Monday, January 26, 2009

The Pro-Vaccine Community's Arguments

I hear this a lot.

"You are affecting herd immunity".

"Your unvaccinated child should not play with my vaccinated child".

"Your lunacy is responsible for the death of many innocent victims - people that cannot possibly have the vaccines are directly affected by your anti-vax community".

Who do you believe? The doctor who doesn't read the package insert or the vaccine manufacturer? Again, please read the section titled "Transmission" on page 7 of the following link:

I don't recall any doctor or nurse advising patients of this transmission warning set forth by the manufacturer. This is an example of lack of informed consent. How many pregnant persons and immune-compromised individuals were put in risky situations coming in contact with vaccinated persons over the years thanks to the medical community? Were you ever warned of this risk associated with every live-virus vaccine?

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