Friday, April 17, 2009

Delaying & Spacing Out Vaccines - A Good Idea?

A lot of people that I encounter are using a different vaccine schedule. Some parents may space the vaccines out so that they are in the doctor's office every month or every few months. Other parents are delaying vaccines until the child is maybe 2 or 3 years old, but still making sure that the child receives all of his/her shots prior to kindergarten. I honestly cannot understand their reasoning for this because there is absolutely no scientific proof that either of these methods are safe. Which reminds me - please do not waste your money on any books by Dr. Sears. None of what he says makes any sense.

Did you know that an infant's blood-brain barrier is not even in tact until roughly 6 weeks of age? A blood-brain barrier protects our brains from harmful things like toxins, which are found in vaccines. The barrier may still be breached by harmful substances even after it has been fully developed, but the odds of your newborn baby suffering from a serious vaccine from the newborn Hep B vaccine though are pretty high when you factor in this information.

The link below states the following: "The blood-brain barrier is not fully developed in newborns, and although there is some evidence that it is not fully developed in some children until puberty, when it reaches full maturity is unknown."

Did you know that a person's myelin sheath is not even fully developed until adulthood? A myelin sheath is the coating that protects your central nervous system. So, what exactly will happen when you inject harmful substances like thimerosal (mercury), formaldehyde, aluminum, boric acid and many other toxins into a body that is still developing? You are taking a HUGE risk of having your child suffer from serious and often life-threatening central nervous system disorders.

For the link below, read the last 2 sentences in the third paragraph down from the top. It reads "The myelin sheath is completely developed when a person is about 20 years old. When the myelin sheath does not grow or function properly, it leads to nervous system damage."

The link below outlines commons "central nervous system disorders":

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