Saturday, September 27, 2008

My Baby - The First Recognized Victim

On the day of my discharge I rushed home to pack a suitcase. My husband had to continue working at his new job unfortunately, but he agreed to spend as many nights with me that he could while our new son remained in the hospital. I also needed him to prepare the house too. We didn't expect our baby to come six weeks early and there was much to do. Fortunately, I was be able to stay in quarters on the same campus as the hospital. It was free for parents who had children in the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) or for parents who had children receiving cancer treatment.

My little guy did very well. We loved the nurses because they were quite dedicated and so good with the babies. By March 6th, he was strong enough to be transferred to a hospital closer to our home. It was only a 15 min. drive! I also learned that I could stay in the hospital with him on the same floor. I would be able to shower there, watch t.v. (if I found the time), and order meals from the cafeteria too as well as have them delivered to my room. It made things so much easier because I was still feeling the after effects of the preeclampsia.

I was given a booklet on vaccines that was written by the CDC. I didn't think much about vaccines until this point. After glancing through it, I realized that there were so many more added to the recommended schedule since my teenage son was a baby. It was ridiculous in my opinion. Giving babies a vaccine for diarrhea? The age of administration for Hep B was lowered from 6 mo. to newborn now? I sat down and really studied the information. It was at that point that I made up my mind that he wasn't getting the Hep B shot. What was the point if I didn't have the disease? I never even questioned vaccines when my teenage son was a baby because I was never given any information about them. There was no internet access back then either. I was also a very young mother at the age of 19 when I had my first child and thought that doctors knew everything.

A nurse approached me and suggested that we talk about the Hep B vaccine. I told her that he wouldn't be getting it because I couldn't see him doing drugs or having sex anytime soon. She was appalled by my decision and assured me that she has never heard of any adverse reactions to this vaccine. If I didn't give him the shot now, it would just mean more needles in the future because Hep B was required to enter school. I wouldn't back down. My son was only 5 1/2 lbs at this point! I would later learn that vaccine is not only unnecessary, but dangerous for infants as well as adults. It was also removed from the French market (same manufacturer) because it caused numerous infant deaths and life-long injuries to adults. The French authorities have also launched an investigation into manslaughter charges against this manufacturer too.

My baby was discharged on March 19, 2007. We could finally bring him home! My husband was so cute. During my stay in the hospital he took it upon himself to go shopping and purchase the remainer of the items that we needed (diapers, crib sheets, etc). He proudly told me that he used coupons too!! He also set the crib up in our bedroom and rearranged some of the bedroom furniture to make it easier for us.

Our new baby was doing fabulous. Because he was premature, it is now standard that Easter Seals comes out to your house for an evaluation for any delays. We had him evaluated just prior to him receiving his 2 mo. shots. The evaluators noticed that he was smiling and holding his bottle at a mere corrected age of only 2 weeks! Corrected age is another term for his "due date". It is easier to assess their skills if you refer to their corrected age instead of their birthdate because after all, they did leave the womb early. I was told that he would not need any intervention because he was well advanced for his age and they didn't foresee any problems.

My husband and I loved our son's pediatrician. My husband had a lot in common with her too it turned out. Her brother happened to be in the military and was stationed at the same base that was in my husband's hometown!

When our son was 2 mo. old we brought him in for his well-baby visit. I refused some of the newly recommended vaccines because I didn't feel comfortable giving him certain vaccines that my older child never had. It just didn't feel right. His doctor didn't pressure us. So, I agreed to give him the IPV, DTaP, and HIB vaccines. I was simply told that he may have a slight fever or the injection sight may be a little tender. If I had any concerns, please do not hesistate to call because they have a nurse always on phone duty after hours.

For the next three agonizing days, my son screamed off/on like I had never heard a baby scream before and it was accompanied by a low-grade fever. His screams were enough to make the hair on the back of your neck rise. My baby never even cries and to hear this, it was very unsettling. He also developed this strange congestion that would clear later in the morning each day (the congestion lasted for several weeks). I did call the doctor's office after hours during the screaming episodes and was simply told that this is quite normal, give him some Tylenol, and try to be more careful about where I am touching his legs. She also told me that unless his chest is sinking in or he is gasping for breath, it is really nothing to worry about.

