 6 weeks AFTER delivery. However, some people are left with high blood pressure for the rest of their life and must go on medication. What I have found is that severe preeclampsia is a complex hypertensive disorder that affects multiple systems. In fact, not much else is known about it too. It is still being studied.


Why on earth was I given a Rubella Vaccine if I was so sick? It is no wonder why I felt so strange after receiving it too. Somewhere I even read that the Rubella Vaccine can cause a rise in blood pressure too. This is the last thing that I needed. If my body was having a hard time eliminating toxins (which explains the edema because my kidneys were not functioning properly), why oh why was I given this vaccine?


I did learn the following after reading this particular vaccine package insert:

1. It is not advisable to become pregnant for at least 3 months following the vaccine
2. There is a "small chance" of catching a blood-born virus through the vaccine itself
3. The virus may "pass" to the infant by way of breastfeeding
4. If one has received a blood transfusion recently, the vaccine would probably be ineffective

Not once did my doctor consider any of this! In fact, I had two incompetant doctors involved in this mess. I had one who ordered the vaccine and another one who administered it. Neither one of them advised against pregnancy or told me that the virus may pass to my breastfeeding infant. Heck, they encouraged me to breastfeed!! What if I had developed further complications from the severe preeclampsia, known as the HELLP syndrome? What if at that point I needed a blood transfusion? What if I developed a virus through the vaccine itself? Again, what was so important about receiving this vaccine?

The Rubella Vaccine is meant to prevent Congenital Rubella. If a woman contracts Rubella while pregnant, there are serious complications that may arise for the infant. The infant could be born blind, deaf, severely disfigured, or even die. The CDC maintains that this one vaccine alone prevents 20,000 babies from being born with Congenital Rubella each year. Their reported statistics tell a different story.

The CDC has been telling people for years that a major outbreak in 1964-1965 was responsible for 20,000 cases of CRS and many babies were permanently injured or died from it. There is a major flaw with that statement. CRS cases were not even documented in the U.S. until 1966. The vaccine came out in 1969. Here are the actual statistics reported:

1966 - 11
1967 - 10
1968 - 14

(table 10 for Rubella, Congenital Syndrome)

After the vaccine was introduced in 1969, the following cases were reported:

1969 - 31
1970 - 77
1971 - 68

The number of cases continued to be high until 1992. During that year there were only 11 cases reported - which is exactly what the figure was 3 years before the vaccine made its debut. What the vaccine has actually done is shift the vulnerable age groups to infants and pregnant women (which is why the CDC is now recommending boosters for adults). After seeing these figures and weighing the lengthy list of adverse reactions, was it truly beneficial? Was my partial hearing loss worth it?

One thing that I came across that really bothered me was the disclaimer on every vaccine. It simply stated that no studies have been done in the areas of cancer, altering of DNA, or impairment of fertility. After researching the ingredients, you be the judge as to whether or not each vaccine is capable of causing all three.

Here is an example of this on just one vaccine:

http://us.gsk.com/products/assets/us_infanrix.pdf (page 7)

Also, according to the makers of the vaccines, you can be contagious for up to 6 weeks. You are particularly contagious to pregnant women, immune compromised, and infants! Do doctors ever tell us this important information? My sister-in-law just received a chicken pox vaccine a few months ago (she is a foreigner) and she was never told that she is CONTAGIOUS! She works in the health food industy and waits on countless people every day! Please look at page 7 under "Transmission" of the following link:


After my infant was in contact with her, he was scheduled for surgery. En route to the hospital, I was asked if he was exposed to anyone who had the chicken pox within the past month. I did tell them that his aunt was recently vaccinated and that he was in close contact with her. Three different healthcare workers all assured me that this was not a problem (one was a receptionist, another was an anesthesiologist, and the other was a nurse manager). However, after his surgery was over and we were back home, I noticed a strange rash on his back. I called the hospital where he had his surgery and voiced my concerns. The person on the other end of the line was angry with me for bringing him into the hospital in the first place?! It turned out that he only had a heat rash, but still, why is there such a lack of vaccine knowledge among the healthcare "professionals"?

