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Vaccine Package Inserts & My Rubella Vaccine

A lot of information may be derived from the package inserts themselves. I learned a lot just by reading them. First of all, the vaccine manufacturers advise the healthcare professionals to carefully assess the health of the patient prior to administering the vaccine. I thought to myself for a moment. I had severe preeclampisa! This is a life-threatening condition and your blood pressure usually resolves within 6 weeks AFTER delivery. However, some people are left with high blood pressure for the rest of their life and must go on medication. What I have found is that severe preeclampsia is a complex hypertensive disorder that affects multiple systems. In fact, not much else is known about it too. It is still being studied.

Why on earth was I given a Rubella Vaccine if I was so sick? It is no wonder why I felt so strange after receiving it too. Somewhere I even read that the Rubella Vaccine can cause a rise in blood pressure too. This is the last thing that I needed. If my body was having a hard time eliminating toxins (which explains the edema because my kidneys were not functioning properly), why oh why was I given this vaccine?

I did learn the following after reading this particular vaccine package insert:

1. It is not advisable to become pregnant for at least 3 months following the vaccine
2. There is a "small chance" of catching a blood-born virus through the vaccine itself
3. The virus may "pass" to the infant by way of breastfeeding
4. If one has received a blood transfusion recently, the vaccine would probably be ineffective

Not once did my doctor consider any of this! In fact, I had two incompetant doctors involved in this mess. I had one who ordered the vaccine and another one who administered it. Neither one of them advised against pregnancy or told me that the virus may pass to my breastfeeding infant. Heck, they encouraged me to breastfeed!! What if I had developed further complications from the severe preeclampsia, known as the HELLP syndrome? What if at that point I needed a blood transfusion? What if I developed a virus through the vaccine itself? Again, what was so important about receiving this vaccine?

The Rubella Vaccine is meant to prevent Congenital Rubella. If a woman contracts Rubella while pregnant, there are serious complications that may arise for the infant. The infant could be born blind, deaf, severely disfigured, or even die. The CDC maintains that this one vaccine alone prevents 20,000 babies from being born with Congenital Rubella each year. Their reported statistics tell a different story.

The CDC has been telling people for years that a major outbreak in 1964-1965 was responsible for 20,000 cases of CRS and many babies were permanently injured or died from it. There is a major flaw with that statement. CRS cases were not even documented in the U.S. until 1966. The vaccine came out in 1969. Here are the actual statistics reported:

1966 - 11
1967 - 10
1968 - 14
(table 10 for Rubella, Congenital Syndrome)

After the vaccine was introduced in 1969, the following cases were reported:

1969 - 31
1970 - 77
1971 - 68

The number of cases continued to be high until 1992. During that year there were only 11 cases reported - which is exactly what the figure was 3 years before the vaccine made its debut. What the vaccine has actually done is shift the vulnerable age groups to infants and pregnant women (which is why the CDC is now recommending boosters for adults). After seeing these figures and weighing the lengthy list of adverse reactions, was it truly beneficial? Was my partial hearing loss worth it?

One thing that I came across that really bothered me was the disclaimer on every vaccine. It simply stated that no studies have been done in the areas of cancer, altering of DNA, or impairment of fertility. After researching the ingredients, you be the judge as to whether or not each vaccine is capable of causing all three.

Here is an example of this on just one vaccine: (page 7)

Also, according to the makers of the vaccines, you can be contagious for up to 6 weeks. You are particularly contagious to pregnant women, immune compromised, and infants! Do doctors ever tell us this important information? My sister-in-law just received a chicken pox vaccine a few months ago (she is a foreigner) and she was never told that she is CONTAGIOUS! She works in the health food industy and waits on countless people every day! Please look at page 7 under "Transmission" of the following link:

After my infant was in contact with her, he was scheduled for surgery. En route to the hospital, I was asked if he was exposed to anyone who had the chicken pox within the past month. I did tell them that his aunt was recently vaccinated and that he was in close contact with her. Three different healthcare workers all assured me that this was not a problem (one was a receptionist, another was an anesthesiologist, and the other was a nurse manager). However, after his surgery was over and we were back home, I noticed a strange rash on his back. I called the hospital where he had his surgery and voiced my concerns. The person on the other end of the line was angry with me for bringing him into the hospital in the first place?! It turned out that he only had a heat rash, but still, why is there such a lack of vaccine knowledge among the healthcare "professionals"?

I actually showed the list of common adverse reactions to an Audiologist and Behavioral Optometrist. They were quite shocked and both agreed that many learning disabilities that we are seeing today may actually be long-term effects of previous vaccines. Please take a look at page 6 of the following link under "Special Senses/Ear/Eye":

We are hearing all over the news about outbreaks of these so-called "deadly diseases". There are numerous omitted facts that one must weigh though when reading about these "outbreaks". Vaccines are manufactured by using particular strains of the virus. The only thing that we are told is that the unvaccinated are to blame for spreading these diseases because they are the ones infected. Hmmm....I didn't read about researchers testing these disease-ridden people for the type of strain they are carrying. Did you? If they had, would be linked to the vaccine in current use? I also don't recall the specifics about what vaccines the person did/did not receive. If just a few years ago, the CDC maintained that our society was 97 or 98% in compliance for vaccination rates, how does that explain the recent outbreaks? It doesn't. Also, if live-virus vaccine recipients are contagious for up to 6 weeks, how many of these people involved in these outbreaks were actually vaccinated recently? We don't know. Well, here is one story that I would like to share:

Oh, and there is so much more to this issue that I will post further.

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