Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Class Action Lawsuit Against Vaccine Manufacturers Coming?

Justice will only be served in our lifetime if we all stand together!

The video that accompanies this written story may be viewed in the top right-hand corner after opening the link below. Just click on play afterward.

I see this same type of damage in children everyday! Just look around you. If a child's eyes are not teaming together (aligned properly) by 6 months of age, have your child evaluated immediately! This is a sign of damage done to the brain in the area of vision. It may drastically affect not only your child's vision, but motor skills too (gross motor - running, jumping, and coordination as well as fine motor - holding scissors, handwriting, etc). These problems are later classified as "Learning Disabilities" because their ability to learn is ultimately affected. By far though, the most damage that I have seen at any one given time is in the baby product catalogs where they shows dozens and dozens of babies (you will see numerous babies with one eye turning in the opposite direction).


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