Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Vaccine Court Case You Weren't Supposed to Hear About

The following email was sent to me from the New Jersey Coalition For Vaccine Choice:

One year ago, Vaccine Court ruled that vaccines caused Hannah Poling’s autism. One case. One little girl. A lot of inconvenient press and questions.

Two weeks ago, Vaccine Court ruled that vaccines did not cause autism in three highly followed “test cases” involving the MMR vaccine. Three children. Sweeping conclusions drawn by the Vaccine Establishment that the debate is now over.

Today, we learn of a little boy who, in 2007, was awarded a lump sum and ongoing care valued in excess of $1 million because Vaccine Court ruled that the MMR vaccine had caused acute brain damage that led to his autism. Read about it here:

and view today’s USA Today ad here:

What’s going on here? Why are we only learning about this now?

In two decades, Vaccine Court has paid 2,260 families nearly $2 billion. How many of these cases involve children with vaccine injury and autism? Shouldn’t we want to know?

Our government, our nation’s pediatricians, our hugely profitable pharmaceutical industry, our press repeatedly assure the public that vaccines are safe. More vaccines continue to be added to the childhood schedule.

Mandated flu shots. Talk of the need for a seventh pertussis shot. Over ten thousand Gardasil injuries and deaths reported. Autism, peanut anaphylaxis, seizures, diabetes, asthma, ADHD, palsies, other autoimmune and neurodevelopmental disorders through the roof.

Parents say it’s the vaccines. Hundreds of thousands of families describe children who were perfectly normal and then slipped away, before their eyes, right after their vaccines.

Who do you believe? What can you do about it?

Whether you’re a parent or guardian, grandparent, newlywed, doctor, nurse teacher, school administrator, day care provider, scientist, pastor, soldier, hospital employee, activist, public health official, lawyer, celebrity, judge, children’s health advocate, politician, business person, author, student or concerned citizen, this matters. You have a personal or professional, economic and financial, moral, ethical, socially responsible obligation to learn more. Vaccines are mandated. Most people never give this a moment’s thought. Will you?

Contact me.

Louise Kuo Habakus

Seminars currently scheduled:

Middletown, NJ on Tue, 3/10, 7-10pm, Family Wellness Center, 1380 Route 35 South

Bristol, PA on Wed, 3/18, 6:15-9:30pm, Silver Lake Nature Center, 1306 Bath Road

Hoboken, NJ on Sun, 4/26, 4-7pm, Nine Bar, Restaurant & Lounge, 333 Washington Street

I will be speaking at conferences in Cherry Hill, NJ; Los Angeles, CA; Chicago, IL; Newark, NJ; and Reston, VA

Please visit their website for more information:

Monday, February 23, 2009

Graphic - Vaccine Side Effects

The following images are very disturbing. They are not for persons with weak stomaches. (click on view all toward the right of the screen)

Vaccine Administration

This is new information that I have just stumbled upon.

At 4 months of age my son was given 3 shots by a nurse that I did not particularly care for. At the time I felt that she was too rough with him and simply jabbed his thighs too hard. In fact, she even drew quite a bit of blood and he cried non-stop for 1/2 half hour afterward. My husband arrived just in time to see our son's reactions too. He was very upset wondering what had just happened to our little boy (he did not witness the injections, just the aftermath).

Fast forward to today. I came across this:

"Subcutaneous Injections

Subcutaneous injections usually are administered at a 45-degree angle into the thigh of infants aged <12 months and in the upper-outer triceps area of an infant, if necessary. A 5/8 inch, 23--25-gauge needle should be inserted into the subcutaneous tissue".

My son's nurse DID NOT administer his vaccines at an angle. She went straight in!

Also, this:

"Infants (persons aged<12> Among the majority of infants, the anterolateral aspect of the thigh provides the largest muscle mass and is therefore the recommended site for injection. For the majority of infants, a 7/8 --1-inch, 22--25-gauge needle is sufficient to penetrate muscle in the infant's thigh".


"Subcutaneous Site - Subcutaneous tissue can be found all over the body. The usual sites for vaccine administration are the thigh (for infants <12 months of age) and the upper outer triceps of the arm (for persons >12 months of age). If necessary, the upper outer triceps area can be used to administer subcutaneous injections to infants.

