Sunday, September 28, 2008

Family History - A Piece of the Puzzle

Many people wonder why certain children who were never vaccinated still develop Autism or ADHD. I believe that many environmental factors play a role - the two biggest being family history (DNA inherited from all previous generations) and what the mother was exposed to during the pregnancy.

Believe it or not, it was something my dentist said that made me research cell line function. He had written quite a few papers on upper airway obstruction. What he found is that many who suffer from ADHD also suffer from this condition. They may snore, have malformed jaws (overbite or underbite), or suffer from sleep apnea. Upon researching this, I discovered that all cells have a particular job to do. A baby's DNA (genetic makeup which involves cells) is inherited from Mom and Dad. The job of your red blood cells is to carry oxygen to the different parts of your body. If ADHD can be hereditary, then something must have caused this cell line to be defective.

A special type of cells, called "T & B Cells" are defender cells. These are the only ones that will respond to invaders. Millions of these cells alone are donated from the Mom and Dad. So, what exactly will happen with subsequent generations being vaccinated, eating GM foods, and being exposed to other toxic chemicals? Are we really even able to study the vaccinated/unvaccinated populations? If the damage could have been inherited and vaccines may be the final assault for some, than my guess is no.

Vaccines are made with human DNA or animal DNA (cells are used). When mixed with your DNA, the body will treat it as invading germs. So, what happens when your T & B cells are already damaged? What happens when the animal is also suffering from certain viruses/conditions?

Cancer begins when just one of those defective cells multiply out of control. Chemicals and certain infections can be responsible. Do you remember the disclaimer that I had mentioned earlier that is on every vaccine? The vaccine manufacturer does not know if they cause cancer, alter your DNA, or impair your fertility because no studies have been done. However, just by studying the vaccine ingredients alone and cell line function, I believe that they are capable of causing all three.

Don't forget the biggest lie of all is that Dr. Paul Offit stated that everyone can handle 10,000 antigens at any given time! Well, with the neurotoxins and viruses that go into a vaccine - nobody can and it is only a matter of time before that family tree is eventually affected. This is exactly why we are seeing the first generation of individuals vaccinated not living as long (people are dying in their 40's, 50's, and 60's today).

When I researched my family history, I learned that my Grandfather (Dad's Dad) worked in a Naval Shipyard. He was exposed to asbestos and heavy metals for years. Not only were his cells damaged by these toxins after repeated exposure, but he also carried much of this home with him on his clothing. His entire family was then exposed to them also. This damage was then inherited by all of his future generations too. My other Grandfather (Mom's Dad) worked with heavy metals for years too! My Grandmother (Mom's Mom) chased chem trucks and carried around mothballs for years because she loved the smell. My Mom and Dad were the first in our family tree to receive childhood vaccines. My Dad was then in the military and received countless more.

My husband's Father was a military brat and so was his Mom. They both not only received the recommended childhood vaccines (first in their family tree also), but countless more as a military family. My husband's Father was also in the military - more vaccines received then also for over 2 decades! My husband was also in the military for over 2 decades. So, he not only received all of his childhood vaccines, but countless more as a military brat and countless more in his career. He used to joke and say that his lifetime shot record is literally pages upon pages. However, I don't think it is funny now that I know what is in them.

All of this information may explain why we are genetically predisposed to certain conditions. Much of who we are is "inherited". All actions will also affect subsequent generations too, unfortunately. This may also shed some light on why several members of my family were adversely affected by vaccines.

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