Monday, August 31, 2009

Glenn Beck to Discuss Forced Vaccination 9/1/09!

Everybody, tune in Tuesday, Sept 1, 2009 at 5 P.M. (EST) Fox News. Glenn Beck will be discussing the forced vaccination issue in great detail and what it means for you and your family. As he put it, "It violates 5 Amendments to the Constitution that I can think of right off the top of my head!!"

He is also heading up the march on Washington, D.C. on 9/12/09!! Let's give those politicians who are destroying this country a message!!

Do YOU Believe in the U.S. Constitution? Act NOW!

There are evil forces at work right now here in the U.S. Please act now before it is too late. Your right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness may be a thing of the past if YOU don't help do something about it.

Please go here to learn more about what you can do to stop this government take over.

Monday, August 24, 2009

More on Last Week's Swine Flu Conference

This video is a MUST-SEE! If you are able to homeschool at this point, I strongly recommend that you do so. Many, including myself do not have that luxury at the moment. Therefore, I recommend that you do the following:

1. Make sure that your child has a plan. In the event of illness during the school day, maybe give him/her access to a cell phone so that you may be alerted if he/she is feeling ill.

2. Check with your local healthfood store about how to boost your child's immune system during the school year.

3. Tune in to on Thursday, August 27th, 2009 at 7 PM EST. There just may be something that can be done to stop this from happening.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

International Swine Flu Conference/Workshop August 19-21, 2009

This conference and workshop is taking place in Washington, D.C. A woman by the name of Dr. Sherri Tenpenny was not granted "permission" to go. In case anyone is not aware of who Dr. Tenpenny is, she is a highly respected doctor who has devoted her life to educating other medical professionals about vaccines. A lot of her research has come directly from the Center for Disease Control too.

Well, if you look very closely at the brochure supplied for this event, you will see under the "Concurrent Breakout Sessions" on the right-hand column that they will be discussing our fate with healthcare workers, emergency personnel, and law enforcement agencies. Session One will be covering "The morgue operations". Session Two will focus on "Unwillingness to follow government orders". Session Seven's agenda is to "Effectively undertake mass vaccinations AND Enforce Quarantines".

I also am going to assume this will be a private affair and that no media will be present to report the outcome.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mary Tocco's Challenge for Doctors, Nurses, and Parents

This short video is a real eye-opener. Are any doctors or nurses up for this challenge? Please go to her website and let her know.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

CDC's 10 Public Engagement Meetings Are Set

The CDC is looking for the public's opinion on the H1N1 vaccine. You must preregister for the event and space is limited.

To view the schedule, please go here.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Another Update On My Vaccine-Injured Toddler!!

So much has happened since I last wrote about my little guy. I ended up removing soy from his diet in addition to the gluten and casein. At our monthly motor group (which is held at Early Intervention), they wanted to know what I did differently because his attention span was even more remarkable than last month. I said, "Well, you just confirmed to me that removing soy has helped tremendously."! A motor group is basically an hour-long session where 2 children on the Autism spectrum are paired up and they work on gross motor skills/sensory issues. Now, according to his allergy testing that was performed by our Naturopath, it gave us a false reading that he should be fine with these three items in his diet. I've seen the difference though and it is amazing.

At the end of May, my in-laws were visiting from Florida. My poor mother-in-law was in a lot of pain during their stay. She told me that she did visit the doctor prior to leaving for their trip and was told that she had tennis elbow and carpal tunnel syndrome. While staying with us, her one blister turned into many. So, she went to the pharmacy and asked what it might be. She was told by 2 pharmacists that it was poison ivy. It wasn't until she arrived back home and went to another doctor that she learned that it was actually shingles.

Guess what happened next? My son developed chickenpox!! Thankfully, with his sensory issues (higher tolerance to pain), he didn't even feel them! He was a trooper and never even scratched any of them. When one of his scabs fell off though, he kept saying, "Uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh" while trying to put the scab back on. It was too cute. Without thinking, I did put him in an oatmeal bath. I then realized when he stopped responding to his name/paying attention that it has gluten in it!!

Fast forward to June and we received my son's test results. We learned a great deal from just testing his urine. His test results showed that he was suffering from maldigestion, a bacterial infection in his intestines, yeast overgrowth, a major neurotransmitter imbalance, and severe nutritional deficiencies. Despite the fact that my son only eats organic meats, vegetables, and fruits, his vitamin/mineral levels are that of a child living in a third world country. Here is an example of what I am talking about. Below are the vitamins/minerals listed along with the Daily Recommended Intake and what is recommended for him personally:

Supplements/ Daily Recommended/ What is Recommended For Him

Vitamin A & Beta Carotene/ 2,000 IU/ 15,000 IU
Vitamin C/ 15 mg/ 250 mg
Vitamin E & Mixed Tocopherols/ 9 IU/ 400 IU
Alpha Lipoic Acid/ None/ 50 mg

Vitamin B1/ 0.5 mg/ 10 mg
Vitamin B2/ 0.5 mg/ 10 mg
Vitamin B3/ 6 mg/ 10 mg
Vitamin B6/ 0.5 mg/ 10 mg
Vitamin B9/ 150 mcg/ 1,200 mcg
Vitamin B12/ 0.9 mcg/ 500 mcg

Magnesium/ 80 mg/ 400 mg
Zinc/ 3 mg/ 10 mg
Iron/ 7 mg/ 0 mg
Manganese/ 1.2 mg/ 2 mg
Molybdenum/ 17 mcg/ 75 mcg

He is also severely deficient in the following amino acids: Cystine, Lysine, and Taurine.

