Wednesday, May 13, 2009

New Hampshire Residents - Take Action May 21st

NH Residents - Health and Human Services is at it again!

The Bureau of Developmental Services is proposing rule changes that apply to Early Intervention Services. In a nutshell, they are proposing that your child is not entitled to services unless you have Medicaid or your insurance is willing to foot the bill. So, we have pediatricians failing our children by not recognizing developmental delays and the Dept of Education which further fails the child by not assessing properly for Special Education Services (dumbed down testing). The only hope that our children in this state have is Early Intervention! I truly believe that HHS is scared - they know that Autism is growing at a rate of 17% each year (learning disabilities are sharply rising too) and they just want to wash their hands of this mess altogether, but at the same time make sure every child receives their brain damaging vaccines.

The hearing is set for 1:00 p.m. on May 21st at 129 Pleasant Street in Concord, NH (the Brown Building). I will be there to testify and I hope to see you there too! Children are encouraged to come also!

The proposed rule changes would apply to He-M 510 (pages 15 & 25)


Foresam said...

Dawn, Remind about this, will you. I'll be there if I can arrange it.

Dawn said...

I will. Thanks for your support!