I actually showed the list of common adverse reactions to an Audiologist and Behavioral Optometrist. They were quite shocked and both agreed that many learning disabilities that we are seeing today may actually be long-term effects of previous vaccines. Please take a look at page 6 of the following link under "Special Senses/Ear/Eye":


We are hearing all over the news about outbreaks of these so-called "deadly diseases". There are numerous omitted facts that one must weigh though when reading about these "outbreaks". Vaccines are manufactured by using particular strains of the virus. The only thing that we are told is that the unvaccinated are to blame for spreading these diseases because they are the ones infected. Hmmm....I didn't read about researchers testing these disease-ridden people for the type of strain they are carrying. Did you? If they had, would be linked to the vaccine in current use? I also don't recall the specifics about what vaccines the person did/did not receive. If just a few years ago, the CDC maintained that our society was 97 or 98% in compliance for vaccination rates, how does that explain the recent outbreaks? It doesn't. Also, if live-virus vaccine recipients are contagious for up to 6 weeks, how many of these people involved in these outbreaks were actually vaccinated recently? We don't know. Well, here is one story that I would like to share:


Oh, and there is so much more to this issue that I will post further.

My Baby - The First Recognized Victim

On the day of my discharge I rushed home to pack a suitcase. My husband had to continue working at his new job unfortunately, but he agreed to spend as many nights with me that he could while our new son remained in the hospital. I also needed him to prepare the house too. We didn't expect our baby to come six weeks early and there was much to do. Fortunately, I was be able to stay in quarters on the same campus as the hospital. It was free for parents who had children in the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) or for parents who had children receiving cancer treatment.

My little guy did very well. We loved the nurses because they were quite dedicated and so good with the babies. By March 6th, he was strong enough to be transferred to a hospital closer to our home. It was only a 15 min. drive! I also learned that I could stay in the hospital with him on the same floor. I would be able to shower there, watch t.v. (if I found the time), and order meals from the cafeteria too as well as have them delivered to my room. It made things so much easier because I was still feeling the after effects of the preeclampsia.

I was given a booklet on vaccines that was written by the CDC. I didn't think much about vaccines until this point. After glancing through it, I realized that there were so many more added to the recommended schedule since my teenage son was a baby. It was ridiculous in my opinion. Giving babies a vaccine for diarrhea? The age of administration for Hep B was lowered from 6 mo. to newborn now? I sat down and really studied the information. It was at that point that I made up my mind that he wasn't getting the Hep B shot. What was the point if I didn't have the disease? I never even questioned vaccines when my teenage son was a baby because I was never given any information about them. There was no internet access back then either. I was also a very young mother at the age of 19 when I had my first child and thought that doctors knew everything.

A nurse approached me and suggested that we talk about the Hep B vaccine. I told her that he wouldn't be getting it because I couldn't see him doing drugs or having sex anytime soon. She was appalled by my decision and assured me that she has never heard of any adverse reactions to this vaccine. If I didn't give him the shot now, it would just mean more needles in the future because Hep B was required to enter school. I wouldn't back down. My son was only 5 1/2 lbs at this point! I would later learn that vaccine is not only unnecessary, but dangerous for infants as well as adults. It was also removed from the French market (same manufacturer) because it caused numerous infant deaths and life-long injuries to adults. The French authorities have also launched an investigation into manslaughter charges against this manufacturer too.

My baby was discharged on March 19, 2007. We could finally bring him home! My husband was so cute. During my stay in the hospital he took it upon himself to go shopping and purchase the remainer of the items that we needed (diapers, crib sheets, etc). He proudly told me that he used coupons too!! He also set the crib up in our bedroom and rearranged some of the bedroom furniture to make it easier for us.

Our new baby was doing fabulous. Because he was premature, it is now standard that Easter Seals comes out to your house for an evaluation for any delays. We had him evaluated just prior to him receiving his 2 mo. shots. The evaluators noticed that he was smiling and holding his bottle at a mere corrected age of only 2 weeks! Corrected age is another term for his "due date". It is easier to assess their skills if you refer to their corrected age instead of their birthdate because after all, they did leave the womb early. I was told that he would not need any intervention because he was well advanced for his age and they didn't foresee any problems.

