Thursday, October 2, 2008

Dr. Dean Edell, Radio Talk Show Host

Dr. Dean Edell is a radio talk show host who is spreading the lies and fearmongering against us anti-vax people. He has been stating that there is no mercury in childhood shots, vaccines don't cause autism, and that we are affecting their herd immunity. When you go to his website he even states that asthma is linked to CHILD ABUSE! He actually states that you are putting others at risk by not vaccinating! Just google his name for more info. Below is the fax that I am sending today.

His other website may be found here:

Below is a letter that I emailed to his radio show.

October 1, 2008

Dr. Dean Edell,

I am a wife and mother. My baby and I were injured by vaccines just last year. My hearing was damaged by a Rubella Vaccine and he endured high-pitched screaming off/on for three days, congestion, partial seizures, developmental delays and regression immediately following his vaccines which consisted of the IPV, DTaP, and HIB. The extent of his injuries are unknown at this time, but he is receiving intervention services and I am now researching detox methods for him. I have since learned after reviewing baby books, medical records, and baby photos that I have three other victims in my family (one death). So, that throws your fictitious “one in a million” theory out the window, wouldn’t you agree?

Vaccines have been controversial for decades now. I am led to believe one of two things: 1. Either physicians know exactly what they are capable of doing, but don’t care because vaccines are quite profitable or 2. Physicians are total idiots and believe everything that they hear or read stated by their superior powers. My son’s own pediatrician is now educating herself on the matter because she has seen enough to scare her.

You are probably saying to yourself…physicians don’t make any money off vaccines, right? Oh, but they do. If vaccines cause life-long disabilities which result in life-long medications, aren’t you making money then? Forgive me for being so blunt. It is what it is though.

As far as your theory regarding mercury has been removed is concerned, have you personally tested these vials that claim to be mercury-free? Last I heard there is still “trace amounts” in them, meaning .3 micrograms or less. I did the math according to the FDA’s own formula and just 2 trace shots would exceed my infant’s limit according to his weight. An anonymous physician sent in 4 vials to be tested and they all contained mercury, but claimed to be mercury-free. Go to for more info.

Vaccines don’t cause Autism? Where did you hear this nonsense? The CDC? The AAP? Autism is listed as an adverse reaction to Tripedia (you know, the shot that babies are given at 2, 4, and 6 mo. old?) It is no wonder why researchers believe that they can diagnose it much sooner now. If that is not enough, see what a member of the AAP (researcher) had to say about the MMR vaccine being implicated in certain types of “Autism” in Jenny McCarthy’s new book, “Mother Warriors”.

Then of course, there is your theory about “herd immunity”. Well, herd immunity is disproven in Neil Z. Miller’s book, the “Vaccine Safety Manual”. There are over 1,000 sources for you to further investigate (many from peer-reviewed medical journals). Actually, this is mainly disproven by the CDC’s own reported statistics before/after each vaccine came on the market. What I don’t understand is why doctors are not questioning the Flu Vaccine (36,000 deaths, huh?) I hate to burst your bubble on that one vaccine alone, but the CDC has never reported over 2,000 deaths for any given year. AND, the majority of these deaths were in people over the age of 75 according to the CDC. So, the fact that our elderly are “drugged up” on everything could have played a huge factor too. Before the mass marketing of the Flu Vaccine in the infants and elderly though, the CDC only reported 257 deaths in 2001. The mass marketing began in 2002 & 2003.

I now see vaccines as a game of Russian Roulette. Guess who is holding the gun too? Once you read those two books referenced above and “The Virus and the Vaccine” by Debbie Bookchin and Jim Schumacher, you will understand why I consider vaccines a Lethal Weapon. If you still believe in the herd immunity theory after reading these books, please, by all means, pack your bags and get the heck out of this country. Go move to communist country where you will have no rights because last I heard this is a free society that does not live under a dictatorship.