A wise former pediatric nurse once told me that when you receive a vaccine, you develop the chronic form of the disease and on a rare occasion may develop the acute form (show the symptoms). You suffer from the chronic form of the disease for years to come too, which is why you have "antibodies" detected. This makes a lot of sense to me now. What happens when you become ill? Your vitamin and mineral levels become depleted until you become well again. Your body uses everything it has to fight off the illness. Your levels are brought back to normal when your body is over the illness. Well, why after 2 years are my son's levels still depleted? It has been 2 YEARS since his last round of vaccines!! This nurse hit the nail right on the head.

I've changed my son's supplement schedule and have seen huge strides in his progress. I ended up taking him off many that he was previously on - to include Milk Thistle. My Naturopath informed me that without knowing his liver function, it is not wise to administer this herb. Apparently, if his liver is impaired in any way, it could make toxic things MORE TOXIC. Now, he is currently taking 2 different types of DHA (essential fatty acids), 2 different multivitamins, Sacro B (which is a probiotic and acts like an anti-fungal), another form of probiotics, CoQ10, calcium/magnesium, and digestive enzymes with every meal/snack. I also began giving him Low Dose Naltrexone which is made into a cream by a compounding pharmacy. All I can say is, "WOW!" His sensory issues are resolving (he actually felt mosquitos on his skin the other day and has improved sensation in his mouth!), he is now up to 25 words (some three word sentences too!), his muscle tone has improved, he doesn't appear to be having any more seizures, no longer grinding his teeth, and on and on. His keratosis pilaris (bumps on cheeks/back of arms) is now gone too!! He was also suffering from impetigo for almost 2 months, but that is also gone.

On a sad note though, we did learn that he now has 14 cavities. A woman from Early Intervention wanted to know if decaying teeth is the norm with children on the Autism Spectrum. I explained my own son's testing and why I believe these children have brittle teeth - they are severely deficient in calcium!! That combined with the fact that my son is suffering from malabsorption explains it. I also had to put up a fight with him to brush him teeth. Not only was it hard to get the toothbrush in, but his top/lower lip area seemed to be frozen solid. This has resolved since I began giving him magnesium though. One startling thing that I almost forgot to mention.....the Pediatric Dental Practice that I took my son to informed me that 10% of their young patients are Autistic - severely Autistic. Well, New Hampshire also has one of the highest vaccination rates in the U.S., so it is no surprise to me. One of the employees wanted to know what is causing it. I simply said, "It is the vaccines and don't let anyone tell you otherwise."

He was scheduled to go under general anesthesia to repair his teeth. Thankfully, another mother alerted me to the fact that if he is suffering from a genetic mutation in his MHTFR gene (which most Autistic children are), Nitrous Oxide can either permanently injure him (damage his central nervous system or cause mental retardation) or kill him. The article in the New England Journal of Medicine may be read here. According to his recent test results, it appears that he is suffering from this gene mutation. I then thought back to when he had all of those words at 12 months of age and how he gradually lost them all. Is it a coincidence that he had surgery at 12 months of age? I don't believe so. So, I did call the hospital to find out if he was given Nitrous Oxide and was told that he wasn't. In fact, he was given 2 of the "safer drugs" for children. I then called and spoke with a Anesthesiologist to learn more. This man was actually not aware of this article in the New England Journal of Medicine! He also told me that studies are currently underway to assess if anesthesia causes long-term neurological damage in young children. The findings may not be revealed for another 15-30 years! Apparently, they are only testing young children, not children on the Autism Spectrum. So, I think it is safe to assume that these children cannot handle any of the drugs. We are foregoing the surgery and will only put him under during a life/death situation. I have worked too hard and have seen so much improvement, I simply cannot take any chances.

Going back to my son's impetigo issue....Wouldn't you know that the drug that we were given is called Mupirocin? I was quite shocked to find that it contains 2 very harmful inactive ingredients (benzyl alcohol and phenoxyethanol) that are not safe and have not been studied in children under the age of 3. Some foreign nations have banned the use of these ingredients for children under the age of 3. Sure enough, after reading the literature it did state that studies have only been conducted on children 3 and up. Unbelievable. I also found that the literature supplied by the pharmacy doesn't list the inactive ingredients at all. What made me question the product was that my son was acting strange after I administered it.

Always question authority especially when it comes to the health of yourself or loved ones. When I called the pharmacy and voiced my concerns, I was told that these ingredients are in just about everything topical.