Thursday, May 28, 2009

Your Child - Your Choice

If you want to inject your dear baby with monkey kidneys, sheep brains, hampster ovaries, cow blood, aborted fetus tissue, SV-40 virus, and God knows what else....have at it. It is YOUR child. Parenting is a HUGE responsibility. ...some take it seriously and some do not. I, for one, know that there are NO studies proving the safety or effectiveness of vaccinating and NUMEROUS studies showing failure and "dangerous" adverse events following. Again, it's your choice. I've done my homework. Thanks, but I'll pass.

Just summing up my feelings on this blog.....AND also venting about readers' comments on other online articles!!

By the way, if any "scientist" or "doctor" tries to say that vaccines are safe and contaminant-free, ask them how on earth the cancer causing SV-40 virus made its way into our oral polio vaccines for DECADES (now conveniently off the market). DUH?? Yeah, google SV-40 virus, cancer and you will be totally spooked about what they did to many Americans for the sake of the good ole dollar.

You are more than welcome to use the above first paragraph for your own use (in response to other beligerant pro-vaxers)!!


Lisa said...

THank you thank you thankyou!!! I will definitely use your first sentence as I have come across many of these pro-vaxers and they are MEAN!!!

Kevin M. Folta said...

SV40 did make its way into vaccines because of the system used to culture the virus. It has not been used in a long time. This is how science works. We use evidence to guide our progress. Things change, usually for the better.

It is critical for us to offer children and families the best health care we can. Immunization is an amazingly wonderful gift that has had a profound impact on increasing our quality and length of life. Sure, there are exceptions where people have had reactions etc, but these are few. More have reactions to strawberries.

I would appreciate a future post of your "homework". What are the peer-reviewed, highly cited journal articles that show that vaccines are dangerous?

I am unaware of these after many years in science and would appreciate the information. Thank you.

Dawn said...

Actually Kevin, the SV-40 virus was in the oral polio vaccine up until the 1990's. What about all of the other animal viruses/vaccine contaminants that were and are still in vaccines today? I highly recommend that you read the book, "Fear of the Invisible" by Janine Roberts. You will never look at the Vaccine Program the same way again.

As far as the peer-reviewed medical studies go, I will gladly post them shortly.

Wendy said...

Alexander Horwin died from a tumor in his brain full of SV40 in 1997...SV40 is NOT out of vaccines yet.