Monday, May 4, 2009

New Hampshire Residents - Tune in May 7, 2009!

WMUR Channel 9 News will be airing "To Vaccinate or Not?" on Thursday, May 7, 2009 at 11:00 P.M. While the airtime is somewhat disappointing, let's hope that the story is not!

I did find it very disturbing that WMUR TV featured Dr. Jose Montero, state epidemiologist on the air today. He said, "30 something thousand people die each year from the flu." That is one of the biggest lies yet!! Oh really Dr. Montero? Don't quit your day job!

2006 - 806 (preliminary figure)
2005 - 1,812
2004 - 1,100
2003 - 1,792 **mass marketing with infants began
2002 - 727 **mass marketing with elderly began
2001 - 257 (page 18) 33 )

Why do these news networks allow doctors to get away with spreading these lies? Why don't they call them on them?


Foresam said...

Dr Montero is the same dope who tried to tell us that thimerosal was not in any of the flu shots in NH last year. Not true.

Angie M. Lombard said...

I was disappointed in the WMUR news cast.

It takes mere minutes to state the facts:

Educate yourself as a parent on vaccinations for your child. One size doesn't fit all in this case. After researching each vaccination, decide which you choose to give your child and spread them out or separate them if you wish to minimize the quantity of vaccinations your child in receiving. Since it is too much too soon.

There's your story in 30 seconds.

If I was a parent who knew nothing about vaccinations I would be completely lost after watching that news cast. They took snip-its of each interview and pasted it into one lousy news program.

I wish they would have aired more information of the vaccine facts that Dawn knows all too well.

Boo to WMUR.