Sunday, September 28, 2008

My Teenage Son - Another Victim

While going through this vaccine-induced nightmare, I was desperately trying to figure out how to help my 14 year old son. He was evaluated 5x over the years in all different schools across the country. When a child is evaluated for suspected learning disabilities, they are given certain tests to see if they may be eligible for an IEP/Special Education services. I could not understand why he was struggling so much, yet his tests kept indicating that his scores were "normal" when comparing them to others his age nationally. My son cannot perform simple math (division, addition, subtraction, word problems, multiplication) or comprehend more than a paragraph of reading material, yet his scores are normal? If he were in one school district his entire life, I would blame the district. However, he was in several schools across the country. Obviously, something is very wrong with the current educational system.

I then began registering for many learning disability forums. I wanted to find out just what was going on. Needless to say, I was quite shocked about the large number of families going through the same exact situation. The tests administered today in the Special Education screening process are "dumbed down". They are actually designed so that a child like mine will pass them. If any changes are going to be made with these tests, it can take as long as 7 years to do so. You might be asking how I know that they are dumbed down. Well, I asked the last evaluator to give me an example of one of the test questions. He said, "Well, the test may contain one question that may read something like this: 'Some fish live in the sea'. The child is supposed to check true/false". Now, keep in mind that these types of test questions were given to my son who was 14 years old at the time!

All of these years I have been told that my child is simply lazy. As it turns out, my poor son has been struggling all of these years from ADHD-non hyperactive, inattentive type, a Math Disability, and a Visual Processing Disorder. The signs were all there. I thought back to all of the times I mentioned to his pediatrician that he was delayed in certain areas. My fears were dismissed. In kindergarten, it was documented in my son's school records that he had difficulty with simple tasks such as running or jumping. By second grade, it was documented that he couldn't use scissors properly. He had difficulty remembering the days of the week, reading comprehension, sensory processing issues (certain socks bothered his feet, certain pants bothered his waist, noises and smells would be bothersome) and on and on. These were all signs of learning disabilities!

Many parents across the country are so busy holding down maybe one or more jobs just to put food on the table. They are told that there child is simply lazy. Unfortunately, the parents "buy" it and do not investigate further. These poor children already feel stupid, suffer from low-self esteem and many eventually get caught up with the wrong crowd. They may turn to drugs or alcohol to feel better. By then, it is already too late for many.

Then, there is the other group of parents that do not believe what they are told. They know that something is wrong. So, often an outside evaluation is done. Insurance usually doesn't cover the testing because it is for educational purposes. Testing can cost anywhere from $1,500 - several thousand dollars. Even then, the schools do not have to accept it. The parent may need to hire an advocate (my charges $75 per hour) and possibly even an attorney ($200-$300 per hour) to fight the school system for services for their child. If the case ends up in court, litigation may cost as much as $100,000. Is this afforable? Does this make any sense? What is wrong with the current system? Why is the educational system failing our children miserably? Why are pediatricians not recognizing developmental delays?

I looked back at my son's vaccine history. I thought that he handled his vaccines quite well. He only suffered from numerous bouts of conjunctivitis as an infant (another side effect to vaccines I recently learned). Then I started digging a little more. I pulled out his baby book and baby photos. I noticed that in his baby book it was documented that he had a strange type of congestion similiar to his brother's. It would clear by noon each day, but continued for several months following his 4 mo. vaccines. I also noticed that his slight lazy eye was not visible until his 6 mo. vaccines. The only new vaccine that was administered was the Hep B. Eye nerve damage is actually listed as an adverse reaction to this vaccine too. To think that all of these years I thought that it was inherited from his Dad, but I now see that his eye was fine up until 6 months of age!

Both of my children had one thing in common - they were given a lot of formaldehyde in their vaccines. It is currently linked with respiratory problems and the EPA is considering it to be a probable carcinogen (cancer-causing agent). Do you remember the Hurricane Katrina victims who were placed in government-issued trailers? These trailers were constructed with formaldehyde treated wood. Many hurricane victims became quite ill. These people are now being studied long-term for cancer and other chronic illnesses. Why is there formaldehyde in vaccines if it so toxic?

Then there is the mercury. I added up all of the mercury that my son was given. At his 2 mo. shot appointment alone, he was given roughly 147x the recommended "safe" dosage of mercury based on a simple formula that the EPA and FDA have designed. The problem with that is that it is based on fish consumption and it involves a different type of mercury, not the same mercury that is found in vaccines. In fact, the type of mercury that is found in vaccines has never been studied on humans! I also need to remind myself that it was injected, not consumed, therefore it is suspected to be more toxic. Also, when mercury is combined with aluminum the result is synergistic toxicity - meaning far more toxic than just mercury alone. So, it is safe to assume that the amount was far greater than 147x....just how much greater I don't know. If you would like to calculate just how much mercury is considered "safe" based on your weight, the formula may be found on the PBS link below. What you must first do is convert the weight from pounds to kilograms though. Mercury is a known neurotoxin that causes damage to the brain. So does formaldehyde.

The CDC has been in the news this past year stating that Autism effects 1 in 150. Actually, this figure represents the year 1994 according to the statistics compiled by the U.S. Dept of Education. As of 2007, 1 in 67 elementary school children nationwide are suffering from Autism or some other form of neurological disorder. In fact, 1 in 67 children are receiving Special Education Services for their disability too. You can research these statistics yourself by contacting the U.S. Dept of Education for their statistics on children placed in IEPs.

Now, after comparing this figure with the information I just supplied to you, how many children do you think are truly suffering? I believe it is much higher than 1 in 67 based on my own personal experience with the Special Education screening process. When you click on the link above, you will notice that that the website link that is further supplied is having "technical difficulties". Actually, certain individuals and organizations are working very diligently at taking down these websites that contain information that they don't want you to have. Just what will the numbers be, say 5 years from now as more and more vaccines are added to the recommended schedule and more pollution is filling the air?

You are probably thinking, why wouldn't the U.S. Dept of Education correct the CDC on their incorrect findings? Do schools receive funding for vaccinated children?

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