Monday, October 13, 2008

A Big Piece of the Puzzle - The Three of us

Wow! I just figured this out yesterday! I am so excited because I believe that I am on to something.

Earlier I had posted my story about the birth of my second child. I was suffering from severe preeclampsia and was given magnesium sulfate to prevent seizures (due to the severity of my blood pressure problem). Upon further researching this drug, I realized that this may cause hypotonia in the mother and baby (low muscle tone). This explains why when he was evaluated just prior to his 2 mo. shots, it was indicated that he was low-tone. However, it was very minor at the time. This drug may also cause gastrointestinal motility (which can ultimately kill your ability to absorb certain nutrients such as B12).

Anyone that suffers from the effects of magnesium sulfate (such as low-tone) should NOT be given gentamicin because it can further aggravate the condition. Well, he was given neomycin in his 2, 4, and 6 mo. vaccines! Neomycin IS gentamicin!! This is exactly why he could not longer nurse after his 2 mo. vaccines. He then lost muscle tone in his mouth. It also explains why he cannot speak properly for his age (a lot of his speaking is done with a closed mouth) and he cannot chew certain foods. It also explains why he was severely delayed in holding his head up, crawling, walking, etc. This also explains why I suffered from partial hearing loss too! My Rubella Vaccine contained this ingredient too! It can actually cause partial or total hearing loss (among many other things!). Common sense tells me that if a mother is suffering from toxins raging through her body, the last thing that you do is inject more, let alone having one of these ingredients be neomycin!

The good thing is that low muscle tone may be corrected with some people by using B12 supplements. Unfortunately, many cannot absorb this naturally and it must be delivered by way of shots or patches. What is scary is that I just came across some information that mercury may be in some shots. Both of my children suffer from symptoms of B12 deficiency! I firmly believe that neither of them can absorb it naturally.

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