Thursday, June 4, 2009

The CDC and HHS Disguising Developmental Delays

Earlier today I was at the doctor's office with my youngest son. I happened to read a brochure that was sitting in the rack during our visit. What I read was actually quite sickening. As I mentioned in earlier posts, a child's development is everything. If there are any delays whatsoever in milestone achievements, it is usually a good indicator of future problems - learning disabilities. The average parent would not be aware of any delays in their own child unless they experienced having one much earlier to compare growth to - such as in my case. I cannot stress this enough too - parents, get out your own baby books to compare your growth to that of your child's. You will probably be quite surprised and shocked that your own child's pediatrician is not skilled in this area.

When my 15 year old was a baby, it was common knowledge that a child should be walking by 12 months. If he/she was not, then something was definitely wrong. Nowadays, pediatricians tell parents 18-24 months is more like the "norm". This is not true and a large problem like this going undetected will cause your child more harm in the long run if intervention is not sought! Early Intervention will tell you that if your child is not walking unassisted by 15 months, this is a definite RED FLAG and the problem should be addressed. On the link below, please disregard the part about delays not warranting concern. Just stick to their timeline only.

I am not quite sure about speech milestones for babies today compared to what was expected 15 years ago, but did come across this website below for information regarding speech development. It too, is far more accurate than the pediatricians' current version.

Now, after reading those links above, please be sure to check out the brochure that is being supplied by pediatricians, the Center for Disease Control, and Health & Human Services on the link below (the same parties responsible for pushing brain damaging vaccines):

Vaccines can and do cause more than just Mitochondrial Disorders (SIDS, Autism, Diabetes, etc). Learning disabilities are a sign of brain damage - either to the right or left hemisphere of the brain. Damage to the brain may occur due to toxic chemical exposure (such as vaccines). The early signs of brain damage are evident by your child's developmental delays. By using the services provided by Early Intervention, there is science-based evidence that you can "retrain" the brain so that the child will have a much better outcome in the later years. It is just sad that many parents are not aware that these injuries more than likely could have been avoided in the first place.

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My oldest is 21 and I remember that the milestones came at a much younger date too. Great researching.