It was time for his next round of shots at 4 mo. My doctor was trying to talk me into having him receive the Hep B vaccine, but I still refused. I told her that he really wasn't at risk for contracting it. She accepted my decision, but did tell me that he could very well be bit by another child at the playground who has the disease. So, once again, he was given the IPV, DTaP, and HIB vaccines.

Once again, he endured the same high-pitched screaming and low-grade fever. My mother actually witnessed it too and urged me to call the doctor's office. Once again, I called the doctor's office after hours and spoke with a nurse. I was told this is quite normal and that I need not worry. I really thought that if this is the second nurse that is telling me this, then they must know what they are talking about.

Our baby was now 6 mo. old. I had some concerns at this point. He was no longer holding his bottle. It seemed to stop shortly after he was 2 mo. old. He just began holding his head up. He also could not sit up yet or crawl. He wasn't even babbling yet either. His doctor assured me that this is quite normal for premature babies. He will eventually catch up I was told. So, once again, he was given the same vaccines that he had earlier. This time, his reaction was much different.

There was no screaming this time or low-grade fever. My mother and I noticed that he would begin to jerk uncontrollably at times when he was given his bottle (his entire body would become a little stiff and it appeared that he was having a muscle spasm from head to toe). His eyes would also roll back into his head. It was quite scary, but we both assumed that we were holding him the wrong way and maybe hitting a sensitive spot. This occurred on several occasions in the weeks following his vaccines. My husband never witnessed it because it seemed to occur during the day while he was at work. I referred back to the booklet on vaccines that was written by the CDC and found that if an screams for 3 or more hours, it is considered a reaction to the vaccine. It was also very vague about vaccine reactions. It talked about mild reactions which included a low-grade fever or inflammation at the injection site. Serious side effects occurred so rarely it was estimated to be about one in a million. Even then, the book stated it could be an allergic reaction to a substance in the vaccine. It would be characterized by hives, difficulty breathing, paleness, weakness, hoarseness or wheezing, a rapid heartbeat, and dizziness. Well, my son WAS congested and he DID scream for well over 3 hours over the course of 3 days. Why was I told that this was "normal"? I then began to do my homework on vaccines and was quite shocked by what I found.

His high-pitched screaming could have been attributed to inflammation of the brain, otherwise known as mild encephalitis. His jerking movements are also known as partial seizures. They occur usually when the body is either allergic to something or exposed to a toxic amount of heavy metals. It all began to make sense. I thought back to when he could no longer nurse. It was right after his 2 mo. shots. He did take right to the bottle, but I was upset that I could no longer feed him by way of nursing. I had assumed that it was due to my being able to no longer produce enough milk (too much stress in my life possibly). Looking back though, that was only part of the problem. The other was that he just could no longer latch on correctly, which involves the muscles in the mouth. I tried different formulas and finally had him content with a lactose-free one. For some reason, he couldn't tolerate any others. He also developed a rash on his cheeks that would just not go away. I thought that it was due to teething because at times, it would disappear, but only for a few days.

During all of this I began to notice that my hearing has off since I had him. At first I thought that it was due to all of the fluid in my body. I didn't realize at the time that ear nerve damage is an actual side effect to the Rubella Vaccine. This would not be discovered until many months later. I then began researching vaccines extensively. It became somewhat of an obsession for me.

I purchased three books to start with by Neil Z. Miller. They were titled, "Vaccines, Autism and Childhood Disorders", "Vaccines: Are They Really Safe & Effective", and his latest, "Vaccine Safety Manual". I also spent countless hours on the internet too. My husband was very uncomfortable with the idea of no longer vaccinating our baby. It was hard enough to convince him to not do all of them. After I presented my findings, he quickly changed his mind and agreed with me.

When my husband learned that babies receive the same dose as an adult, he was shocked. Yes, you did read that correctly. A .5 ml vial is the standard dose of any vaccine and for any age, height, and weight. I also learned that the vaccines my baby received at his corrected age of only 4 weeks old have never been evaluated on infants less than 6 weeks of age. However, they could have been incorrect about my due date and he could have been a little younger. I also learned that he was given eggs, lactose, MSG, peanut oil, and many, many neurotoxins which have been shown to cause brain damage in laboratory animals. The effects of these chemicals have never been studied on humans. One ingredient clearly stuck out like a sore thumb. It was called phenoxyethanol. Apparantly, the FDA removed a nursing mother's nipple cream from the market called "Mommy's Bliss" because it contained this toxic ingredient. According to the FDA, it can cause depression of the central nervous system. Please see link below for details.