Subcutaneous Needle Gauge & Length - 5/8-inch, 23- to 25-gauge needle
Subcutaneous Technique - Follow standard medication administration guidelines for site assessment/selection and site preparation. To avoid reaching the muscle, pinch up the fatty tissue, insert the needle at a 45° angle and inject the vaccine into the tissue. Withdraw the needle and apply light pressure to the injection site for several seconds with a dry cotton ball or gauze.

Intramuscular (IM)
Intramuscular injections are administered into muscle tissue below the dermis and subcutaneous tissue.

Intramuscular Site - Although there are several IM injection sites on the body, the recommended IM sites for vaccine administration are the vastus lateralis muscle (anterolateral thigh) and the deltoid muscle (upper arm). The site depends on the age of the individual and the degree of muscle development.

Intramuscular Needle Gauge - 22- to 25-gauge needle
Intramuscular Needle Length - For all intramuscular injections, the needle should be long enough to reach the muscle mass and prevent vaccine from seeping into subcutaneous tissue, but not so long as to involve underlying nerves, blood vessels, or bone. The vaccinator should be familiar with the anatomy of the area into which the vaccine will be injected. Decision on needle size and site of
injection must be made for each person on the basis of the size of the muscle, the
thickness of adipose tissue at the injection site, the volume of the material to be
administered, injection technique, and the depth below the muscle surface into
which the material is to be injected.

Infants (Younger Than 12 Months)
For the majority of infants, the anterolateral aspect of the thigh is the
recommended site for injection because it provides a large muscle mass. The
muscles of the buttock have not been used for administration of vaccines in infants
and children because of concern about potential injury to the sciatic nerve, which
is well documented after injection of antimicrobial agents into the buttock. If the
gluteal muscle must be used, care should be taken to define the anatomic
landmarks. If the gluteal muscle is chosen, injection should be administered
lateral and superior to a line between the posterior superior iliac spine and the
greater trochanter or in the ventrogluteal site, the center of a triangle bounded by
the anterior superior iliac spine, the tubercle of the iliac crest, and the upper
border of the greater trochanter.

My infant DID have very low muscle tone in his legs. Was it wise to inject him in this area? I also don't recall the nurse evaluating his muscle mass before injecting him either. Was this why he screamed for a 1/2 hour? Did she not administer the vaccine correctly and leave my son permanently injured?

Injection technique is the most important factor to ensure efficient intramuscular
vaccine delivery. If the subcutaneous and muscle tissue are bunched to minimize
the chance of striking bone, a 1-inch needle is required to ensure intramuscular
administration in infants. For the majority of infants, a 1-inch, 22-25-gauge needle
is sufficient to penetrate muscle in an infant’s thigh. For newborn (first 28 days of
life) and premature infants, a 5/8-inch needle usually is adequate if the skin is
stretched flat between thumb and forefinger and the needle inserted at a 90-
degree angle to the skin.


Now, looking at my son's medical records and how he appears today, I come to the following conclusion - he has some sort of sciatic nerve damage. Incomplete sciatic nerve damage may be caused by exposure to toxic chemicals, or by an underlying disease, nutritional deficiencies, OR incorrect administration of a vaccine from what I am gathering.

"Sciatica is a form of peripheral neuropathy. It occurs when there is damage to the sciatic nerve, located in the back of the leg. This nerve controls the muscles of the back of the knee and lower leg and provides sensation to the back of the thigh, part of the lower leg and the sole of the foot. Incomplete damage to the sciatic nerve may appear identical to damage to one of the branches of the sciatic nerve (tibial nerve dysfunction or common peroneal nerve dysfunction)".


For information on tibial nerve dysfunction, click on the link below:

For information on common peroneal nerve dysfunction, click on the following link:

Friday, February 20, 2009

Ian Larsen Gromowski - A Child Who Suffered Needlessly

Yes, I do have a section on this blog for vaccine-injured victims. However, this story is so gut-wrenching that it needs to be told twice.

