Saturday, October 25, 2008

Progress to Report in Reversing the Vaccine Damage

I still cannot believe this. About 3 weeks ago I began to come down with an illness. Instead of going to the doctors for some prescription drugs that don't work, I did my usual thing - took some Olive Leaf Extract in liquid form. I faithfully took it 3x per day and haven't stopped because I am usually prone to respiratory illnesses in the fall and winter months.

An amazing thing happened this week. My hearing came back! My hearing hasn't been normal for roughly 20 months now. I attribute the recovery of my vaccine injury to taking Olive Leaf. This very powerful herb is an antioxidant, anti-viral, anti-microbial, anti-fungal, anti-parasitic and anti-bacterial supplement. The Olive Tree is also mentioned in the Bible frequently for its amazing healing capabilities.

So, despite what these so-called "healthcare" professionals maintain, the Rubella Vaccine (the one that I received in Feb 07) is capable of inflicting the same harm as the Rubella Virus itself (both can causing hearing damage). So, after treating the vaccine injury as such, a "virus", I have reversed the damage. Also, for the first time in 6 years, I am able to lay on my stomach without suffering in pain. (I recently visited a Naturopathic Doctor who believed I had a gut infection after giving me a 6 page questionaire). I never had a chance to do the labwork that he recommended, but at the same time I believe I am on the road to recovery in that area too!

I was trying not to get my hopes up about the hearing issue, but today is day 5 and it is still normal. I now have to turn down the phone/tv volume in every room of the house and I am now able to tolerate bass in my vehicle. I can now follow a conversation with background noise too!

It goes to show you that all things are possible. I now have faith that I will be able to help my two children reverse their vaccine damage also.

Neurologically, my infant has made tremendous progress in 8 days just by eliminating gluten/casein from his diet. His receptive skills are now where they should be. I only have to call his name once and he turns around to look. His tolerance to frustration has greatly improved too. He is still suffering though in gross motor (fine motor is o.k.) and communication. I am guessing that it is due to the heavy metals wrecking havoc on his body. Please see the earlier post on aluminum/DtaP Vaccine/hypotonia. So, I will be focusing on the heavy metal issue with him as well as setting up an appt with his pediatrician for a referral to a specialist.

My teenager does not want to do the diet thing just yet. I have a feeling that when he sees his younger brother making tremendous progress, he will jump on board too.

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Anonymous said...

YOu blog is full of great information. Have you read Jenny McCarthy's book, "Louder than words"?

I always wonder too why people don't study more up on vaccines, mean this is stuff we are injecting in our kids.
Even when I tell them it's full of this or that they look at me like I am a lunatic.

I have had friends borrow books and dvd's (Dr. Sherry Tenpenny) after 6 months I asked for them back and they still hadn't read or watched them!