Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Why I Devote So Much Time on the Vaccine Issue

Immediately, there are two words come to mind: guilt and anger

I feel an incredible amount of guilt over what I've done to my children. I put all of my faith into their pediatricians and vaccinated my two boys. Their lives are so much more difficult because of my actions. I try to stay strong, but at times I find myself sobbing uncontrollably. The dentist's office was my most recent incident. I just happened to pick up a magazine that Jenny McCarthy was featured in. Of course, the article did state that she blamed vaccines for her son's Autism. I started crying and couldn't stop.

I feel an incredible amount of anger over the whole vaccine debate too. Tens of thousands of parents across this country are claiming that their normally developing child changed after a round of vaccines. What is truly disgusting is that the medical community not only doesn't believe them, but they want to see every American - young and old force-vaccinated. Sorry, but it is not happening on my watch.

Then, there is my youngest child's baby book. I haven't picked it up in months. I don't have the heart to. How am I supposed to fill out all of these joyful milestone occasions when he is severely delayed in all areas? My 23 month old son cannot climb stairs, jump or even say more than 2 words because of me! I do love my children with all of my heart and I am proud of who they are, but I blame many medical and government organizations for robbing me of these special moments. I also don't know what their future holds for them either. My children were involved in a scientific experiment that I didn't legally consent to. I didn't legally consent to it because the risks were never clearly outlined and the benefits were a false assumption made by their doctors based on lies told by our government organizations.

Every day I try to take the opportunity to educate others. I've become more bold in my approach too. Practice brings confidence. I practice in the dentist's office, the doctor's office, the grocery store, and anywhere else that I see an opportunity.

I really don't care that I've lost friends over the debate. I simply cannot sit there with a closed mouth as they so blindly poison their children, themselves, and their pets. I could only hope that someone would do the same for me.

Just remember this - a true friend never tells you only what you want to hear.


Crystal said...

You are a brave woman and a great parent. I wish I could tell you something to rid your guilt. I hope that your kid(s) don't suffer in vain. I have recently chosen NOT to vax my children. I have twin boys who are a year old and have been fully vaxed so far, but I am no longer going to do it. I bought all the baloney they fed us, and I am grateful they did not suffer any affects thus far. I also vaxed my two older kids (8, 11) and they both have bad asthma, and my daughter has allergies/exzema. No child of mine will ever get another vaccine. Its women like you who are brave enough to come out, ask questions, take the BS they spew at you for not vaxing,that will end up doing whats right by humanity. It amazes me that people do not understand what they are putting in their kids and take everything doctors tell them as infalliable. I mean I researched what kind of stroller to buy MORE than I researched the vaccines I was gonna pump them with. Scary. I feel guilty for ever vaxing my kids. But the people using scare tactics and misleading information to get parents to vax should feel more guilty. Good luck with everything, and thanks! You are helping more than you know.

Dawn said...

Thank you Crystal! I am very happy to hear about your decision. Twins, boys at that, are at a much, much higher risk of Autism I've learned.

As far as my little guy is concerned - Wahoo! Recovered. Smart as a whip. Sure, we still have to be careful about "seizure triggers" and healthy eating, but he will lead a normal life. I really need to update my blog on all that has happened. Thank you for giving me a little "push" to move it along!! Take care!!