Friday, February 20, 2009

My Email to my Son's Doctor Today....

Hi Dr.,

I've been reviewing my toddler's evaluation from the hospital. That coupled with the fact that he had a seizure and now we are witnessing tremors in his extremities (the EEG technician noticed this), leaves me 100% convinced that he is suffering from an Oxidative Phosphorylation Disorder aka Mitrochondrial Disease. This explains his hypotonia, possible double vision (veering off to the side while walking), muscle weakness, and so much more. Dr. Andrew Moulden from Canada has also found Autistic and ADHD children suffering from microvascular strokes too (caused by the vaccines) and stroke like episodes are listed under this disorder too.

The question do I prove this? Through the neurologist? His treatment is getting expensive and if he is another Hannah Poling, I want to seek compensation through the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program for his injuries. Please let me know.

Also, I've been working with some journalists on the Gardasil matter. If you have any victims, have them tested for Histidinemia (a metabolic disorder which leaves them unable to tolerate the histidine in the vaccine).

George Bush knows exactly what is going on. That is why there is now a mandatory newborn DNA registry. Our corrupt government officials want to see how messed up our future generations are...these "so-called genetic conditions" are not rare at all. All cellular damage is caused by toxins, DNA is inherited unfortunately, and many toxins are found in vaccines.

Thanks for your help,


Keep in mind folks that vaccines will NEVER be removed from the market. There is too much money at stake. Also, with mandatory DNA collection, I am assuming that the pharmaceutical companies are working with our elected officials to calculate just how to make money off of this scary new bill!!! If there is damage to your DNA, what better way to sell you drugs or treatment to fix it?!

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