Friday, February 13, 2009

The CDC Believes That Most People Are Stupid

This is too "outbreak of measles" reported by the CDC in one of their MMWR's.

"Fourteen (22%) patients were hospitalized; no deaths were reported. Transmission occurred in both health-care and community settings. One of the 44 patients for whom transmission setting was known was an unvaccinated health-care worker who was infected in a hospital. Seventeen (39%) were infected while visiting a health-care facility, including a child aged 12 months who was exposed in a physician's office when receiving a routine dose of measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine. "

So much for the measles being deadly. There were no deaths they say.

One of the 44 patients was an unvaccinated health-care worker. Oh, so they mean to tell us that vaccines are not required for health-care workers, but these same people want to mandate them for our children? What I am also assuming is that the other 43 people were vaccinated? So much for vaccines being effective.

They are also telling us that a 12 month old child was exposed to the measles in a physician's office when receiving a routine dose of measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine. Where then is the other child or adult who had the measles in this same office? The MMR vaccine is a live-virus vaccine and one of the many risks associated with this vaccine is the possibility of getting a measles-like rash according to the package inserts (basically the risk is clearly outlined - THE MEASLES). How are we to know that that wasn't what really happened?


Does the CDC really think that we are that stupid?


tellthetruth said...
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Dawn said...

I had a wiseguy pharmaceutical employee by the name of "tellthetruth" leave an inappropriate comment. I did delete it, but these people have forced me to resort to comment moderation. I apologize everyone. There are always a few people who have to ruin it for others.