Friday, May 8, 2009

Our Local News - Vaccines and Autism

Unfortunately, a lot was left out during the final editing of my interview with the reporter. Overall though, I think he did a great job considering the fact that he is limited on what he can say. It upsets me that the medical community continues to spread fear and feed lies to parents about vaccines and disease.

I also wanted to clarify one important son's pediatrician has told me that my son's "risks" outweigh his "benefits" at this time. She doesn't believe that he should receive any more vaccines at this point. She is also doing her own research on the matter too. She gladly accepted a book that I gave her and told me that she has already read 2 others. So, most pediatricians are uninformed as well.


passinthru said...

I can't see the video, but I just came by to admire your nerve, girl. I saw you bravely standing up for your point of view on a hostile blog, and having had my head handed to me recently for SUGGESTING there was science supporting caution around immunization, I thought I'd say that.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn-
I see you are in New Hampshire. Are you coming the Maine on the 12th? I hope so. I am one of the mom's who helped organized it.

Dawn said...


I would absolutely love to attend, but cannot at this time - 2 children and no available help for that day!! I see that you can purchase a DVD in late May. I will do just that!! Thank you for helping our kids!