As long as doctors like you continue to spread your lies and hatred against parents like me, us “Moms” will only get louder and more determined than ever to put a stop to this insane“One-Size-Fits-All” Policy. This Anti-Vaccine movement by the way is mainly comprised of families who have witnessed the damages caused by vaccines firsthand, only to be ignored by doctors such as yourself. I do have to tell you though, there are 60,000 members of the AAP and our “numbers” surpassed yours a long time ago.

I will close with this one last thought though. The definition of a doctor is a person “who is skilled or specializes in healing arts who holds an advanced degree and is licensed to practice”. Very few “doctors” fit this profile. If many truly believe in the “herd immunity” theory despite the risks for some patients, I can only compare your works to that of Hitler.




Mom2twogoofballs said...

I used to listen to this man's radio show religiously before I had my now vaccine-injured little boy. I had NO idea he was such a vaccine pusher. Thanks for educating me!! I am no longer a fan of Dean Edell (I leave off the "Dr." part since any doc who believes injecting harm into our helpless babies has violated his oath). I'm a fan of yours now!

Anonymous said...

You Can Be Good Without God.
Science explains everything.
Religion explains nothing.
Dr Dean is MY friend.

Dawn said...


Please define "good" in your own words.

Please show me "scientific proof" that vaccines work and your "scientific evidence" of what causes Autism.

I'm sorry you have no belief system other than man.

I'm sorry that Dean is your friend. I have a really big problem with people who have no conscience when it comes to hurting innocent babies all in the name of "science".

Anonymous said...

Please excuse my tangential disjointedness and any typos. Unlike this lazy AM radio, 60's burnout, I was up all night saving people's lives.

About this guy's logic? I Heard him on the radio last night for the first time. He was all bent out of shape and opinionated, acting like people that refuse inoculation (it's illegal, in the USA, by the way, to FORCE people to ingest any substance against their will. Yeah. STILL IS.) for the flu (vaccinations kill and injure more people than they save and there is no vaccination for this H1 N1 just as no vaccination worked for any flu strain in the past how many years? Because it is impossible to know ahead of time what strain to make one for. Hello here.). He was saying how the amount of people "refusing" or "opting out" or however he put it, was up 200% in the last 5 or 10 or so many years. BECAUSE OF TELEVISION. He's blaming television for people being smarter. The internet is where you find out that vaccinations will kill you and have been outlawed in most countries.

So, YES! HIS LOGIC was ass-tounding!! He compared "opting out" of vaccinations, like it is mandatory (it's not) with opting out of stopping at stop signs. He said, "Oh you are going to refuse to take the vaccine? Well I refuse to stop at stop signs." That doesn't even pass 1st grade playground logic. Even a monkey knows the difference between an apple and this guys brain. I mean an orange.

If you don't take a vaccination for some oddball virus that was manufactured by some sick barstools in a lab and distributed to a few countries all on the same day and killed a handful of people, and hyped to death by television so they can get you to take their fake and deadly Tamiflu that is made by a company that DONALD RUMSFELD practically owns, (Rumsfeld has been in on killing people off for years. Look up his ties with Aspartame, Flouride, and sustained development (thinning the population by 80 million or so)) then you are not hurting anyone or breaking any law. However, if you run a stop sign, if you are not injured or killed the first time, eventually you definitely will be. He shouldn't even be giving advice. Maybe that's why he's a two bit radio kook on AM getting 8 bucks an hour on a Sunday night no less. Not really your prime time advice giving guru talk show slot. Obviously a tune in-tune out-drop outer. A total wannabee.
Check my creds. I passed the California Bar in 1994. I loved law but wanted to save people and sue bogus Medical Doctors. Saving even more people.
I was graduated from UCLA med in 1999. I finished my residency in 2003 at Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian and am still here. I'm sitting in my office at the bayside bluffs overlooking Newport Beach, One Hoag Drive, PO Box 6100. Newport Beach, California 92658-6100. Who would go anywhere else?
Not to wax ad hominem but here is why he's in no position to talk about vaccines in the 21st century when when you look at his rap sheet.
From Wackypedia: Born in New York state in 1942 to a Jewish family, Edell studied zoology at Cornell University and earned his M.D. from Cornell University Medical School in 1967. He later opened a private ophthalmology practice in San Diego, California and acted as an instructor of Anatomy and a clinical instructor at the University of California, San Diego. Edell soon left private practice. He later said that he "... didn't like medicine originally...I kind of found the thing I love the most, which is really the information and communicating the information". [1]

