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An Important Message From a Former Nurse

This video is only 10 minutes long. It just might save your life or the life of someone you love.


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My Vaccine-Injured Son is Doing GREAT!

It is so hard to believe that my vaccine-injured 2 year old no longer meets the criteria found in the DSM-IV Manual for Autism anymore. Just 5 months ago he was spinning, toe-walking, flapping his hands, fascinated with ceiling fans/lights, would not respond to his name, would run from you, and could only look at you for a fleeting moment. Many therapists and doctors along the way have told me that he fits the criteria for the diagnosis, but none were qualified to give it. However, 2 months ago he was given the label of "Autism" at a medical teaching hospital in our state by a developmental team. He was being seen by Early Intervention since September for his developmental delays and regressions. Now with this new label, they have told me that he qualifies for so much more based on this Autism "label".

A few days ago, my husband and I took our son to that same medical teaching hospital that gave us the diagnosis to meet with a new neurologist because we fired our last one. The exact words that I recall out of the neurologist's mouth were, "I just don't see Autism. Your son is quite engaging". I wanted to cry. All of our hard work is paying off. My son has been following the same protocol that Jenny McCarthy used for her son Evan (the DAN protocol). The gluten-free/casein-free diet began in October and the supplements began one month later. I also began giving him Epsom Salt baths daily to help detox him.

My son is no longer spinning, no longer flapping, no longer toe-walking, does not particularly care to stare at the ceiling, loves to pretend play, responds immediately to his name, no longer takes off running (he stays right with us in stores), loves to see your reaction, and so much more! We still have a ways to go, but he's healing. That is all that matters to me.

I'm so angry that my family has had to go through all of this. The treatment is tiring and expensive. I may never be compensated for the costs associated with his recovery. We have exactly 14 months left to file our vaccine injury claim. I feel that the only way that I may win is if I can prove that he has a Mitochondrial Disorder and his vaccines triggered his Autism. It is very possible that this was not a genetic condition, but one brought about by his 2 mo. vaccines and worsened with subsequent ones. Who knows? I do know without a doubt that his vaccines caused him unnecessary harm though.

Our new neurologist has told us to keep doing what we are doing. If I want to go about proving my theory about the Mitochondrial Disorder, it could mean stopping everything that I am doing. We may still be able to prove it, but it is a long shot. In my mind, stopping everything could mean irreversible harm. So, while the CDC maintains that roughly 20% of the Autism community may be suffering from Mitochondrial Disease, I believe it is much, much higher than that (I've read somewhere it is more like 80%). First of all, Neurologists are NOT looking for this condition to begin with. It was only after I implied it, was it going to be pursued. Second, where exactly did the CDC get their figure anyways if nobody is looking for these people affected by this condition? Once again, are they just pulling bogus figures out of thin air?

So, we will be starting with an overnight EEG and taking a look at his bloodwork. I do like this doctor. In a very sly way, he implied that he is against vaccinating. I say sly because he had a doctor in training with him. Of course, he shared his views in a very politically "correct" sort of way. All I could do was smile. Some doctors "get it".

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Bullied by a Pediatrician? Share Your Story!!

Parents are up in arms over doctors refusing to treat children if the parents fail to comply with the CDC's recommended vaccine schedule. Now's the time to fight back! Please share your story with Dr. Sherri Tenpenny. Don't forget to include the doctor's name too!


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Jon Poling, Father, Neurologist, Knows Best

His daughter, Hannah Poling won her vaccine injury case in 2008.


March 16, 2009 - An Important Date to Remember

Officials in Washington must be getting pretty nervous about the growing number of parents refusing the recommended CDC vaccine schedule. There will be a meeting on March 16, 2009.


