Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Reward Now Stands at $200,000 to Drink Vaccines

Jock Doubleday has announced that his reward has now jumped to $200,000. This substantial reward will be paid to any Medical Doctor or relevant party that he has listed on his website below who will drink the vaccine ingredients that are routinely injected into our children.

The original offer of $20,000 began on January 29, 2001 and the monetary reward has steadily increased since then. Still no takers. What's the problem here? Aren't vaccines as safe as they say they are? This money could purchase a really nice sports car!!


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Kevin M. Folta said...


I am willing to do the test, if they consider me qualified. If not, I will locate someone that is. It is a no brainer.

Thanks for linking me to the free cash. I sent them a note this morning asking where and when I can do the test and pick up my check.