Thursday, January 15, 2009

Another Bogus Study in the Works?

Come on, are people really that stupid to fall for these stories? Nowhere in this article does it mention that these people will be studying the health of the vaccinated or even documenting the effects of vaccines in this study! I am so sick and tired of these people wasting millions of dollars and precious time! Vaccines are the toxic tipping point for far too many people - my family included!

I did email Dr. Bonny Specker asking that she does include this vital information. If it is not included, then it is safe to assume that she is in the pocket of the pharmaceutical companies like so many are!

I did receive the following email from Dr. Bonny Specker:

Information on vaccinations, as well as many other exposures, will be collected in the National Children’s Study. Hopefully we will get some answers regarding the cause of many childhood illnesses. For more information, please visit the website:

I also received the following email from the reporter who covered the story:


There is a lot more that could have been written but there was not enough space. I don't know if vaccines will be included in the study but given the controversy over them, it wouldn't surprise me if they are among the environmental factors considered. Bonny Specker at SDSU would probably know the answer to your question. You can reach her at Bonny.Specker@SDSTATE.EDU.

Thanks for your email.


It is important to give these people credit where credit is due which is why I posted their responses.

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