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68 Vaccines Recommended from Birth Through 18 Years

Yes, you read that right...the CDC recommends 68 vaccines for the year 2009. Yes, the schedule is meant to confuse the parent as well as the doctor. Don't be fooled by the "combo" shots either. For instance, if the schedule calls for 5 doses of DTaP, that means 5 doses of Diptheria, 5 doses of Tetanus, and 5 doses of Pertussis. Combination shots were developed for convenience, not safety. They were also developed so not to alarm the parent about the number of vaccines given and to quietly add more in the coming years too. Combination vaccines have NEVER been studied - only single vaccines have. Even then, the studies are on completely healthy children free of allergies and other problems. The studies are conducted for 5 - 28 days (example: the Hep B was studied for 5 days). That's it. Your child is the test subject and unfortunately, there are no valid follow-up studies conducted after the vaccine's release.



If the child were to start the flu vaccine at 6 months of age and continue yearly, the total number of vaccines from birth through 6 would be 50. Another 18 more would be given from 7 through 18 years of age.

12 Food Additives to Avoid - MSG made the list! It's in vaccines!

12 Food Additives to Avoid
by Jean Weiss for MSN Health & Fitness

Whoever coined the term food additives had it all wrong. Including something new in a food doesn't always add up to more, at least when it comes to your health. Studies that test the safety of additives are based on animal trials. It is difficult to deduce whether the results of an animal study equate to human health, though many of these studies show that some additives could be cancer-causing.

1. Sodium nitrite
The list of the 12 most dangerous additives to red flag—until we know more—includes the preservative sodium nitrite, used to preserve, color, and flavor meat products. Sodium nitrite is commonly added to bacon, ham, hot dogs, luncheon meats, smoked fish, and corned beef to stabilize the red color and add flavor. The preservative prevents growth of bacteria, but studies have linked eating it to various types of cancer. "This would be at the top of my list of additives to cut from my diet," says Christine Gerbstadt, M.D., M.P.H., R.D., L.D.N., a spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association. "Under certain high-temperature cooking conditions such as grilling, it transforms into a reactive compound that has been shown to promote cancer."

2. BHA and BHT
Potato chips (© Ben Fink/Getty Images)
Butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) and butylated hydrozyttoluene (BHT) are additional additives to red flag. They are antioxidants used to preserve common household foods by preventing them from oxidizing. Both keep fats and oils from going rancid and are found in cereals, chewing gum, potato chips, and vegetable oils, but there is concern that they may cause cancer. "The structure of BHA and BHT will change during this process [of preserving food], and may form a compound that reacts in the body," says Gerbstadt. "BHA and BHT are not stable or inert. They're not just hanging out and being excreted by the body." Gerbstadt says that they are obviously not added for the purpose of giving people cancer, but for some people, some of the time, there may be that risk.

3. Propyl gallate
Oils (© Judd Pilossof/FoodPix/Jupiterimages)
Propyl gallate is another preservative to avoid. It's used to prevent fats and oils from spoiling and is often used in conjunction with BHA and BHT. This additive is sometimes found in meat products, chicken soup base, and chewing gum. Propyl gallate has not been proven to cause cancer, but studies done on animals have suggested that it could be linked to cancer, so it is an additive to be concerned about. "It's important to read the label," says Gerbstadt. "You really have to carry a cheat sheet around in the supermarket. I try to buy as few foods as possible containing preservatives."

4. Monosodium glutamate
MSG (© Richard Jung/FoodPix/Jupiterimages)
Monosodium glutamate is an amino acid used as a flavor enhancer in soups, salad dressings, chips, frozen entrees, and restaurant food. It is commonly associated with Asian foods and flavorings. MSG can cause headaches and nausea in some people, and animal studies link it to damaging nerve cells in the brains of infant mice. Gerbstadt recommends replacing MSG with a small amount of salt when possible. "Why bother using MSG when you can live without it?" she says. "MSG can cause migraine-like headaches and create other adverse affects for certain people. It is a flavor enhancer, but you’d be better of putting in a few grains of salt."

5. Trans fats
Snacks made with hydrogenated vegetable oil (© Rick Lew/Getty Images)
Trans fat makes it onto our dirty dozen list because eating too much of it leads to heart disease. "Trans fats are proven to cause heart disease, and make conditions perfect for stroke, heart attack, kidney failure, and limb loss due to vascular disease," says Gerbstadt. "It would be wonderful if they could be banned." Manufacturers have modified product ingredients lists to reduce the amount of trans fats, and are required to label trans fats amounts, but restaurant food, especially fast food chains, still serve foods laden with trans fats. Experts recommend we consume no more than two grams of trans fat per day, an amount easily accounted for if you eat meat and dairy.

