Friday, January 30, 2009

Hyptonia - One Cause - Abnormal Vaccine Reaction

Well, my son was seen by a team of "developmental experts" this past Tuesday and the diagnosis handed down was PDD-NOS. Though he was borderline, they felt it best to diagnose him with the disorder and see him receive the help that he needs with a speech therapist and physical/occupational therapist. Boy, if they had only seen him a few months ago before I began treating him for his vaccine injuries, they surely would have found him to be higher on the Autism Spectrum! This means that I am doing something right!

What really bothers me is that I believe that he is suffering from Hypotonia. Yet, I still have not yet had someone come out and say that he has it! This team did not agree with the pediatric neurologist's findings that my son has hyperreflexia with secondary low-tone. In fact, they found that my son is suffering from low-tone which could account for his sluggish reflexes!

I have recently learned that hypotonia or low-tone may be the result of a genetic disorder. This explains the pediatric neurologist's insistance on running genetic testing. It may also be the result of a thyroid disorder and/or abnormal vaccine reaction - particularly to the DTaP vaccine. High-pitched screaming is also an abnormal vaccine reaction. So, I think back to the 2 nurses who both dismissed my fears about my son screaming for 3 days after his DTaP vaccine at 2 and 4 months and I want to scream. Despite the numerous times that I mentioned to his pediatrician that my son was severely delayed in gross motor (again, AFTER his vaccines he could not longer nurse), she too tried to pass it off as just his "prematurity". Sorry doc, I WAS looking at the fact that he was 6 weeks early, and he was still quite delayed. He was delayed in other areas of gross motor skills too!

So, from what I gather I need a physical therapist to diagnose him with this condition. Though he was seen by a "team of experts" recently, there wasn't a physical therapist present. Funny how much investigating is left on the shoulders of the parents.

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