Monday, May 4, 2009

Dr. Ryan Coller - Another Uneducated Fool Spreading Misinformation

Dr. Ryan Coller recently wrote an article for the LA Times. This article may be read here:,0,4461231.story

I'm sorry Dr. Coller, but after reading this article it is you WHO is sadly misinformed. I can also see that you haven't even read the vaccine package inserts yourself. If you had, you would know that people receiving the chicken pox vaccine, Varivax, are advised to stay away from immune-compromised individuals for 6 is the vaccinated who are the real threat to our cancer-ridden society. (page 7 - The section titled "Transmission")

According to the maker of the DTaP Vaccine, Tripedia, Autism is a possible side effect. (page 11)

Do you also point out to your patients, that despite the fact that we are the most highly vaccinated country in this entire world - we are ranked #42 when it comes to infant mortality? Other countries have fared much better in this department and they give fewer vaccines! Please explain this!

I will provide another alarming fact for you doctor. The Mumps Vaccine has been proven to cause Diabetes in persons genetically predisposed to the condition. A European study has proven this. How much money do you make from insulin prescriptions alone? Me? I would prefer the Mumps over a lifetime of medication and strict dietary changes.

Albonico, H., Klein, P., et al. "The immunization campaign against measles, mumps and rubella - coercion leading to a realm of uncertainty: medical objections to a continued MMR immunization campaign in Switzerland." JAM 1992; 9(1)

Do your homework Dr. Coller!! Start by researching the chemicals that you are proposing we inject into our healthy, innocent children.

This child that you refer to in your article is healthy because he is vaccine-free!

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