Tuesday, January 13, 2009

DAN Protocol

I wholeheartedly support the Defeat Autism Now protocol. Many children have been healed and my toddler is seeing a DAN doctor. However, it can be expensive, very time consuming, and not 100% effective for some. This is exactly why I am seeking additional help. I am recommending that everyone else does too. What is really boils down to is an effective detox regimen. We are all going to have to learn how to do this because we live in a very toxic world.

My thought on this is quite simple. Yes, many Autistic children are testing positive for several viruses (to include Lyme), but why wasn't your body able to effectively fight it off to begin with? Well, that is an easy answer. When your body is injected with a weakened form of a virus (vaccine) - it begins to attack it. Unfortunately, vaccines create antibodies which stay active as much as 10 years in your system - which is why you cannot fight off the simplest things. So, essentially, your body is fighting these foreign invaders for a very long time. Technically, you do have the disease only in the chronic and not the acute form. This sets the stage for chronic yeast, parasites, and viruses to take over. Now, when you throw dangerous chemicals and heavy metals into the mix, it is far worse because these things tend to accumulate in your system. Also, why do you think that "boosters" are needed? Vaccines WEAR OFF. Acquiring the disease naturally almost always guarantees lifelong immunity.

Google homeopathy or naturopathic doctors in your area for more info on detoxing.

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