Friday, September 4, 2009

The County Sheriff - Our Last Hope Against Forced Vaccination??

Many people are under the impression that this flu season will be a mild one. Yes, previous threats of pandemics have been just that - threats. However, there wasn't a vaccine distributed for any of them - until now. Vaccines CAUSE outbreaks. In fact, the World Health Organization admits to releasing pandemic viruses into the population via "mock-up" vaccines!! Click here for more info.

What is so bad about the swine flu vaccine? Plenty. Click here to read about it. The CDC also states that the vaccine may maim and kill 30,000 Americans, while the FDA requires minimal efficacy. The source of this information may be found here.
Do you really have a choice as to whether or not you can refuse the vaccine? All of the people I encounter assume that they do - to include law enforcement. This article should shock you and hopefully wake you up into taking action.

Massachusetts, Florida, and Iowa seem to be ahead of the game. They plan on either forcing you into undergoing invasive medical treatments, entering your home without a warrant, arresting you, fining you, and/or quarantining you!! These documents surfaced on the CDC's website regarding Iowa and Florida residents. Masschusetts is trying to push a forced vaccination bill through also.

What can you possibly do to stop this from happening? Your County Sheriff may be your last hope. Did you know that the County Sheriff has more power over his citizens than the President of the United States? That's right. He doesn't have to answer to court orders, other law enforcement agencies, or even the President of this country! He can also deputize up to 1,000 citizens in the event of a threat. Our Founding Fathers wrote this little "clause" into the Constitution in the event of a domestic threat perpetrated by our government officials. Click here to find out more about what you can do in your own county. I highly recommend acting now before it is too late.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Glenn Beck's Family Was Threatened

Well, yesterday Glenn Beck did say that he would cover the Forced Vaccination issue today. So, we all tuned in to find that he did not speak of it. HOWEVER, he did say that there was a story that he wanted to share, but couldn't because his family was threatened.

WHAT is this happening to this country?