6. Aspartame
Sweeteners (© Tetra Images/Tetra Images/Getty Images)
Aspartame, also known by the brand names Nutrasweet and Equal, is an additive found in so-called diet foods such as low-calorie desserts, gelatins, drink mixes, and soft drinks. It also comes in individual packages used in place of sugar as a sweetener. The safety of aspartame, a combination of two amino acids and methanol, has been the focus of hundreds of scientific studies. Conclusions by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the World Health Organization, the ADA, and the Food and Agriculture Organization indicated that the additive is safe. Conversely, the Center for Science in the Public Interest gave it their lowest ranking in a review of food additives, quoting animal studies in 1970 and in 2007, which suggest that there is a link between aspartame and cancer. Gerbstadt, spokesperson from the ADA—an organization that supports the general safety of aspartame—says that the additive might be unhealthy for some people—especially those with the disease phenylketonuria, an enzyme disorder—because it contains phenalalanine. "Some people may be sensitive to it, and it's easy to avoid," she says. *

7. Acesulfame-K
Soft drink (© Steven Mark Needham/Envision/Corbis)
This is a relatively new artificial sweetener, approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in 1998 for use in soft drinks. It is also found in baked goods, chewing gum, and gelatin desserts. Acesulfame-K—the "K" is the chemistry symbol for potassium—is considered 200 times sweeter than sugar. While Gerbstadt isn't specifically concerned about this sweetener when used in moderation, there is a general concern that testing on this product has been scant. Some studies showed the additive may cause cancer in rats, but the substance makes top 12 lists of additives to avoid because further study is needed to conclude whether or not acesulfame-K is harmful.

8. Food colorings: Blue 1, 2; Red 3; Green 3; and Yellow 6
Candy made with food coloring (© Creatas Images/Creatas Images/Jupiterimages)
You may think that all dangerous artificial food colorings were banned by the FDA long ago, but there are five still on the market that are linked with cancer in animal testing. "Always opt for the product without the color, if you have a choice," says Gerbstadt. "I'm not saying to avoid all coloring. Many are made from natural sources. But some specific dye colors do promote tumor formation, in the right combination and conditions." Blue 1 and 2, found in beverages, candy, baked goods and pet food, are considered low risk but have been linked to cancer in mice. Red 3, used to dye cherries, fruit cocktail, candy, and baked goods, has been shown to cause thyroid tumors in rats. Green 3, added to candy and beverages, though rarely used, has been linked to bladder cancer. Studies have linked the widely used yellow 6—added to beverages, sausage, gelatin, baked goods, and candy—to tumors of the adrenal gland and kidney.

9. Olestra
Chips made with Olestra (© Getty Images)
Olestra, a synthetic fat known as the brand name Olean and found in some brands of potato chips, prevents fat from getting absorbed in your digestive system. This often leads to severe diarrhea, abdominal cramps, and gas. "If you eat fat when taking Olestra, the fat is going to go right through you," says Gerbstadt. More significantly, though, Olestra inhibits healthy vitamin absorption from fat-soluble carotenoids that are found in fruits and vegetables and thought to reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease. "It blocks fat absorption, but it also blocks vitamin absorption," says Gerbstadt.

10. Potassium bromate
Rolls containing potassium bromate (© Susan McWhinney /Foodpix/Jupiterimages)
Potassium bromate is rare, but still legal in the U.S., and used as an additive to increase volume in white flour, breads, and rolls. Most bromate rapidly breaks down to an innocuous form, but it is known to cause cancer in animals—and even small amounts in bread can create a risk for humans. California requires a cancer warning on the product label if potassium bromate is an ingredient.

