Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Update on my Infant

My 20 mo. old infant has started receiving intervention services once per week at home because he is delayed in all areas (his third evaluation finally showed the gap was large enough to qualify). I was advised to take him back to his pediatrician due to the concerns about speech. I did just that. He saw his pediatrician on Monday and was referred to a team of developmental specialists (which will take about 6 months), an allergist (per my request), and a pediatric neurologist.

So, today we met with the pediatric neurologist. What a big, fat waste of time meeting with this dimwit. Here is what happened. My blood is still boiling.

For any of you that did not read my post in September I will restate in a nutshell what my baby went through. He had severe reactions to his 2, 4, and 6 mo. vaccines -all dismissed of course by the on-call nurse after 2 and 4 month rounds. He had high-pitched screaming, congestion, partial seizures (with 6 mo. vaccines), regressed, began showing signs of delays, is now receiving intervention services, etc At 12 mo. of age he was saying "here kitty, kitty, mama, dada, hi, baba," and other words. He didn't even start babbling though until 10 1/2 months which is definitely a red flag to begin with. Over the past 8 months he has lost all words (we stopped vaccinating at 6 mo. and he didn't receive all of the recommended ones thankfully). He was "cruising" for 7 mo. too which in my opinion is way too long. Now, he is still unsteady on his feet, bumping into things, falling backwards off the couch, losing his balance, etc. After 2 recent illnesses, it worsened - he looked like a little drunk because he would be standing there, slightly turn his head to look at you and just fall to the floor. So, his pediatrician recommended a pediatric neurologist. So, I went today with my Mom. The doctor evaluated him, asked for the history and as soon as I started blaming vaccines he then began talking down to me by saying things like "It doesn't sound like your son had partial seizures. Your son doesn't have Autism and if he did numerous studies have shown there is no connection. However, it is your right to discontinue the vaccines, but your son is at a severe risk of catching these diseases like Measles and such". Then he had the nerve to tell me my son's simply delayed in speech - I felt like screaming he is NOT DELAYED - HE WAS SPEAKING AND IT STOPPED! Explain that you jerk!

So, after he was done I mentioned Ataxia. He told me that my son doesn't appear to have it (o.k. before running any tests?). I said, "Well just so you know he was exposed to Magnesium Sulfate which can cause low-tone and ATAXIA. He was then given Aluminum Hydroxide in his DTaP which can cause low-tone and ATAXIA. He was also given neomycin which is not recommended if the child has low-tone because it can worsen it." I also asked him about ATAXIA being caused by drugs that have a depressant effect on the Central Nervous System. He is not aware of any in vaccines. I said, "Really? The FDA issued a statement that they were removing a nursing mother's nipple cream that contained phenoxyethanol because it may cause SIDS and depression of the central nervous system. Yet, my son received it in his DTaP vaccine? All goes in vaccines, huh?". I also said, "I don't care what the medical community says, I blame the vaccines and you will never convince me otherwise." I could tell he was really aggravated and wanted to get rid of me by this point. So, he mentioned that he was ordering some bloodwork to check for genetic abnormalities. I said, "So, you aren't going to check for vitamin deficiencies such as E and B12?" "No", he said. What a big fat waste of time going to this idiot.

So, before he left the room I said, "Doctor, let me leave you with 2 last thoughts. You know Bernadine Healy, right? (He actually said NO!). She is the former director of the NIH who gave a recent interview. She came out and said that the children who regressed after their vaccines have NEVER been studied. The recent study that the CDC released only covered 30 something children. So, I hardly call that a study. The medical community is seriously misinformed because the Autism/vaccine connection has NEVER been properly studied to date. Furthermore, ask yourself why these people who catch these diseases are never tested for the strain they are carrying. It is just my opinion doctor, but more than likely it is because the strain would be linked back to the vaccine in current use. So, if I have to decide between Measles and Cancer - yes, vaccines cause cancer and so much more doctor - I think I will take Measles."

He quickly gathered his paperwork and left the room to order the bloodwork while totally tuning me out. It just goes to show you that he has done absolutely no homework on the subject and he is just repeating what the CDC states. After so much controversy surrounding vaccines within the last decade, these doctors have to know what vaccines are all about. They are turning a blind eye on all of it though. Put yourself in their shoes. They have spent an enormous amount of money and time going to medical school. They are then taught that vaccine sales/prescription drugs will determine whether or not they can remain in that field. Why? Vaccines generate a lot of revenue for the medical teaching facilities, doctors, and Big Pharma. Not the vaccines themselves, but the diseases they cause are worth a fortune in prescription drugs.

My Mom got into the car and told me that she was so embarassed (after all, my face was beet red while I was talking to this doctor - I was also shaking and my nostrils were flaring). I said, "Mom, don't be. Be angry. They hurt your grandson with these damn vaccines and now they are conspiring to cover it all up". She then sighed and agreed with me.

On a good note, I have a friend of a friend who is getting me in to see a DAN doctor for help. My son's immune system is down now and despite what the medical community states - his problems began with drugs and vaccines. Period.


gfcfmom said...

I would love the info on how magnesium sulfate causes low tone. Is that when it is injected or when you get it topically through epson salt baths? My kids are low in magnesium and they have been helped by epson salt baths. And my daughters low tone disappeared when we removed gluten from her diet. Am I missing something about the epson salts. If you have the research or any anectodal evidence about Magnesium Sulfate, please pass it along to me. Thank you!Also, I couldn't be more frustrated with mainstream medical doctors who have continuously overlooked my kids glaring medical issues.

Dawn said...

Magnesium Sulfate is injected - different than Epsom Salts.

Kate said...


I know this is an older post, but I just found your blog and your son's story is pretty much the EXACT same story as my son.
No one will EVER convince me otherwise that it was a single shot of DTaP that injured my son. Period. He is currently almost 21 months and is receiving services for speech as he had some words at 12 months and then went to NOTHING right after that shot.
thank you for your story and all your information hunting. I will be returing to read daily!
Kate, mom to Vax injured Luke.