Friday, April 10, 2009

Mitochondrial Disease - Is it Really That Rare?

A little girl by the name of Hannah Poling won her vaccine injury case in 2008. It was decided that she had a "rare" genetic disorder known as a Mitochondrial Disorder that was aggravated by her vaccines. Because she was vaccinated, she then developed "Autism-like features". Let's just be real here and call it "Autism". What many people were not aware of though is just how much this child suffered as a direct result of her being vaccinated - countless ear infections, digestive issues, numerous trips to the doctors for yet another antibiotic, etc. When word of her case began to leak, the CDC tried to reassure the public that this was a very rare instance. Was it?

To read about Hannah Poling and her so-called "rare" disorder, please refer to the link below:,8599,1721109,00.html

For a somewhat better, but brief overview on what mitochondria are, please click on the link below:

Mitochondrial Disease is currently being studied. Presently, it is safe to say that Mitochondrial Disease may be connected to the following disorders:



Isolated Language Delay

Cerebral Palsy

Type II Diabetes






Early Hearing Loss

Refractory Infantile Reflux

Multiple Sclerosis

Liver Failure


Renal Tubular Acidosis

Heart Failure

Chronic Pancreatitis

Now, with that said, not all of the cases above may be suffering from Mitochondrial Disease. It would take special testing to determine if that, was in fact, the cause of the underlying disorder. The following areas would be studied via blood, urine, or spinal cord fluid to determine the true nature of the disease:

Mitochondrial DNA

Lactic Acid

Urine Organic Acids

Plasma Amino Acids


The signs and symptoms that are often characteristic of mitochondrial disease may include the following: hearing and vision problems, cardiac disease, developmental delays, migraines, seizures, diabetes, cancer, clumsiness, weakness, loss of muscle control, or even catastrophic metabolic disease. It is important to understand that healthy individuals lacking these symptoms may be silent carriers of the disease.

Jenny McCarthy has made claims that she has personally met over 60,000 families who have had their children recover from Autism. How is this possible? We are told that nothing can be done for this disorder other than give the child seizure medication and/or therapy?! Well, surprisingly, the supplements recommended by the medical community to treat an underlying Mitochondrial Disorder are also the SAME supplements used by DAN doctors. DAN doctors are healing our children!! For a list of DAN doctors in your area, please refer to the following website:

The types of supplements that may be prescribed by DAN doctors are: CoQ10, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Selenium, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, and many others. These are the EXACT SAME supplements that may be recommended by a neurologist to treat an underlying Mitochondrial Disorder!

So, I ask the question again....are Mitochondrial Disorders really that rare? Can we truly believe the medical community when they tell us that Jenny McCarthy is a dumb dumb who doesn't know what she is talking about? They even went as far as to say her child, Evan (who recovered from his Autism diagnosis) never even had Autism! Her child was receiving ABA therapy for 40 hours per week for a year before she began working with a DAN doctor!! So, not only do they turn their backs when a vaccine injury occurs, but now they they turn their noses up when the child recovers!? It is absolutely insane.

For anyone working in the healthcare industry, the link below is an overview of "The Spectrum of Mitochondrial Disease":

I am personally speaking from experience when I say that very few neurologists even understand this disorder or know how to test for it.

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