11. White sugar
Sugar (© Claudia Uribe/Getty Images)
Some foods, such as fruits and carrots, naturally contain sugar, but watch out for foods with added sugars, such as baked goods, cereals, crackers, even sauces and many other processed foods. Gerbstadt includes white sugar on the list of 12 because although it is non-toxic, large amounts are unsafe for our health and promote bad nutrition. "Simple sugars shouldn't take up more than about 10 percent of the total calories you consume daily," says Gerbstadt. Yet most Americans already are eating way over that amount, consuming 20, 30, or 40 percent of their calories from simple sugars, she says. Too much sugar not only leads to problems with weight control, tooth decay and blood sugar levels in diabetics; it also replaces good nutrition. "In addition to providing unnecessary calories, your body needs nutrients to metabolize sugar, so it robs your body of valuable vitamins and minerals," says Gerbstadt.

12. Sodium chloride
Rock salt (© Michael Rosenfeld/Getty Images)
A dash of sodium chloride, more commonly known as salt, can certainly bring flavor to your meal. But salt is another hidden food additive that can lead to health issues. "Small amounts of salt are needed by the body and are beneficial in preserving food," says Gerbstadt. "Excessive amounts of salt can become dangerous for your health, affecting cardiovascular function, leading to high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, and kidney failure."

Jean Weiss is a regular contributor to MSN Health & Fitness.

Source: http://tinyurl.com/bwonyn

Please note the following: The last part of the article I do not agree with. Salt is actually a very important part of your diet. There is a huge difference though between natural, unrefined salt and processed salt. Processed salt has been stripped of its vital nutrients (pretty white color) and has had aluminum added to the mix. Natural salt is very good for you though.

To find out which vaccines contain MSG, please click on the link below:


The French Even Say Too Much Aluminum is BAD!

My youngest received well over 600 micrograms of aluminum each time he was vaccinated at 2, 4, and 6 months of age in 2007. If I had allowed all of the recommended vaccines he would have been given over 1,200 micrograms of it.


To view what these sickos injected into your family or even pets for that matter, click on the link below for package insert information.


Vaccines as Biological Weapons?

I had thought this a while back when I kept hearing on the news about the dreaded bird flu. All I could think of was that our government officials were somehow trying to start a pandemic with live-virus vaccines. Of course, the average person would think that you are nuts for thinking along those lines. Very recently though, Baxter International Inc. was caught doing such a thing.....


By the way, this story made the news in several different countries all around the world. Why didn't we hear about it in the U.S.? Even our neighbor Canada featured a story in the press!

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Calling all New Hampshire Residents!

Several dedicated parents have just launched the NH Coalition for
Philosophical Exemption webpage. Please be sure to add your name to
our list to support this Pro-Choice Vaccination Initiative. Check
back often as we expand the site to include: Vaccine Safety, Vaccine
Myths, Conflicts of Interest/VAERS, an Action buffet-sample letters,
talking points, links to NH legislators, Resources/Links and a Contact us page.

We are presently garnering support to legislate a philosophical
exemption for consideration in 2010. We want to unite the various
groups that may support such a bill. These include, but are not
limited to: non-vaxing parents, parents that desire a delayed
schedule, parents that desire to pick and choose vax, and individuals
that support personal freedom.

We need you to spread the word. You can find it here:
http://nhphiloexemption.org/ or e-mail nhphiloexemption@gmail.com.

Eileen Landies
Founding Member
NH Coalition for Philosophical Exemption

Religious Exemption Challenged in NY by School Attorney

New York state offers its citizens either a religious or medical exemption form if the parents are not going to vaccinate according to their state's mandated schedule for school entry. Now, keep in mind that there are 476,000 students in Long Island, NY. School districts are paid sums of money by the U.S. Government for each fully vaccinated child. Last I checked it was $100.00 per student per school year. For Long Island, that means $47,600,000.00 in anticipated revenue!!


You will now witness one family's ordeal with the school district's attorney. He is supposedly challenging their religious beliefs and wants them denied of a religious exemption. With that dollar amount kept in perspective, can you understand why the school is adamant about forced vaccination?


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Shaken Baby Syndrome and the Vaccine Connection

If the side effects associated with vaccinating are not enough to scare you, how about being accused of a crime that you didn't commit? How about the possibility of spending life in prison? Some parents DID have witnesses around them to attest that a crime was not committed and they were still thrown in jail!!

