Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Challenge for the Media and Medical Community

Never before have vaccines received so much attention from the media. Every time a child dies of a so-called vaccine preventable disease it seems to make the evening news. Every time there is an outbreak of disease it seems to make the news. Every clinic and hospital that you enter seem to have posters up promoting vaccines. Well, I have a challenge for both groups. Please prove me wrong!!

I have been researching vaccines and diseases for over a year now. I haven't been able to find a child who died of a so-called vaccine preventable disease that was not involved in at least 1 of the 3 scenarios listed below....

a. The child was suffering from an autoimmune disorder and couldn't be vaccinated anyways. The autoimmune disorder was the true cause of the child's death.

b. The child was vaccinated, but did not complete the full series yet (the medical community refers to these children as unvaccinated though?)

c. The child was vaccinated for other things, but contracted the disease for which they were not vaccinated for.

The last 2 scenarios prove a very startling point. Vaccines weaken your immune system. Your body cannot fight off the simplest things. This is exactly why the number of vaccines have tripled in recent years too. They will continue to add more in the future too. It will never end.

So, again I am asking the media and medical community to prove me wrong. Each time that I encounter a doctor or nurse with this information, their facial expression (mouth wide open) says it all. I am 100% correct in my findings. I have yet to find a completely unvaccinated child die of any of these diseases.

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