My husband and I loved our son's pediatrician. My husband had a lot in common with her too it turned out. Her brother happened to be in the military and was stationed at the same base that was in my husband's hometown!

When our son was 2 mo. old we brought him in for his well-baby visit. I refused some of the newly recommended vaccines because I didn't feel comfortable giving him certain vaccines that my older child never had. It just didn't feel right. His doctor didn't pressure us. So, I agreed to give him the IPV, DTaP, and HIB vaccines. I was simply told that he may have a slight fever or the injection sight may be a little tender. If I had any concerns, please do not hesistate to call because they have a nurse always on phone duty after hours.

For the next three agonizing days, my son screamed off/on like I had never heard a baby scream before and it was accompanied by a low-grade fever. His screams were enough to make the hair on the back of your neck rise. My baby never even cries and to hear this, it was very unsettling. He also developed this strange congestion that would clear later in the morning each day (the congestion lasted for several weeks). I did call the doctor's office after hours during the screaming episodes and was simply told that this is quite normal, give him some Tylenol, and try to be more careful about where I am touching his legs. She also told me that unless his chest is sinking in or he is gasping for breath, it is really nothing to worry about.

It was time for his next round of shots at 4 mo. My doctor was trying to talk me into having him receive the Hep B vaccine, but I still refused. I told her that he really wasn't at risk for contracting it. She accepted my decision, but did tell me that he could very well be bit by another child at the playground who has the disease. So, once again, he was given the IPV, DTaP, and HIB vaccines.

Once again, he endured the same high-pitched screaming and low-grade fever. My mother actually witnessed it too and urged me to call the doctor's office. Once again, I called the doctor's office after hours and spoke with a nurse. I was told this is quite normal and that I need not worry. I really thought that if this is the second nurse that is telling me this, then they must know what they are talking about.

Our baby was now 6 mo. old. I had some concerns at this point. He was no longer holding his bottle. It seemed to stop shortly after he was 2 mo. old. He just began holding his head up. He also could not sit up yet or crawl. He wasn't even babbling yet either. His doctor assured me that this is quite normal for premature babies. He will eventually catch up I was told. So, once again, he was given the same vaccines that he had earlier. This time, his reaction was much different.

There was no screaming this time or low-grade fever. My mother and I noticed that he would begin to jerk uncontrollably at times when he was given his bottle (his entire body would become a little stiff and it appeared that he was having a muscle spasm from head to toe). His eyes would also roll back into his head. It was quite scary, but we both assumed that we were holding him the wrong way and maybe hitting a sensitive spot. This occurred on several occasions in the weeks following his vaccines. My husband never witnessed it because it seemed to occur during the day while he was at work. I referred back to the booklet on vaccines that was written by the CDC and found that if an screams for 3 or more hours, it is considered a reaction to the vaccine. It was also very vague about vaccine reactions. It talked about mild reactions which included a low-grade fever or inflammation at the injection site. Serious side effects occurred so rarely it was estimated to be about one in a million. Even then, the book stated it could be an allergic reaction to a substance in the vaccine. It would be characterized by hives, difficulty breathing, paleness, weakness, hoarseness or wheezing, a rapid heartbeat, and dizziness. Well, my son WAS congested and he DID scream for well over 3 hours over the course of 3 days. Why was I told that this was "normal"? I then began to do my homework on vaccines and was quite shocked by what I found.

His high-pitched screaming could have been attributed to inflammation of the brain, otherwise known as mild encephalitis. His jerking movements are also known as partial seizures. They occur usually when the body is either allergic to something or exposed to a toxic amount of heavy metals. It all began to make sense. I thought back to when he could no longer nurse. It was right after his 2 mo. shots. He did take right to the bottle, but I was upset that I could no longer feed him by way of nursing. I had assumed that it was due to my being able to no longer produce enough milk (too much stress in my life possibly). Looking back though, that was only part of the problem. The other was that he just could no longer latch on correctly, which involves the muscles in the mouth. I tried different formulas and finally had him content with a lactose-free one. For some reason, he couldn't tolerate any others. He also developed a rash on his cheeks that would just not go away. I thought that it was due to teething because at times, it would disappear, but only for a few days.

