Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Scary Form to Stay Away From

If parents are choosing to delay, space out, or forgo vaccines altogether, many doctors are asking parents to sign a "Refusal to Vaccinate Form" supplied by the AAP. This is not required, but some doctors are enforcing it. If yours is, find another doctor. Do not sign this form. Many parents are claiming that is was used against them and their children were taken away temporarily for neglect. However, they were returned, but not before being "caught up" with all of their vaccines.

Why do I recommend not signing it? It basically states that you are a neglectful parent by not vaccinating and you are placing your child and others in danger by your actions! The AAP has stated that documentation in the patient's records is acceptable.

Always, read what you are being asked to sign. If need be, tell the doctor that you need to bring it home to look it over before doing anything. Be sure to make a copy of anything that you are signing too for your records! All too often parents are rushed because the doctor is rushed. Don't be a victim! You are the consumer!

Just 2 months ago I took my infant son in for bloodwork (allergy testing). There was a new section that caught my attention. By signing the form I was giving the hospital the right to keep his DNA for "Scientific Research". I was also allowing them to sell it to other outside organizations. Needless to say, I ended up walking out and not having it done. Sadly, I was only the second parent to question it after it's implementation a few months earlier (the lab tech told me that she took it to a lawyer for clarification too and it scared her)!

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