He spent the next several years experimenting with lifestyles that included buying and selling antiques, acting as a silversmith and goldsmith, organic farming, painting, living in a '50s-vintage bus and engaging in a self-described hand-to-mouth existence that included scavenging for food thrown out by grocery stores. During this period he describes himself as a hippie.

In the mid 1970s, Edell served as medical director of the County Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Center in Sacramento, California. He moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in 1980, and currently lives in rural Mendocino County.

Hippy? Mendocino? Marijuana Capital of the WORLD?
Whereas I work in the ER and go surfing in the AM, I am smart enough to keep my spirit, mind, and body in tune....this dude fell out of his tree a LONG time ago. And it appears he's proud that the Grateful Dead bus backed over him a couple times while he was frying his lid off on lysergic acid diethylamide LSD.

I really love VW Busses though. And Hendrix. LOL

But I love people more and I don't think even the not so bright ones should have their lives damaged by believing this (astoundingly wrong about everything he says) particular individual.

Maybe I can find out what company puts his idiotic views on the airwaves. Oh it's Clear Channel and they own all radio stations? Probably.
Or Hearst, from whom the term "Yellow Journalism" arose.

So have a great day all you all. I hope this enlightened everyone. It sure unfroze my fingers. Now I can snooze. Drug free.

Dr. Dave MD JD

Anonymous said...

Modifilan is a great product to gently detoxify children, or adults. It has so many benefits.

Anonymous said...

Science is a made up word from the 18th century. It means truth. "Science" today is anything but. To get a clue, check out this quote from Mustafa Mond:
All our science is just a cookery book, with an orthodox theory of cooking that nobody's allowed to question, and a list of recipes that mustn't be added to except by special permission from the head cook."
- Aldous Huxley, Brave New World, Ch. 16

Anonymous said...

I certainly agree that the word "science" today does NOT mean "truth". I really thought that was pretty obvious, but sadly, a lot of people just don't get it.

In my 44 years I have NEVER gotten a flu vaccine. I never will either, nor will I get the H1N1 vaccine. These vaccines are always just a "guess" anyway on what the BIG illness will be this year. It really doesn't do any good, and all it does is make more money for the drug companies. I will NOT be a party to that or any other government endorsed "project".

Next thing, I hear talk of there being a mandatory vaccine for smokers. Huh??! I thought we were a free country here?! Yes, I do smoke, but if this ever comes to pass, I don't care if I'm smoking 20 packs a day at that time, I will tell my "doctor"- "No, I don't smoke". And when they try to prove otherwise, I will invoke my constitutional rights- that is if they still exist....(very scary stuff- but I guess the liberals are getting what they wanted, huh?)

But for all that it's a bunch of hooey to be taking vaccines- this whole idea of vaccines giving a child Autism... Give me a break! Ever notice how Autism, ADD, and a myriad of other ailments are just so rampant nowadays? Uh, or maybe not so rampant, but so OVER-diagnosed! This is disgusting, and cheapens the problems of children who really DO have these problems.

People, get your head out of "Oprah" and self-help books! Try spending time with your children and stop trying to "have it all" (it can't be done). CHOOSE- if you don't want to spend the time to care for and nurture your children, then DON'T HAVE KIDS!

That is the biggest problem with this country's children today. Parents who don't spend the time and effort with them, and then try to put a "disabled" label on them when the children inevitably have problems. And that has nothing to do with vaccines, as much as vaccines are over-hyped.