I could not stop crying while reading this story. What this poor family went through and continues to go through is heartbreaking. Their baby suffered tremendously. The Mom is now battling cancer. It is parents like these that we owe a great deal of gratitude. Despite what they have gone through, they still want to educate others to spare them of any pain.

Thank you Scott and Deanna Gromowski for sharing.

Organizations Supporting Vaccine Choice

Currently, there are national organizations as well as state organizations to turn to for support. You have the RIGHT to legally refuse vaccines - for now.

My Email to my Son's Doctor Today....

Hi Dr.,

I've been reviewing my toddler's evaluation from the hospital. That coupled with the fact that he had a seizure and now we are witnessing tremors in his extremities (the EEG technician noticed this), leaves me 100% convinced that he is suffering from an Oxidative Phosphorylation Disorder aka Mitrochondrial Disease. This explains his hypotonia, possible double vision (veering off to the side while walking), muscle weakness, and so much more. Dr. Andrew Moulden from Canada has also found Autistic and ADHD children suffering from microvascular strokes too (caused by the vaccines) and stroke like episodes are listed under this disorder too.

The question do I prove this? Through the neurologist? His treatment is getting expensive and if he is another Hannah Poling, I want to seek compensation through the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program for his injuries. Please let me know.

Also, I've been working with some journalists on the Gardasil matter. If you have any victims, have them tested for Histidinemia (a metabolic disorder which leaves them unable to tolerate the histidine in the vaccine).

George Bush knows exactly what is going on. That is why there is now a mandatory newborn DNA registry. Our corrupt government officials want to see how messed up our future generations are...these "so-called genetic conditions" are not rare at all. All cellular damage is caused by toxins, DNA is inherited unfortunately, and many toxins are found in vaccines.

Thanks for your help,


Keep in mind folks that vaccines will NEVER be removed from the market. There is too much money at stake. Also, with mandatory DNA collection, I am assuming that the pharmaceutical companies are working with our elected officials to calculate just how to make money off of this scary new bill!!! If there is damage to your DNA, what better way to sell you drugs or treatment to fix it?!

Information for Gardasil Victims

32 girls have died after receiving this vaccine. Hundreds, if not thousands, have been seriously injured. What will it take for this vaccine to be removed from the market?

I came across some information that the Gardasil victims may be interested in. Did you know that histidine should be avoided if histidinemia is present? Histidine is present in Gardasil!! I just read this in my Biomedical Intervention book titled, "Autism: Effective Biomedical Treatments" by Jon Pangborn, Ph.D. and Sidney M. Baker, M.D. Information is found on page 286 and 289. I also found this....

My guess is that some of these girls, if not all, have this metabolic disorder.

For any of you out there that know a Gardasil victim, please get this information to them. It just may help them win their case in court!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Another Update on My Vaccine-injured Toddler

The last time that I posted about his progress was on January 9, 2009. A great deal has happened since that time.

The majority of my son's genetic testing has come back - all normal. There was one sample that was supposed to be sent out to a special lab by the name of Signature Genomic Laboratories, but it was never sent (CGH Microarray test). It turned out to be an error on the hospital lab's behalf. There were multiple vials being sent to all different labs and it was thankfully an oversight. I have learned that this particular laboratory can change its policy at any time, and unless they hear from you, they are given permission to use your DNA for scientific research. With all of the questionable things going on with our DNA and science (cloning is one), I've decided against doing any further genetic testing. It is a waste of time in my opinion. What really upset me more than anything is that the pediatric neurologist didn't even do the appropriate thyroid testing on my son either! He only performed a TSH count - which is pretty uninformative. Even then, his count was 2.3 which could very well indicate a problem.

I recently met with a trusted chiropractor. He evaluated my son and reassured me that everything looked great. He did have a slight misalignment in his neck which was adjusted. It is no surprise now that my son was having such difficulty nodding his head "yes". Once adjusted, he was able to move his head up and down with such ease.

