Monday, September 29, 2008

Is There Any Justice When You Are Injured?

Not in my family's case. There are actually a total of 5 victims, but I am reluctant to talk about the fifth. This victim died shortly after a round of vaccines, but the hospital did a wonderful job covering up the truth surrounding this person's death.

I did take my teenage son in this past year for a comprehensive educational screening. I was concerned that he may have been suffering from an Auditory Processing Disorder. This disorder often accompanies ADHD. However, he passed the test with flying colors. It was I who struggled to hear every question that was asked of him.

Every time that a vaccine is administered to a patient, .75 cents goes into a fund called the "National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program", or VICP for short. If a person is injured by a vaccine, they are able to file a claim through the court for compensation. Sounds easy, right? It is actually very difficult to win.

That is pretty alarming considering that this program has already paid out over $1 Billion dollars in damages to date!

Unfortunately, I did learn that my Rubella Vaccine was not properly recorded at this well-known medical teaching hospital where it was administered. Though it has been a law since 1986 that healthcare professionals record vaccine lot #'s, manufacturer, type of vaccine administered, and the date of administration, mine was never documented properly. Not only that, but when I called the hospital to obtain the information I was simply told by the nurse manager of the birthing pavillion that no other patients' vaccines were recorded either due to "system changes".

To say that I am furious is an understatement. I have gone as far as notifying the following individuals, agencies, and organizations about this blatent disregard for the law:

All major newspapers in my state
Congressmen/Congresswomen in my state
Health & Human Services, the CDC, and Medicaid (not on Medicaid, but told they may help)
The Joint Commission (an organization that oversees hospitals' wrongdoings)
Governor of my state
The hospital's Risk Management Officer
My state's Medical Licensing Board
Several Attorneys

Not one of them will do anything about it. Because this hospital is "fully accredited", they can do no wrong. Therefore, they cannot be punished. Despite the fact that vaccines are required to be recorded, there isn't anyone to enforce it if they don't. I was also told by several attorneys that if I did not have a comprehensive hearing screening prior to this vaccine, if would be impossible to prove that the vaccine did the damage. What?! Why would I have a comprehensive hearing exam prior to this vaccine if my hearing was perfect?!

Despite the fact that doctors rarely report adverse reactions, parents or patients are encouraged to do so. I had to file all 4 of my reports (one for myself and three for my infant).

I did file a grievance with my state's nursing board on behalf of my infant. Both nurses not only failed to log my frantic phone calls properly, but also failed to alert his doctor about his reactions. Due to their actions, he then received another round of vaccines at 6 mo. which caused him to have partial seizures. If the first nurse had done her job, he never would have received any other vaccines after his 2 mo. shots. So, will he ever receive compensation? It is very hard to say. I am led to believe that by the time the extent of his injuries are known (if any), it would exceed the time limit to file. However, I am still looking into this. It would be extremely difficult to prove though because nothing was documented. It would just be my word against theirs. I have been watching him closely though because developmental delays are usually a sign of future problems - learning disabilities.

It wasn't until recently that his 3rd evaluation proved that the gap was wide enough (what he is doing vs. what he "should" be doing) for intervention to be warranted. I am currently awaiting a phone call to set these weekly sessions up. I am also researching detox methods for all of us because I am not only afraid to have another child after I've been injected with the Rubella Virus (which I will try to explain later), but I want my childrens' futures to be as promising as they can be.

If one good thing came out of this, it is that his pediatrician is now researching vaccines. Apparently, not more than a footnote is covered in medical school. I guess she has seen enough to scare her into doing her own homework.

If I had to do it all over again, nobody in my family would have received a vaccine - period.

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