Friday, February 20, 2009

Information for Gardasil Victims

32 girls have died after receiving this vaccine. Hundreds, if not thousands, have been seriously injured. What will it take for this vaccine to be removed from the market?

I came across some information that the Gardasil victims may be interested in. Did you know that histidine should be avoided if histidinemia is present? Histidine is present in Gardasil!! I just read this in my Biomedical Intervention book titled, "Autism: Effective Biomedical Treatments" by Jon Pangborn, Ph.D. and Sidney M. Baker, M.D. Information is found on page 286 and 289. I also found this....

My guess is that some of these girls, if not all, have this metabolic disorder.

For any of you out there that know a Gardasil victim, please get this information to them. It just may help them win their case in court!

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