These days it is simply not wise to be in the daycare business unless you only accept non-vaccinated children.







Vaccines - A Legal Form of Child Abuse

Lately, I have been reading comments made to certain news articles online. Certain posters have taken the liberty of pointing out that by not vaccinating, a parent is committing an act of child abuse. This is insane! Since when is foregoing an invasive medical treatment (such as vaccines) an act of child abuse!? Here is what Dr. Paula Baillie-Hamilton has to say about it.


An Example of Common Lies Spread by the Media

Newsweek recently featured an article titled, "Six Top Vaccine Myths". Please read this story first because I will be critiquing it.


Myth 1: It's not necessary to vaccinate kids against diseases that have largely been eradicated.

This myth is actually a fact. Diseases were pretty much eradicated in the U.S. and Europe before vaccines came into the picture! Europe didn't even have the mass vaccination efforts that the U.S. did either! For clarification on this, please read the "Vaccine Safety Manual" by Neil Z. Miller and/or "Sanctity of Human Blood - Vaccination is not Immunization" by Tim O'Shea.

Myth 2: Mercury is still in kids' vaccines.

This myth is actually a fact. It was never removed in 2001 as the article suggests. Mercury was never even removed from vaccines! It was only lowered to "trace" amounts in 2004 because there is no way to remove mercury 100%. It actually binds with other agents in the filtration process. So, if the manufacturer uses mercury in any vaccines, there will be a trace amount left over. FYI - no amount of mercury is safe and it may seep into your tissues and major organs where it will continue to accumulate. The FDA also doesn't require the labeling of the product if it is in trace amounts. I did the math some months ago and just a few "trace" shots would exceed the FDA's own standards for my 2 month old infant based on his weight!

Myth 3: Childhood vaccines cause autism.

This myth is actually partly true. I say partly because there are other environment factors to consider and genetics can play a role too. Vaccines are definitely the trigger for far too many children. This means that the child more than likely would NOT have developed autism if the vaccines had not been administered.

The author also states that there is no scientific evidence that vaccines cause autism either. Well, there is also no scientific evidence that cigarette smoking causes cancer either. It took several decades for our government agencies to admit that cigarette smoking is not safe too. They even went as far as having the cigarette manufacturers conduct their own studies with the ending conclusion that smoking is safe. Sound familiar?

Myth 4: Getting too many vaccines can overwhelm the immune system.

This myth is actually a fact. It is no secret that childhood cancer now aflicts 1 in every 200 children. This is sickening!! What about the rate of diabetes, asthma, ear infections, and other ailments? Children are sick now more than ever and the U.S. is the most vaccinated nation in the entire world! What is going on with the health of our children?

Myth 5: It's better to let my kid get the chickenpox "naturally".

This myth is actually a fact. The chickenpox vaccine is actually causing many children to develop the shingles. The shingles was actually a disease that always effected adults! Getting any disease naturally will almost always grant you lifetime immunity too. Vaccines cannot offer that which is why we must receive boosters. Ever wonder why a child born in the 60's received one dose of a particular vaccine and children today must receive as many as 5? Now teenagers and adults are recommended to receive boosters too? What is wrong with this picture? Is it really about the money or do the vaccines really wear off that quickly? Must we repeat the insanity every few years to keep our antibodies? FYI - the ONLY reason you develop antibodies from the vaccine is because your body actually has the disease in chronic, not acute form. Though, some people do still develop the acute form. For example, in the U.S. there are still cases of polio believe it or not and they are all caused by the vaccine alone. It is also important to note that some of these diseases are actually being proven to be beneficial if acquired naturally - meaning they may ward off certain types of cancer and other things!

Myth 6: The flu shot causes the flu.

This myth is actually a fact. Again, all vaccines give you the chronic form of the disease. Whether or not you develop the actual flu symptoms depends entirely upon you as an individual. I love how the author points out that you can still get the flu within 2 weeks of the vaccine! Duh?

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Autism One Conference May 2009

This year's conference will be held in Chicago, Illinois. Childcare is available. For registration information please click on the link below.