Monday, September 29, 2008

Are Vaccines Mandatory?

I was never told by my doctor or my sons' doctors that my state offers 2 exemptions. In fact, my state currently offers a religious exemption or a medical exemption. Though, a medical exemption is often difficult to obtain. Why? Because it usually only applies to one vaccine and the doctor must indicate the length of time that the exemption is in place. If your child had a reaction after his/her vaccines, how do you know which one caused the reaction if several are administered in one day? It is virtually impossible! Were you led to believe that you didn't have a choice in the matter? For your specific state's information go to:

If there is an outbreak and your child is not vaccinated, they will be asked to stay home from school (quarantined) until the outbreak subsides. In my opinion, this is really absurd because up until recently many vaccines were not required prior to foreigners entering this country. In fact, certain vaccines are only required if the person is going to obtain U.S. citizenship. What about all of the adults walking around whose vaccines have worn off long ago? Are doctors and nurses required to obtain every vaccine that they administer our children? Some, not all. What about all of the U.S. Citizens who travel to foreign countries each year? Are they required to be vaccinated for everything? Not from what I am reading.

Many physicians are having their patients sign a "Refusal to Vaccinate Form" if one or more vaccines are refused. What this form basically states is that you acknowledge the fact that the "benefits" outweigh the "risks" and by refusing to vaccinate you are not only placing your child in danger, but others as well. Doctors are not required to have you sign this form by the way. Simple documentation in the patient's file is sufficient according to the following website:

Many parents who have accidentally signed this form are now fearing that their children will be taken away by state agencies. Some children already have. However, they are returned, but not before being vaccinated with everything first though. Rarely, does the parent have enough time to even contact an attorney.

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