During all of this I began to notice that my hearing has off since I had him. At first I thought that it was due to all of the fluid in my body. I didn't realize at the time that ear nerve damage is an actual side effect to the Rubella Vaccine. This would not be discovered until many months later. I then began researching vaccines extensively. It became somewhat of an obsession for me.

I purchased three books to start with by Neil Z. Miller. They were titled, "Vaccines, Autism and Childhood Disorders", "Vaccines: Are They Really Safe & Effective", and his latest, "Vaccine Safety Manual". I also spent countless hours on the internet too. My husband was very uncomfortable with the idea of no longer vaccinating our baby. It was hard enough to convince him to not do all of them. After I presented my findings, he quickly changed his mind and agreed with me.

When my husband learned that babies receive the same dose as an adult, he was shocked. Yes, you did read that correctly. A .5 ml vial is the standard dose of any vaccine and for any age, height, and weight. I also learned that the vaccines my baby received at his corrected age of only 4 weeks old have never been evaluated on infants less than 6 weeks of age. However, they could have been incorrect about my due date and he could have been a little younger. I also learned that he was given eggs, lactose, MSG, peanut oil, and many, many neurotoxins which have been shown to cause brain damage in laboratory animals. The effects of these chemicals have never been studied on humans. One ingredient clearly stuck out like a sore thumb. It was called phenoxyethanol. Apparantly, the FDA removed a nursing mother's nipple cream from the market called "Mommy's Bliss" because it contained this toxic ingredient. According to the FDA, it can cause depression of the central nervous system. Please see link below for details.


This ingredient was in my son's DTaP vaccine I learned! It has since been "phased out", but there is one vaccine on the market that still contains it. It is called "IPOL" and it is made by Sanofi Pasteur. On the link below, please refer to page 1, 3rd paragraph for ingredient content.


Doctors and researchers alike claim that they don't know what causes SIDS? Well, I've just discovered one possibility. I am lucky that my son is alive according to the FDA. Why would the FDA think that this one ingredient is toxic for a nursing infant by way of a mother's breast, but on the other hand call it "safe" to inject? This did not make any sense to me. It also scared me that they thought so little about vaccines being harmful for people.

I also learned that the FDA feels that too much aluminum is toxic. Yet, my baby received over 600 micrograms of aluminum each day that he was vaccinated!? Toxic amounts of aluminum in one's system is currently being linked to Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. Just what would this amount do to my son's developing brain though? If I had given him all of the "recommended vaccines" each time, he would have been given roughly 1,200 micrograms of it!


Recent studies have shown that as much as 80% of pediatricians do not recognize developmental delays. In fact, what I have learned it that Easter Seals has a more accurate developmental milestone chart. The pediatrician's version has actually been "dumbed down" over the years. When my teenage son was a baby, it was known that a child should be walking by the age of 12 months. If he/she was not, there was something wrong. Nowadays, pediatricians are claiming that it is o.k. for a child to be walking as late as 18-24 months old. This is "normal" they claim. Well, the only reason why it is considered normal is because far too many infants are delayed these days.

There was so much more to this I would later learn. It would be enough to make me scream, cry, have nightmares, and want to call every elected official about this insane "Vaccine Program". I began to eat, sleep, and live for finding out what vaccines were all about.

Friday, September 26, 2008

The Birth Of My Second Child

My husband and I were married in 2001. He and I both have teenage boys from previous marriages and we waited a long time before deciding to have a baby together.

I didn't feel well my entire pregnancy and by the time I was 7 months along I began to show signs of fluid retention. This pregnancy was far different than my last because this time most of my days were spent in bed.

