Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Homeland Security and What Will Happen if You Refuse Any Vaccine

Anthrax added to the forced vaccination list. For the people who are new to this blog, I just want to give you a head's up on what I mean by "forced".

Under the Homeland Security Act in 2005, it was written that during pandemic situations people will be force-vaccinated. Each state has their own "emergency plan" aka "what to do with you if you refuse". You will either be sent to an established quarantine unit, under house arrest, or imprisoned (again, depending upon which state you live in). You may also be fined too. Amazing that this wasn't mentioned in the news, huh?

For your state's info:

To read about the Anthrax decision:

Homeland Security's Emergency Plan does not allow any exemptions from its wording. They will do whatever is necessary during a pandemic situation.

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Anonymous said...

Jane Burgemeister, an Austrian journalist, has filed charges against Baxter labs alleging that their flu vaccine is contaminated (she has a lot of proof). She has also filed charges with the FBI. I do not think that we can be compelled to kill ourselves. The story is on, natural health and others. Please get everybody to call their states attorney general and ask where that person stands on this issue. Also, let your local police, physicians and sheriffs know. They stand to get sick from giving these vaccinations.