My son also met the same Naturopath that I have been seeing. He reviewed his records, ordered the appropriate thyroid testing (along with some other blood work), and also indicated that he would like to see a stool sample done to test for anything abnormal. We meet back with him in about a month when the results come in. He did agree with the DAN doctor about all of the supplements that I have my son on with the exception of the multivitamin. That put my mind at ease - that we are on the right track for the most part. Since switching my son to the multivitamin that the Naturopath recommended, his color has returned. I am now believing that he was anemic all this time!

Two weeks ago my son met with a team of developmental experts at a medical teaching facility. The diagnosis handed down was PDD-NOS. After viewing their findings though, I am almost convinced that my son's case is similar to Hannah Poling's. I believe that he is suffering from an Oxidative Phosphorylation Disorder - aka Mitrochondrial Disease. Hannah Poling's metabolic disorder was worsened by her vaccines. She also won her case in court. Health and Human Services admitted that the vaccines were to blame for her regression. I blame my son's vaccines also. I am also convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that if I kept vaccinating him past the age of 6 months, he would be severely Autistic.

Last week, we were visited by my son's weekly therapist from Early Intervention. She brought along a licensed physical therapist to perform an evaluation on him. It was quite clear that my son is a very shallow breather and not using the appropriate amount of oxygen. It could be why he is not speaking appropriately, but it is too soon to tell though. She did give me some exercises to do with him to try to get him to fill his lungs better with air.

During the evaluation though, my son was sitting at the table playing with Play-Dough. All of a sudden he froze and his eyes "fluttered" a bit. He then stared straight ahead and none of us could snap him out of it. After about 10 seconds, he resumed playing with the Play-Dough as if nothing ever happened. They both looked at me alarmed and said, "Has this ever happened before?" Of course, I told them that it hadn't and that it was quite scary to witness. They advised me to take him in for an EEG to see if he is having seizures. I called that day and made an appointment for the very next week.....which brought us to today.

My husband took the day off from work and we arrived at my son's appointment early. When we were greeted by the technician, she asked if we were told to deprive my son of sleep before bringing him. We were not told anything of the sort I told her. She rolled her eyes in disgust and proceeded to tell us that the last part of the test involves the child sleeping. So, we wasted 4 hours of driving and another 2 hours at the hospital because our son refused to go to sleep. I actually made him go to bed earlier the night before thinking that he NEEDED his sleep for this test to go smoothly!!

As she was removing the electrodes off his head, his right hand began twitching. This was not the first time that I had seen him twitch. He had twitched all over a few months ago after giving him a bentonite clay bath (detox agent for heavy metals). After the doctor heard about his reaction, he told me to switch to Epsom Salt baths. When the technician witnessed the twitching, she said, "That concerns me". She then told me that children may not "appear" to be having seizures, but it then shows up during sleeping episodes.

After my husband and I loaded him into the car and began driving, I did notice that my son was twitching again. He was probably doing it all along and neither of us ever noticed. Both times it occurred today though, was when he was tired and ready to sleep. Going back to the seizure episode the week prior, I did read that allergies may exacerbate an underlying seizure disorder. Well, Play-Dough has gluten in it. He has been off gluten since October 17, 2008. It is possible that he was reacting to it.

So, I will have to wait another month to meet with the neurologist. Hopefully, we will be able to take some equipment home and just do the EEG test ourselves while he is sleeping.

A Great Book For Beginners

I know. It is so hard to comprehend that many of our government officials are corrupt. To think that they care more about money then their own citizens is a very hard fact to swallow. Money is the root of all evil though. For any of you out there that cannot possibly fathom that just "maybe" we are being conned into poisoning our own children for the almighty dollar (vaccines)....boy, do I have the book for you. I just read it today in about 4 hours and I couldn't put it down either!

This book is a real eye-opener. The language is pretty atrocious, but if you can get past that, it is a must-read book. It really sheds some light on the chemicals in our food supply, corruption within the FDA and USDA, mislabeling of food products, etc. - it is truly appalling. You will also understand why so many children are harmed by vaccines too - they are overwhelmingly toxic from what they eat and drink. The vaccines are the final assault on their already vulnerable bodies. I simply cannot recommend the book enough.

If you are a firm believer that vaccines are poison, then buy all means, please buy this book for your close-minded friend then! He/she just may be interested in learning about vaccines too after considering the fact that some of these toxic chemicals mentioned in the book are also found in our vaccines!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cats Have Autism?

