Thursday, February 12, 2009

Vaccines Don't Trigger Autism?

I have 5 vaccine-injured people in my family alone (one case of Autism). This kangeroo court now wants to say that vaccines don't cause Autism? Yes, they aren't the "sole" cause of Autism, but they are definitely the "trigger" for many. Let us not forget that Health and Human Services agreed not too long ago that Hannnah Poling's Autism was in fact, caused by her vaccines.

Who exactly runs this country anyways? The drug cartel?

I have a SIMPLE SOLUTION to this HUGE problem. Perform a SPECT scan (brain scan) on the day of each child's birth - right before the Hep B vaccine is given. Then do another one RIGHT after the vaccine. That will be more than enough proof that vaccines cause brain damage. Do this right before and after every single vaccine is given to each and every child.


Yan said...

there are countries where theyve removed the preservative from vaccine and there are significant groups who have stopped vaccinating and still no drop in autism diagnoses. this is one of the most well funded studies in history. vaccines do not cause autism. its a problem we know as "correlation does not equal causation." vaccine administration correlates with the time many children arent reaching their milestones. many kids stop babbling when they start walking (to concentrate on motor skills) but this doesnt mean walking causes autism!

Dawn said...

Thank you Yan for commenting. In what country were the vaccines removed exactly? I haven't heard of that one. I have spoke with many different doctors who have told me that the Autism rates are dropping though? Yet, the numbers do not reflect that. Autism is growing rougly 17% each year.

I do not believe the mercury is the sole cause of Autism. I believe it is many different factors, but chemicals overall are the problem in this epidemic. Man-made viruses found in vaccines are the second problem. Remember Hannah Poling? It was the MMR that sent her over the edge and there was never mercury in that vaccine. She also has a Mitrochondrial Disorder that is aggravated by chemicals & man-made viruses too. How many Hannah Polings are there in this world? Nobody knows yet.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Auties, but the burden of proof is on you to show that vaccines cause autism, with medical facts and beyond the shadow of a doubt. The supreme court decided that it is coincidence that children with autism were vaccinated.

Nobody really knows what causes autism, but it sure isn't vaccinations. Stop trying to make your retarded kids infect our healthy children by not getting them vaccinated.

Dawn said...

I was going to reject Anonymous' comment, but decided that we all need to see the face (or lack thereof) of ignorance.

First of all, my children are not "retarded". I don't appreciate the insult.

Secondly, I can sympathize with your pain regarding the declining profit margin & vaccines, but there is no need to name call - particularly with you directing your vulgar anger toward innocent children too.

Lastly, if your beloved vaccines work as well as you think they do, your vaccinated children should have no problem hanging out with the likes of mine.