Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Vaccine Court Case You Weren't Supposed to Hear About

The following email was sent to me from the New Jersey Coalition For Vaccine Choice:

One year ago, Vaccine Court ruled that vaccines caused Hannah Poling’s autism. One case. One little girl. A lot of inconvenient press and questions.

Two weeks ago, Vaccine Court ruled that vaccines did not cause autism in three highly followed “test cases” involving the MMR vaccine. Three children. Sweeping conclusions drawn by the Vaccine Establishment that the debate is now over.

Today, we learn of a little boy who, in 2007, was awarded a lump sum and ongoing care valued in excess of $1 million because Vaccine Court ruled that the MMR vaccine had caused acute brain damage that led to his autism. Read about it here:

and view today’s USA Today ad here:

What’s going on here? Why are we only learning about this now?

In two decades, Vaccine Court has paid 2,260 families nearly $2 billion. How many of these cases involve children with vaccine injury and autism? Shouldn’t we want to know?

Our government, our nation’s pediatricians, our hugely profitable pharmaceutical industry, our press repeatedly assure the public that vaccines are safe. More vaccines continue to be added to the childhood schedule.

Mandated flu shots. Talk of the need for a seventh pertussis shot. Over ten thousand Gardasil injuries and deaths reported. Autism, peanut anaphylaxis, seizures, diabetes, asthma, ADHD, palsies, other autoimmune and neurodevelopmental disorders through the roof.

Parents say it’s the vaccines. Hundreds of thousands of families describe children who were perfectly normal and then slipped away, before their eyes, right after their vaccines.

Who do you believe? What can you do about it?

Whether you’re a parent or guardian, grandparent, newlywed, doctor, nurse teacher, school administrator, day care provider, scientist, pastor, soldier, hospital employee, activist, public health official, lawyer, celebrity, judge, children’s health advocate, politician, business person, author, student or concerned citizen, this matters. You have a personal or professional, economic and financial, moral, ethical, socially responsible obligation to learn more. Vaccines are mandated. Most people never give this a moment’s thought. Will you?

Contact me.

Louise Kuo Habakus

Seminars currently scheduled:

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Andrew said...

Poling did not have autism. Read.

Dawn said...

Actually Andrew, Hannah Poling does have Autism and Health & Human Services did state this in the very beginning - that her vaccines triggered her Autism. This of course was after her case quietly settled to avoid going to trial.

This same government organization later recanted their statement and changed it to the child was suffering from a Mitochondrial Disorder aggravated by vaccines which caused "Autism-like features". Come on, are we really that stupid? Well, maybe some of us are, but not all.

It is no wonder why the Justice Dept stepped in and demanded that her file remain sealed. If you go to the Court's website, it clearly states that as long as both parties agree - meaning Health & Human Services and Hannah Poling's family - the case shall become public knowledge. Well, just where does the Justice Dept get off stepping in and sealing the case file? Since when are they above the law?

It leaves the public with 3 very important unanswered questions:

1. What is Health & Human Services trying to hide?

2. Why is the Justice Dept stepping in?

3. Just how prevalent are Mitochondrial Disorders? I am guessing that the majority of children who regress after their vaccines are suffering from this cellular defect. I guess we will never know though as long as our lovely government blows our tax dollars on fraudulent studies and continues to deny and cover up this alarming problem.