The Sept 2008 Issue of Cat Fancy contains an article titled "Is MyCat Crazy?" by Helen Jablonski.

Cats are now suffering from a disorder called "Feline HyperesthesiaSyndrome". It normally affects cats ages 1-5 years of age. They suffer from increased sensitivity of the skin, self mutilation syndrome, seizures (staring off into space), dashing off madly and aimlessly, extreme moodiness, twitching, and frequently may cry out by meowing loudly. Researchers do not know what is causing it (other than possible extreme stress factors), but I did come across another website with more information (see link below).

What exactly is the prescribed treatment? Anti-seizure medication in combination with anti-anxiety medication.

Sounds like Autism to me.

In this same magazine there was another article titled "Vaccine Reactions" by Elaine Wexler Mitchell, DVM. I guess our poor are treated the same way when it comes to vaccine reactions -they are minimized and denied. The article stated that vaccines infrequently cause reactions, most are mild & brief (usually lasting 24-48 hours), there may be discomfort at the injection site, fever, lethargy, and loss of appetite. Tumors at the site of injection occur in 1 out of every 10,000 cats. The article ended by telling the reader that if your cat is sick for more than a week following a vaccine, it usually means something else and you should see a vet.

Proof that vets are minimizing the damages caused by vaccines too after reading that last sentence.

High Fructose Corn Syrup Toxic?

Unbelievable....I think we need to fire everyone at the FDA. That would save us how much of our tax dollars? Mercury is being found in high fructose corn syrup and it is toxic in ANY amount. By the way, there is still mercury in the mercury-free vaccines too. Please don't let the label fool you. (click on testing - then vaccine testing)

MSG and its Role in Autism and Other Neurological Disorders

This is really starting to make a lot of sense now. MSG is hidden in EVERYTHING....particularly foods that contain gluten, casein, soy, corn, processed meats, and everything else that Autistic/ADHD children cannot tolerate. It is no wonder why many parents report that their children have improved after removing these things from their diet! Now, MSG is also in many vaccines too. Could it be that these children are not really reacting to the food, but to the MSG itself?

The man who has been uncovering the truth about MSG recently announced that he would be seeking independent research into Autism and its connection with vaccines. His name is John Erb and he was recently arrested and detained for no reason. Please read what happens to you if you dare defy the CDC (scroll down to breaking news February 14, 2009).

More info may be found here too:

Why I Devote So Much Time on the Vaccine Issue

Immediately, there are two words come to mind: guilt and anger

I feel an incredible amount of guilt over what I've done to my children. I put all of my faith into their pediatricians and vaccinated my two boys. Their lives are so much more difficult because of my actions. I try to stay strong, but at times I find myself sobbing uncontrollably. The dentist's office was my most recent incident. I just happened to pick up a magazine that Jenny McCarthy was featured in. Of course, the article did state that she blamed vaccines for her son's Autism. I started crying and couldn't stop.

I feel an incredible amount of anger over the whole vaccine debate too. Tens of thousands of parents across this country are claiming that their normally developing child changed after a round of vaccines. What is truly disgusting is that the medical community not only doesn't believe them, but they want to see every American - young and old force-vaccinated. Sorry, but it is not happening on my watch.

Then, there is my youngest child's baby book. I haven't picked it up in months. I don't have the heart to. How am I supposed to fill out all of these joyful milestone occasions when he is severely delayed in all areas? My 23 month old son cannot climb stairs, jump or even say more than 2 words because of me! I do love my children with all of my heart and I am proud of who they are, but I blame many medical and government organizations for robbing me of these special moments. I also don't know what their future holds for them either. My children were involved in a scientific experiment that I didn't legally consent to. I didn't legally consent to it because the risks were never clearly outlined and the benefits were a false assumption made by their doctors based on lies told by our government organizations.

Every day I try to take the opportunity to educate others. I've become more bold in my approach too. Practice brings confidence. I practice in the dentist's office, the doctor's office, the grocery store, and anywhere else that I see an opportunity.

