Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Vaccine-Injured Son is Doing GREAT!

It is so hard to believe that my vaccine-injured 2 year old no longer meets the criteria found in the DSM-IV Manual for Autism anymore. Just 5 months ago he was spinning, toe-walking, flapping his hands, fascinated with ceiling fans/lights, would not respond to his name, would run from you, and could only look at you for a fleeting moment. Many therapists and doctors along the way have told me that he fits the criteria for the diagnosis, but none were qualified to give it. However, 2 months ago he was given the label of "Autism" at a medical teaching hospital in our state by a developmental team. He was being seen by Early Intervention since September for his developmental delays and regressions. Now with this new label, they have told me that he qualifies for so much more based on this Autism "label".

A few days ago, my husband and I took our son to that same medical teaching hospital that gave us the diagnosis to meet with a new neurologist because we fired our last one. The exact words that I recall out of the neurologist's mouth were, "I just don't see Autism. Your son is quite engaging". I wanted to cry. All of our hard work is paying off. My son has been following the same protocol that Jenny McCarthy used for her son Evan (the DAN protocol). The gluten-free/casein-free diet began in October and the supplements began one month later. I also began giving him Epsom Salt baths daily to help detox him.

My son is no longer spinning, no longer flapping, no longer toe-walking, does not particularly care to stare at the ceiling, loves to pretend play, responds immediately to his name, no longer takes off running (he stays right with us in stores), loves to see your reaction, and so much more! We still have a ways to go, but he's healing. That is all that matters to me.

I'm so angry that my family has had to go through all of this. The treatment is tiring and expensive. I may never be compensated for the costs associated with his recovery. We have exactly 14 months left to file our vaccine injury claim. I feel that the only way that I may win is if I can prove that he has a Mitochondrial Disorder and his vaccines triggered his Autism. It is very possible that this was not a genetic condition, but one brought about by his 2 mo. vaccines and worsened with subsequent ones. Who knows? I do know without a doubt that his vaccines caused him unnecessary harm though.

Our new neurologist has told us to keep doing what we are doing. If I want to go about proving my theory about the Mitochondrial Disorder, it could mean stopping everything that I am doing. We may still be able to prove it, but it is a long shot. In my mind, stopping everything could mean irreversible harm. So, while the CDC maintains that roughly 20% of the Autism community may be suffering from Mitochondrial Disease, I believe it is much, much higher than that (I've read somewhere it is more like 80%). First of all, Neurologists are NOT looking for this condition to begin with. It was only after I implied it, was it going to be pursued. Second, where exactly did the CDC get their figure anyways if nobody is looking for these people affected by this condition? Once again, are they just pulling bogus figures out of thin air?

So, we will be starting with an overnight EEG and taking a look at his bloodwork. I do like this doctor. In a very sly way, he implied that he is against vaccinating. I say sly because he had a doctor in training with him. Of course, he shared his views in a very politically "correct" sort of way. All I could do was smile. Some doctors "get it".


gfcfmom said...

That is great that your son is doing so well. I wouldn't go about trying to prove it to anyone and risk losing your son. Neurological damage can be irreversible sometimes and lesions can form on the brain that take years to go away. I found out the hard way--we removed gluten from my sons diet but tried to "prove" it was the cause of our issues by keeping other members of our family on gluten. Some bounced back. Others didn't bounce back as well. You just don't know. Embrace the child you have back. You could read POISONED PROFITS which talks about how hard environmental damage is to prove--even in very obvious cases. Thanks for your thoughtful and insightful blog.

Dawn said...

Thank you very much for your response! I think I am going to take your advice and keep doing what I'm doing.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear your son is doing great!
I've seen how hard it is for a parent to deal with ASD.
I'm a medical student, and I'd love to get your perspective on a post I wrote. Warning up front, we may not agree on everything I say, but I'd love if you could give it a read, and maybe we could have a little civil discourse on the subject. I've noticed alot of blogging on this subject is polariing and emotional, and sometimes that means good intentions on both sides get lost in translation.

If you're interested, the URL is

Jennifer said...

You sent me a message on baby center to read your blog and all i can say is...

"I may never be compensated for the costs associated with his recovery"- You are compensated by the healing of your child. No amount of money in the world can compare to that.