Friday, March 6, 2009

An Example of Common Lies Spread by the Media

Newsweek recently featured an article titled, "Six Top Vaccine Myths". Please read this story first because I will be critiquing it.


Myth 1: It's not necessary to vaccinate kids against diseases that have largely been eradicated.

This myth is actually a fact. Diseases were pretty much eradicated in the U.S. and Europe before vaccines came into the picture! Europe didn't even have the mass vaccination efforts that the U.S. did either! For clarification on this, please read the "Vaccine Safety Manual" by Neil Z. Miller and/or "Sanctity of Human Blood - Vaccination is not Immunization" by Tim O'Shea.

Myth 2: Mercury is still in kids' vaccines.

This myth is actually a fact. It was never removed in 2001 as the article suggests. Mercury was never even removed from vaccines! It was only lowered to "trace" amounts in 2004 because there is no way to remove mercury 100%. It actually binds with other agents in the filtration process. So, if the manufacturer uses mercury in any vaccines, there will be a trace amount left over. FYI - no amount of mercury is safe and it may seep into your tissues and major organs where it will continue to accumulate. The FDA also doesn't require the labeling of the product if it is in trace amounts. I did the math some months ago and just a few "trace" shots would exceed the FDA's own standards for my 2 month old infant based on his weight!

Myth 3: Childhood vaccines cause autism.

This myth is actually partly true. I say partly because there are other environment factors to consider and genetics can play a role too. Vaccines are definitely the trigger for far too many children. This means that the child more than likely would NOT have developed autism if the vaccines had not been administered.

The author also states that there is no scientific evidence that vaccines cause autism either. Well, there is also no scientific evidence that cigarette smoking causes cancer either. It took several decades for our government agencies to admit that cigarette smoking is not safe too. They even went as far as having the cigarette manufacturers conduct their own studies with the ending conclusion that smoking is safe. Sound familiar?

Myth 4: Getting too many vaccines can overwhelm the immune system.

This myth is actually a fact. It is no secret that childhood cancer now aflicts 1 in every 200 children. This is sickening!! What about the rate of diabetes, asthma, ear infections, and other ailments? Children are sick now more than ever and the U.S. is the most vaccinated nation in the entire world! What is going on with the health of our children?

Myth 5: It's better to let my kid get the chickenpox "naturally".

This myth is actually a fact. The chickenpox vaccine is actually causing many children to develop the shingles. The shingles was actually a disease that always effected adults! Getting any disease naturally will almost always grant you lifetime immunity too. Vaccines cannot offer that which is why we must receive boosters. Ever wonder why a child born in the 60's received one dose of a particular vaccine and children today must receive as many as 5? Now teenagers and adults are recommended to receive boosters too? What is wrong with this picture? Is it really about the money or do the vaccines really wear off that quickly? Must we repeat the insanity every few years to keep our antibodies? FYI - the ONLY reason you develop antibodies from the vaccine is because your body actually has the disease in chronic, not acute form. Though, some people do still develop the acute form. For example, in the U.S. there are still cases of polio believe it or not and they are all caused by the vaccine alone. It is also important to note that some of these diseases are actually being proven to be beneficial if acquired naturally - meaning they may ward off certain types of cancer and other things!

Myth 6: The flu shot causes the flu.

This myth is actually a fact. Again, all vaccines give you the chronic form of the disease. Whether or not you develop the actual flu symptoms depends entirely upon you as an individual. I love how the author points out that you can still get the flu within 2 weeks of the vaccine! Duh?


kitiaran said...

Thank you!! i always thought as much, but felt forced to immunize my child because of the fact that they cannot enter school or daycare without proper immunizations. When will we realize that natural is always the best way!!!We need to stop swallowing everything they tell us, look at how often they are proven wrong.We as parents need to start using our own common sense!! Think hard if it dont sound right its probably not!

Natalie said...

Interesting critique of the Newsweek article. You bring up very thought-provoking points. I would like to further pursue my own research on the topic. Where did you obtain your information?

Dawn said...


Much of the information I have compiled may be found in the two books cited earlier - "Vaccine Safety Manual" by Neil Z. Miller and/or "Sanctity of Human Blood - Vaccination is not Immunization" by Tim O'Shea. Both books offer countless sources to further investigate.

Another great source for healthcare professionals would be

Dr. Tenpenny has spent a vast amount of her time sifting through the CDC's compiled data to share with others in the field. Her findings are hard to ignore. I highly recommend any of her DVDs or books.