I really don't care that I've lost friends over the debate. I simply cannot sit there with a closed mouth as they so blindly poison their children, themselves, and their pets. I could only hope that someone would do the same for me.

Just remember this - a true friend never tells you only what you want to hear.

Dr. Paul Offit, the Pediatrician in FAVOR of Vaccines

Here is a great article. No conflict of interest here??! FYI - this man is well known within the medical community - a hero of some sort. He has even wrote books on the vaccine subject too. In favor of them, of course!

A Pediatrician Speaks Out Against Vaccines!

Dr. Jay Gordon also makes a very valid point. For years we have been told by the cigarette manufacturers that smoking is safe and doesn't cause cancer. We have since learned otherwise. Well, the vaccine manufacturers have been saying for years that their products are safe and don't cause Autism. The huge problem with the smoking controversy is that there are NO STUDIES proving they cause cancer - just like there are no studies linking vaccines to Autism!

A Neurosurgeon Speaks Out Against Vaccines After What He's Seen

Dr. Russell Blaylock is a retired neurosurgeon who is speaking out against vaccines. He has witnessed the damages firsthand throughout his career. In fact, he was the first to be called by the pediatrician or general practioner when a child reacted violently to a vaccine and exhibited neurological deterioration. (click on Information and read all of the attached links)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Vaccine Schedule - 1983 vs 2007

This is alarming....people must start questioning why so many more boosters and new vaccines have been added to the schedule. There are many more coming down the pipeline too for infants, adolescents, and adults!

Does Your Physician Think That Vaccines Are Safe?

If so, then he/she shouldn't have any problem signing the form found below.


Friday, February 13, 2009

The CDC Believes That Most People Are Stupid

This is too "outbreak of measles" reported by the CDC in one of their MMWR's.

"Fourteen (22%) patients were hospitalized; no deaths were reported. Transmission occurred in both health-care and community settings. One of the 44 patients for whom transmission setting was known was an unvaccinated health-care worker who was infected in a hospital. Seventeen (39%) were infected while visiting a health-care facility, including a child aged 12 months who was exposed in a physician's office when receiving a routine dose of measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine. "

So much for the measles being deadly. There were no deaths they say.

One of the 44 patients was an unvaccinated health-care worker. Oh, so they mean to tell us that vaccines are not required for health-care workers, but these same people want to mandate them for our children? What I am also assuming is that the other 43 people were vaccinated? So much for vaccines being effective.

They are also telling us that a 12 month old child was exposed to the measles in a physician's office when receiving a routine dose of measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine. Where then is the other child or adult who had the measles in this same office? The MMR vaccine is a live-virus vaccine and one of the many risks associated with this vaccine is the possibility of getting a measles-like rash according to the package inserts (basically the risk is clearly outlined - THE MEASLES). How are we to know that that wasn't what really happened?


Does the CDC really think that we are that stupid?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Wendy Fournier and ABC ROCK!! Great Interview on a Sad Day!

Thank you for such a wonderful interview. Despite the bad news today, Wendy and ABC brought a smile to my face.

VIC - Are These Parents Just Crazy to Blame Vaccines?

Are these parents who blame vaccines for their children's demise just crazy? According to this retired research scientist - Nope.

If you are wondering why I chose the word "demise", it is because all too often parents state that their child's soul was stolen. To me, that is close to the term "death".

Already Sign a Refusal To Vaccinate Form? Here's What to Do!

I would type a letter up addressed to the manager of the practice and the doctor and send them both certified. Be sure to state in your letter that you are revoking your consent/signature and that at the time that you signed the "Refusal to Vaccinate Form" you were under extreme emotional duress (which means you were mentally coerced/bullied by the doctor). Be sure to state that you have since learned that you were lied to about vaccines/diseases. This letter hereby should find that previous form null and void. It also wouldn't hurt to state in your letter that you will be shopping for another practice who doesn't use such sly, manipulative tactics too!
For legal purposes, it wouldn't hurt to have it notarized too!

Please be sure to share your story on what happens!

From the Mouth of a Chemist - An ex-Pharma employee!

Are vaccines a joke? According to what this chemist has to say....the answer is, "YES"!