By the time I was almost 7 1/2 months along, I knew that something wasn't right and I asked my Dad to take me to my doctor's appointment on 2-23-07. My husband would have gone with me that day, but he just started a new job and he couldn't really afford to take the time off. So, I didn't bother to call him until I knew more about my situation.

It turned out that I had severe preeclampsia and I would have to be ambulanced to the closest hospital that would be able to facilitate a premature baby. Preeclampsia is a hypertensive disorder that occurs during pregnancy and it effects multiple symptoms. Severe preeclampsia is just that - severe. It usually involves a large amount of protein in the woman's urine (kidneys are not functioning properly) and her blood pressure is dangerously high. In fact, it can be high enough to induce seizures, a coma, or death. Not only can it take the life of the mother, but the baby also.

My beautiful little bundle of joy was born 3 days later by C-Section. Shortly after his delivery I felt wonderful. My severe preeclampsia was resolving itself just as the doctors assured me it would (by delivering the baby). I even borrowed a laptop from one of the nurses and began balancing my checkbook prior to checking out of the hospital. Unfortunately, my little one had to stay until he met his goals that were assigned.

While I was waiting for my husband to come pick me up, a doctor entered my room with a Rubella Vaccine. She assured me that it was needed in the event that I decide to have a baby again in the future. I was simply told that at best, there may be swelling at the injection site or I may run a low-grade fever, nothing more. So, I quickly signed the sheet of paper she presented me with.

Shortly after receiving the vaccine I began to feel very strange. My husband and I were traveling the 1 hour back though to our house because I needed to pack a quick suitcase and return to be with our baby. I even planned on coming right back to the hospital that same day.

By dinner time, I decided that I would stay home and return to the hospital the next day. By 1 am I had called my Mom because I felt like I was having a panic attack and difficulty breathing. My Mom said that she would say some prayers (which always make me feel better) and told me to go to bed.

By morning, I was in much worse shape. I assured my husband that I would be fine though and ordered him to go to work. Within the next few hours I was shaking uncontrollably, sweating profusely, crying, and became convinced that it was my time to go and that my new baby would be in great hands with a wonderful father. I even saw the bright white above my bed! I really do believe that I was near death because I could hear what seemed to be many people talking at once while also seeing that bright white light. Were they people who were already in heaven and waiting for my arrival? Thankfully, my husband knew something was wrong and he called home to check on me. He heard it in my voice and said he would be there as quickly as he could (we were in the middle of a snowstorm).

At this point, something in me snapped when I thought of my teenage son having to live with his father. I am not saying anything bad about his Dad, but I've been struggling with getting my child help for his learning disabilities. It has been me that has dealt with the situation all of these years, not him. I forced myself out of bed, barely able to even walk because I literally swelled up with probably 25 lbs of fluid overnight. I don't know how I did it, but I forced myself into the shower to wash some of the sweat off of me. All I remember during that shower was pleading with God to spare my life. I just kept begging God to let me live and not let it be my time. I was in such bad shape that I couldn't even get dressed afterward. My husband arrived and helped me into my clothes, down the stairs, and into his vehicle.

When we arrived at the hospital I discovered that my blood pressure was 182/128. I didn't know anything about blood pressure readings, but I could tell from the look on my husband's face that it wasn't good. I could see him say a quick prayer each time they gave me another dose of medicine to try to bring it down (five doses in all for it to take effect finally). When I came right out and asked him in the middle of all of this if I was going to die, he said, "No, don't be silly." He's my best friend though and I can tell when he isn't being truthful (he never lies to me). I could also see at that moment that his face went from red to purple and his heart was literally beating outside of his chest.

I had to spend the next 3 days at this same hospital which was 50 minutes away from my baby. It was absolute torture not being able to see him or hold him. I would replay my video recordings while lying in my hospital bed and just sob. "Why was I here"? I asked. "What happened"? I was told that relapses after delivery can occur with preeclampsia when the mother's milk comes in (hormonal changes can trigger it).

Little did I know that this was just the beginning of my vaccine-induced nightmare.