Wednesday, March 11, 2009

68 Vaccines Recommended from Birth Through 18 Years

Yes, you read that right...the CDC recommends 68 vaccines for the year 2009. Yes, the schedule is meant to confuse the parent as well as the doctor. Don't be fooled by the "combo" shots either. For instance, if the schedule calls for 5 doses of DTaP, that means 5 doses of Diptheria, 5 doses of Tetanus, and 5 doses of Pertussis. Combination shots were developed for convenience, not safety. They were also developed so not to alarm the parent about the number of vaccines given and to quietly add more in the coming years too. Combination vaccines have NEVER been studied - only single vaccines have. Even then, the studies are on completely healthy children free of allergies and other problems. The studies are conducted for 5 - 28 days (example: the Hep B was studied for 5 days). That's it. Your child is the test subject and unfortunately, there are no valid follow-up studies conducted after the vaccine's release.

If the child were to start the flu vaccine at 6 months of age and continue yearly, the total number of vaccines from birth through 6 would be 50. Another 18 more would be given from 7 through 18 years of age.

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