Vaccines Don't Trigger Autism?

I have 5 vaccine-injured people in my family alone (one case of Autism). This kangeroo court now wants to say that vaccines don't cause Autism? Yes, they aren't the "sole" cause of Autism, but they are definitely the "trigger" for many. Let us not forget that Health and Human Services agreed not too long ago that Hannnah Poling's Autism was in fact, caused by her vaccines.

Who exactly runs this country anyways? The drug cartel?

I have a SIMPLE SOLUTION to this HUGE problem. Perform a SPECT scan (brain scan) on the day of each child's birth - right before the Hep B vaccine is given. Then do another one RIGHT after the vaccine. That will be more than enough proof that vaccines cause brain damage. Do this right before and after every single vaccine is given to each and every child.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Stimulus Plan is Damaging to Your Health & Freedom!

Do you want the government to dictate what treatment options you have? Neither do I. Please contact the media and your elected officials right away. This bill is currently being debated in Congress. Please act now.

To find your state's representatives:

http://tinyurl. com/8frgv

Monday, February 9, 2009

The Anti-Vax Movement is "Catchy"

It is so nice to see a well balanced article for a change. It is also nice to see the growing number of exemption rates!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Polio Vaccine by Mary Tocco

Polio is the most feared disease. What if everything that you have ever heard about it was wrong? What if the vaccine can cause cancer?

The Truth About Gardasil

I just came across this website. It is very informative and very accurate! This one vaccine is also very dangerous. It has killed over 22 women now - the count may be even higher now because I stopped following it. The scariest part though is that this vaccine may INCREASE your risk of getting cervical cancer too.

A journalist by the name of Cynthia Janak has also decided to cover the story.

My son's own pediatrician actually thought that the vaccine was tested on 10,000 girls before it's approval. I had to correct her. It was only tested on less than 1,200 girls! Let's hope that Obama will do something about it.

Kirkman Labs - Some of Their Products May be Harmful

I am fairly new on this Autism scene. I am also a huge fan of Jenny McCarthy. She is a rock and has a lot of courage to take such a stand against certain scientists and the corrupt medical community (corrupt - meaning who stand beside the CDC and AAP without question). She does however recommend a lot of products from Kirkman Labs. Always do your homework - even regarding supplements. Yes, they may have some great products, but they also may have some potentially harmful products too. This is what I have found.

Super Nu-Thera is a popular multivitamin made by this company for Autistic children. It is a popular product because it does not contain the harmful minerals such as copper that these children cannot tolerate. It also has just the right amount of B vitamins too. There is more to this though I have recently learned.

Liquid Super Nu-Thera contains a harmful ingredient called polysorbate-80. It has been shown to cause reproductive problems in lab animals. The FDA approved it anyways. When I contacted one of the chemists about this, I was simply told that the FDA said it was "safe". Well, the FDA said that vaccines are safe too!! Come on!! I did find that the capsules and powdered formula do not contain it. Try getting a young child to take the powdered formula or capsules disguised in food is impossible though! I even tried - they are truly horrible and nothing disguises the taste. So, I simply ordered their chewable multivitamin after one long, unsuccessful month of trying. They are pretty good.

However, I took my toddler to a Naturopath for the first time today (he is seeing a Defeat Autism Now Doctor) and was quite shocked to find that when shopping for a multivitamin, always check for the presence of "calcium carbonate" (which all of the Kirkman multivitamins have). You do not want this ingredient in your vitamin. Why? Because it prevents your body from absorbing important minerals and B vitamins. I wanted to share this with everyone because I, myself have wasted so much money and time trying different products. A great multivitamin may be found on the link below.

To order it:

Monday, February 2, 2009

MMR/Autism Survey

Please participate if your child developed problems after this vaccine.

Pharmaceutical Companies Stoop to New Lows

What they "left" out is that the people vaccinated with live-virus vaccines are the real risk. This is exactly why they aren't tested for the strains they are carrying - more than likely they would be linked to the vaccine in current use. Many outbreaks throughout history have in fact, been linked to the vaccine in current use. These are all cited in Neil Z. Miller's book, "Vaccines - Are they really safe and effective?"