This ingredient was in my son's DTaP vaccine I learned! It has since been "phased out", but there is one vaccine on the market that still contains it. It is called "IPOL" and it is made by Sanofi Pasteur. On the link below, please refer to page 1, 3rd paragraph for ingredient content.

Doctors and researchers alike claim that they don't know what causes SIDS? Well, I've just discovered one possibility. I am lucky that my son is alive according to the FDA. Why would the FDA think that this one ingredient is toxic for a nursing infant by way of a mother's breast, but on the other hand call it "safe" to inject? This did not make any sense to me. It also scared me that they thought so little about vaccines being harmful for people.

I also learned that the FDA feels that too much aluminum is toxic. Yet, my baby received over 600 micrograms of aluminum each day that he was vaccinated!? Toxic amounts of aluminum in one's system is currently being linked to Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. Just what would this amount do to my son's developing brain though? If I had given him all of the "recommended vaccines" each time, he would have been given roughly 1,200 micrograms of it!

Recent studies have shown that as much as 80% of pediatricians do not recognize developmental delays. In fact, what I have learned it that Easter Seals has a more accurate developmental milestone chart. The pediatrician's version has actually been "dumbed down" over the years. When my teenage son was a baby, it was known that a child should be walking by the age of 12 months. If he/she was not, there was something wrong. Nowadays, pediatricians are claiming that it is o.k. for a child to be walking as late as 18-24 months old. This is "normal" they claim. Well, the only reason why it is considered normal is because far too many infants are delayed these days.

There was so much more to this I would later learn. It would be enough to make me scream, cry, have nightmares, and want to call every elected official about this insane "Vaccine Program". I began to eat, sleep, and live for finding out what vaccines were all about.


California Baileys said...

This is so horrible. I can't even stand to read this - it is making me cry. I wish every mom would read your blog.
Sarah B (Vaccinations Group)

Anonymous said...

I've just spent three days reading your entire blog - thank you so much for getting the word out about these horrific things.

I've been researching this for several years now. I've been diagnosed Asperger's myself - I'm in my early 20s now, diagnosed 13 years ago - but I've managed to recover to a degree that if I were to go to a doctor now, I wouldn't get the diagnosis. I've gone from socially crippled, and a feeling I can only describe as living with a brick wall between the processing parts of brain I knew was there but couldn't see around or move, to a bubbly, outgoing, social butterfly with a fantastic career helping others do the same. My life's mission is to help others on the autistic spectrum recover from what I believe are 98% of the time toxin-induced (usually vaccine-induced) injuries.

I'm now sure vaccines had an awful lot to do with my case. I'm a naturopath, and as such live an extremely healthy lifestyle - organic food, no allergens, no chemicals in my house or on my body that have any slight potential of being unsafe... and it's only since I began drifting towards that way of living, in my late teens, that I truly started to recover from this condition.

When I think about it now, and reading through your posts and some of the information you've presented (that even in my years of researching the dangers of vaccines I haven't seen - just goes to show there's always things to learn!), vaccine damage seems to account for many things that have happened to me - and it's all there in my baby book and notes. The way the fog has lifted from my mind over the past few years, and the effects what i've been doing would have on a brain damaged by these toxins, would lend further credence to this.

Whilst I've refused the last few vaccines, and my parents have sworn never to touch them again, for themselves or my younger siblings, I do remember clearly the last one I had - tetanus, age 12. My arm was numb for days, and to this day I still get a peculiar ache where I was jabbed, identical to how it felt then. It was 12 years ago.

Thank you, so so very much for this blog. Your efforts are to be applauded, and I truly wish you and your family all the best in your recovery - and I'm positive you will all recover - and in raising further awareness of this genocide occurring under our noses.

Keep waking up them sheeple...

Lucinda, UK

Dawn said...

Thank you Lucinda. Your post made me cry. I do that a lot lately. I'm so happy that you have recovered tremendously too!!

Anonymous said...

You're welcome - and I absolutely know that both you and your kids will be just fine. It takes a lot of time and energy, but don't ever give up hope; the damage can be undone, I'm living proof! (And just look at the headway Jenny M. has made with her little boy..!) If only all these children had someone so dedicated to help them get better. :-)